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Babysitter ♡  Ally Mayfair Richards x Reader  by lpaulsonxwitch
Babysitter ♡ Ally Mayfair léa ♡
Ally x Reader Many chapters!! last update 10-09-20
From open to healed wounds by ilovehotactresses
From open to healed woundsby p
This is a story about Y/N, Hypodermic Sally and Cordelia Goode. Y/N is a witch at Robicaux Academy and also in a relationship with the headmistress, Cordelia Goode. Fro...
One Look - Sarah Paulson by cardelllinis
One Look - Sarah Paulsonby ayva
You're a famous actress. You've seen Sarah Paulson in her projects, but never thought much of her. Until one day you see her at the Oscars I will be excluding Holland Ta...
Lady Paulson | Y/N Bonham Carter by kaevenable
Lady Paulson | Y/N Bonham Carterby kae <3
The daughter of Helena Bonham Carter, Y/N, goes with her mother to the Ocean's 8 premiere and meets the potential love of her life. No smut. You are 28 years of age.
Sarah Paulson Characters- Headcanons by stayevildarling
Sarah Paulson Characters- stayevildarling
Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the American Horror Story world, which is trademarked by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. I do not...
Who do you choose? by wilheminaofficial
Who do you choose?by Wilhemina Venable
You and Cordelia have been together for awhile now. You start falling out of love for her. Everyone sees it. What happens when the girls try to spice up the relationship?
SP Characters cliché one-shots by whatnothisisnotme
SP Characters cliché one-shotsby whatnothisisnotme
-One-shots that could/would have the mostest clichést plots but ✨ g æ ✨ -Will definitely try to be inclusive and flexible for this one to cater everyone's kind of entert...
Sarah paulson character one shots by sterre2684
Sarah paulson character one shotsby sterre2684
just a bunch of sarah paulson one shots request are open ❤ Smut and fluff 😌 I'll say at the beginning of every story if it will be smut fluff or both and some warnings...
Sarah Paulson's C x Reader by paulsonwifey
Sarah Paulson's C x Readerby martina
Just a collection of Sarah's characters x f•reader to keep me sane. - send me requests -
Sarah Paulson | Character One Shots by jessxpaulson
Sarah Paulson | Character One Shotsby Jezza
exactly what the title says :) warning: slight smut cheesy stuff happy relationships
Sarah Paulson Character One Shots♡ by angelxsarahp
Sarah Paulson Character One Shots♡by Chelsea
A one-shot book of Sarah Paulson Characters <3 • Taking requests! (Fluff and smut, but as long as I'm comfortable with writing it) • Just doing her characters, not Sa...
sarah paulson one shots by sadvictorianchild
sarah paulson one shotsby sad victorian child
sarah paulson characters x reader mental health, fluff, etc..... read with TW
The supreme and me (Still in progress)  by dumbgayteen
The supreme and me (Still in Ashlee
The gravel pavement crumbled underneath Willows trainers as she cautiously walked up to the academy, her parents practically dragged her there after watching as the hous...
Celebrity One Shots by holytrinitysophie
Celebrity One Shotsby Soph :)
Celebrity one shots Mental health, fluff, SMUT Parent figure, Girlfriend, Teacher Requests are open :)
30 day SMUT challenge - celebrity by holytrinitysophie
30 day SMUT challenge - celebrityby Soph :)
A mix of celebrities and their characters x reader. Requests are open as usual just let me know if you have anything you want me to write. This is my first time writing...
Not just acting (A Sarah Paulson X reader story) by sxdxm55
Not just acting (A Sarah Paulson sudem
Y/N, a 20-year-old girl, is a rising star in the acting business. After a few appearances in shows, she got a contract for a special show which she adored too much. Will...
Sarah Paulson one shots✨ by anonymouswriterrr239
Sarah Paulson one shots✨by foreverlovingp1
one shots for the one and only lady p! I'm going to try and update these as regularly as possible any requests are welcome :) this is my first time writing so it migh...
Raulson One-Shots and Shorts by TheFandomLesbian
Raulson One-Shots and Shortsby Spencer
My collection of one-shots and shorts between the Raulson ships in American Horror Story. Inside find Foxxay, Bananun, Shaudrey, and Hotgomery, as well as some crossover...
Sarah Paulson character's One Shot book by ilovehotactresses
Sarah Paulson character's One p
This is a one shot book with open requests, just DM me or leave a comment! Your requests will help me keep going. Will mostly be Mental Health based if your requests do...
Under Her Spell by Leilani0620
Under Her Spellby Leilani0620
When Y/N finds out they're a witch they go to Miss.Robichaux's academy's for guidance.