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Morning Stars by EzWritingx
Morning Starsby Maya
Alternate ending to The Mortal Instruments What if Jonathon Morgenstern was fighting against the demon blood writhing in his veins? What if Clary stabbed him with Glorio...
Clace's Unexpected Surprise by fandomtrashqueen
Clace's Unexpected Surpriseby fandomtrashqueen
After Jace and Clary take things to the next level in City of Heavenly Fire everything is absolutely great. Clary and Jace cannot be any closer until they run into a re...
Fighting against love|Clace| by TinaEmma
Fighting against love|Clace|by Tina Emma
Clary and Jace are in a happy relationship. One day Clary finds Jace in their bedroom with another girl. Everything Clary hoped for was gone. 20/8-17
Clace Through the Years by Lidi999
Clace Through the Yearsby Lilly
One shots at different points of Clary Fray's life set after City of Heavenly Fire. Featuring weddings, children, and cute fluffy moments.
Jonathan's Victory by Raven_Haired_Beauty
Jonathan's Victoryby Taylor
Alternate ending to COHF. What would it be like if Sebastian won. (Sequel is called The Morgenstern Legacy.)
To Love Is To Destroy (Wattys2014) by s_w_i_m
To Love Is To Destroy (Wattys2014)by s_w_i_m
Jace is free, Jocelyn and Luke are to be married and Sebastian is on the run. Life should be prefect. But things simply go from bad to worse. Malec is no more and Clar...
The City of Heavenly Fire {Discontinued} by lolog623
The City of Heavenly Fire { Lauren
How I picture the City of Heavenly Fire- includes TMI/TID ~ Excerpt: I want to kiss you so bad, he whispers. I watch the way his soft lips move so perfectly as they for...
Red: A Clace Fanfic by choco1ate
Red: A Clace Fanficby choco1ate
What would happen if Jace proposed to Clary? What if Clary showed Jace Star Wars? Of course, she can't help but take Jace to feed the ducks in Hyde park. Full of fluff a...
Forgotten Memories (Sizzy) by FizzySizzy
Forgotten Memories (Sizzy)by FizzySizzy
WARNING: Contains Spoilers for City Of Heavenly Fire : : It's been weeks since the great war between the Shadowhunters and Sebastian Morgenstern. ...
Remember | The Mortal Instruments AU by siredtoklaroline
Remember | The Mortal Mortalvampires
Clary gave up her memories in Edom to protect Simon and now she doesn't remember anything about the shadow world. But will her old life come back? All rights for the cha...
Her Majesty by sebbyloverdiangelo
Her Majestyby Isabella
SPOILERS FOR CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE. DONT READ AHEAD!!!! . . . . . . Okay, so remember when Clary became Sebastian's Queen in CoHF? What if, when he got defeated, the cla...
Without You {JACE WAYLAND} by Ash_Paris101
Without You {JACE WAYLAND}by ash
"Heroes are just ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary" ~ Gerard Way💀 DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT. OWN ANY OF THE TMI CHARACTERS *sadly*I ONLY OWN THE CH...
City of Heavenly Revenge by sjoy7711
City of Heavenly Revengeby sjoy7711
In this story, Sebastian never truly died. Once he comes back, he wants to seek revenge and will not stop until he gets what he wants. He wants to find his sister-Clary...
Fanfic one shots. by NoraPeters1
Fanfic one Eleanora Peters
Warning, an excessive amount of feels will occur during the reading of this book. Make sure you are in a safe place where the damage you create will be limited and injur...
After City of Heavenly Fire by lt2020
After City of Heavenly Fireby TmiTid
Clary and Izzy walk in on Simon and jace but there not alone...the prophecy was true about the dark angels. And just when you thought it couldn't get worse engaged coupl...
My Beautiful One (Jonathan Morgenstern Fanfic) by initialfindings
My Beautiful One (Jonathan 참
Jonathan Morgenstern never got the chance to live. Not when he had demon blood burning in his veins. He died in his mother's arm and yet somehow, he found that he didn't...
My Whole World. by x_x786
My Whole x_x786
With Will back to mend her heart, Tessa is ready to move on. Yet these two haven't seen each other in many years. It will take them years to rediscover what it's like to...
Christmas: a TMI fanfic by lola_macinnes
Christmas: a TMI fanficby lola_macinnes
Based around Christmas right after City of Heavenly Fire ******* Characters belong to Cassandra Clare
The Mortal Insruments (Fanfiction) by Bookworm4and6
The Mortal Insruments (Fanfiction)by Suzanna(:
This is a fanfick based off of Cassandra Clare's best selling series "The Mortal Instruments." I have recently finished the finale book in the series "Cit...