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Moonlight Graphics by Fussballgirl15
Moonlight Graphicsby Leonie
Hier stelle ich Cover für Contests rein, bearbeite Anfragen (Cover, Banner, Sticker oder Profilbilder) oder lade Cover hoch, die ich aus Langeweile kreiert habe. Let's h...
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Graphic Contest: Anime by elgrapikos
Graphic Contest: Animeby elGrapikos
will open again on june 12 :) cover by @-khloris This contest has no affiliation with Wattpad. this is pure for entertainment.
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Strom Brain: A Graphic Shop by IcecreamLoverxo
Strom Brain: A Graphic Shopby Sleepyhead4ever
OPEN Welcome!!! I make: Banners, Covers, Aesthetics and profile pictures. Specialty: Banners and Simple covers. Cover is made by me❤️ Awards: #3 in the Moonlight Grap...
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Digging Up My Poetic Past by lyttlejoe
Digging Up My Poetic Pastby lyttlejoe
A scattered collection of works from years past resurrected mainly because I have begun to dry up creatively in the current environment
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─── ・In which I hold competions for you to enter and potentially win for different prizes! Cover by @Iuciper !
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Slaying Dragons & Chasing Fairies by YAFantasy
Slaying Dragons & Chasing Fairiesby YA and NA Fantasy
A book full of activities and fun things to do. From slaying dragons to chasing fairies. From word searches to scavenger hunts to drabbles. We've got it all. Are you b...
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The Congenial Awards {Accepting Participants} by sunshine_read
The Congenial Awards {Accepting Nabeela
{Accepting Participants till 6 June 2020} Welcome to The Congenial Awards! We are accepting 20 entries for the following genres -> teen fiction, horror, poetry, new a...
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Wings BTS Awards 2020 [OPEN] by Wings_World
Wings BTS Awards 2020 [OPEN]by Wings World
Are you passionate about writing or love to read BTS fanfiction books? Well, then this is the place for you. Your precious books may take their time to gain that deserve...
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Pokemon Love From Different Regions (AshxOFC) by puppuphk
Pokemon Love From Different Hannah
Harmony Sword grew up in Postwick in the Galar region, once she loses in the gym challenge there she goes to other regions. Eventually getting the love of coordinating s...
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Stories Assemble by herald_of_hell
Stories Assembleby Herald of Hell
This is my book of entries for Weekly Wattpad Contest
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Fonts Galore 2! by sereneur
Fonts Galore 2!by cil ツ
Your favourite font book on Wattpad is back with all the things you loved in the first book and much more! A place where fonts live; Fonts Galore is the ultimate font bo...
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Welterusten | Graphics Portfolio  by samaishaali
Welterusten | Graphics Portfolio by DarK CarameL BeautY
Basically what the title and cover says... Until I come up with a more creative name! I'm still getting the hang of this so if you have any pointers, please share. Entri...
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My Art by Kenjo_Moonstorm
I have a lot. Don't steal anything. Contests on here too- entries, and ones of my own. #2 in Nosteal
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Brenda's Cover Contest by BrendaDaaeDestler
Brenda's Cover Contestby BrendaDaaeDestler
This contest is CLOSED. Calling out to cover designers of any skill level! Looking to show off your graphic designing talents? Just looking for a fun, low pressure cover...
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Art Contest! (OPEN) by Ginbellneko
Art Contest! (OPEN)by Poppyrain
Hey, guys! I've seen a lot of these around, so to pass the time during this quarantine I've decided to make some Art Contests!! Have fun :)
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Little Shoes by kathyverne
Little Shoesby Kathy Verne
This is a collection of short stories I wrote for contests, challenges, prompts and just for myself. Enjoy! Copyright © 2020 by Kathy Verne. All rights reserved. Do not...
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checkmate by cocoahoof
checkmateby 𝒎 .
graphics & occasional misc stuff.
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WOW: Write On Wednesday by newlywrittenbooks
WOW: Write On Wednesdayby Newly Written Books
Now you are asking-what is this WOW? Is it a contest? Yup, you guessed right! :) Well, WOW is a weekly contest, where every Wednesday we'll post a prompt or a word t...
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Love Nikki: Chapter One by AliciaMcGregor1
Love Nikki: Chapter Oneby Alicia McGregor
I turn to Nanari, hoping for her to tell me what it means. She is speechless, mouth hung open in a little o. "Queen Nanari?" I walk over. "Are you ok?&quo...
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The Star Align Awards by emmiepooh2
The Star Align Awardsby Emily Ashlyn
[⭐] open for contestants and judges [] judging [] closed Another awards hosted by @emmiepooh2 and @softyhartz , but with another host @LG1026 . This is an award for yo...
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