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not allowed - ms. venable by slvtformsvenable
not allowed - ms. venableby ash <3
ღ we were haunted by the things we refused to accept
One day at a time | Sarah Paulson  by bibliothecariusa
One day at a time | Sarah Paulson by Julie
It's about you and Sarah, where you "met" her through Twitter and she decided to meet you in real life. What could possibly happen between you and her? Is it p...
saving grace by catesblanket
saving graceby 🤍
Female reader X Cate Blanchett You are figuring life out beyond all of the heart break you have been forced to endure at such a young age - can one blonde Aussie help yo...
So dreams do come true ? (Cate Blanchett x female reader) by sarahpaulsonfanx
So dreams do come true ? (Cate sarahpaulsonfanx
Y/n is a waitress at night and a women who goes to auditions at day. Her biggest dream is to be an actress and she does everything for it. And also I don't wanna see an...
Sarah Paulson One shots by paulsonsgrant
Sarah Paulson One shotsby ali
Smutty and fluff, one shots
Xandra <3 (sarah paulson) by llamalesbians
Xandra <3 (sarah paulson)by llamalesbians
I do not own the characters this is a fanfiction. Xandra <3
One step closer | Cordelia Goode by bibliothecariusa
One step closer | Cordelia Goodeby Julie
(Y/N) starts her new life at Robichaux's Academy and she meets the incredible Ms. Cordelia Goode. She fell immediately in love with her, the only problem is: Cordelia is...
The Blackest Day; Wilhemina Venable by hausbabylon
The Blackest Day; Wilhemina Venableby lucía;
Wilhemina Venable is an intimidating tough woman who enjoys demeaning and hurting people. She finds herself engulfed in a sea of ​​emotions when she meets her employers'...
I have always loved you (Cordelia Goode X Reader) ( Original)  by whateveriwqnt
I have always loved you ( whateveriwqnt
Y/n is best friend with Cordelia Goode. She meet Delia when they were younger Y/n had to suffer and watch the love of her life marry her dream guy. What happens when Y/n...
the end -  by ilovehotactresses
the end - by p
A classic teacher x student story happened between Y/N and Wilhelmina Venable. An unnamed relationship but so filled with love and passion. One day everything vanished...
Only we know | Sarah Paulson  by bibliothecariusa
Only we know | Sarah Paulson by Julie
I know, I know. Wattpad is full of those stories. but I wanted to write one myself. It's about Sarah Paulson and the reader, obviously. Where Sarah is the new theater te...
Sarah Paulson One Shots by milfred_ratched
Sarah Paulson One Shotsby eve
collection of (mostly smut) one shots for sp.
Ally Mayfair-Richards: collection by milfred_ratched
Ally Mayfair-Richards: collectionby eve
you fall for your boss at your college job and this is your life together contains: -mommy kink -praise kink -sub/dom
The Need to be Needed by gayandreckless
The Need to be Neededby 😐
After escaping an abusive foster family, Lydia needs somewhere to hide, and someone who won't turn her over to the police. Diane Sherman, finally finished with her priso...
Babysitter ♡  Ally Mayfair Richards x Reader  by lpaulsonxwitch
Babysitter ♡ Ally Mayfair léa ♡
Ally x Reader Many chapters!! last update 10-09-20
Ratched x reader  by IdkLol225916
Ratched x reader by Idk Lol
You are a patient at the Lucia State Hospital where you meet someone who makes you feel something. Read to find out ;) Btw! This is my first time writing AND english i...
lost and found| Sarah Paulson by Dria_Noir
lost and found| Sarah Paulsonby Dria_Noir
Y/N is a 16 year old girl who lives in New York City. Her mother died 5 years ago, it's now just her and her father. Once her mother died, her father, John, turned to al...
Say It Again... by calzwen
Say It multifand0m
~Hypodermic Sally x Reader~ The Hotel Cortez wasn't anything you'd imagined, but it led you to her... Your worst nightmare , but your biggest blessing...
understanding, a hard quest  by ilovehotactresses
understanding, a hard quest by p
They've known each other for years, Y/N and Carol. A friendship you don't see everyday. Something happens and Y/N is suddenly off, leaving Carol alone with her thoughts...
Who do you choose? by officialwilhemina
Who do you choose?by Wilhemina Venable
You and Cordelia have been together for awhile now. You start falling out of love for her. Everyone sees it. What happens when the girls try to spice up the relationship?