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Unexpected Love (A Chris Brown Story) by _mrs_breezy_13_
Unexpected Love (A Chris Brown Hannah Lonnett
Chris bullies this girl name Ja'Mylah every chance he gets. Chris moves in next door to Ja'Mylah. Ja'Mylah's parents invite their new neighbors over for dinner. Ja'Mylah...
Time for Love by mrsbriannabreezy
Time for Loveby Taylor
He was a cold, dark lawyer and she was a girl that had lost her father...
A Star Loving Another Star by Katsukis_wife173
A Star Loving Another Starby 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂𝓰𝓲𝓻𝓵💍🦋
Aaliyanah Prince has been living in LA for a while, living her best life as a multi- platinum selling artist. Don't get it twisted though, Aaliyanah's life has never bee...
Raising Echo by teenagefuxkup
Raising Echoby L.
Without his mother in the U.S. a new born Aeko must live with his father with very little experience of raising an infant.
Don't Panic ( A Chris Brown Love Story) by _NyLove_
Don't Panic ( A Chris Brown Love Breezy.Rated
One night Marisa [Mar• e • sa] London, a 19 year old girl, was driving home from her parents house, when she got in a bad accident with Chris Brown. Marisa ended up par...
Criminal Lovers by KweenKay972
Criminal Loversby KweenKay
We made it !! Finally after all the struggle , all the fears and the shit we 've been through ! We now officialy away from all type of bullshit . We could now stop carin...
This is a story about a girl who got pregnant at the age of 18 and now at 22 she lands a job at becoming a celebrity's manager but one thing she doesn't know is that she...
Is Love Worth The Pain? by cBrezzyfiction
Is Love Worth The Pain?by Chris Brown
Chris Brown is a loving boyfriend but has secrets. His love for Aaleeyah is strong but how much pain can she take . She loves him but can she still be with him through e...
Heart Aint A Brain ( A Chris Brown Story) by QveenKiaa
Heart Aint A Brain ( A Chris QveenKiaa
Talented Superstar Chris Brown has it all.. Money, Cars, Cribs, and Women. Even a Fiance. But something isnt making his life feel complete
Corrupted by acidicoceans
Corruptedby acidicoceans
Jasmine was the most innocent girl you have ever met, that is until she met her boyfriend, Chris. Once they started becoming serious, she began to see what he really do...
2 Hustlers (Chris Brown) by ___unknownnn___
2 Hustlers (Chris Brown)by ___unknownnn___
Chris wants somebody to build an empire with. Christina wants the same. Chris goes to one of the most famous fashion events then come across Christina, realizing that th...
Bereaved by HazelGrace-Hale
Bereavedby Alexandra
Be·reave /biˈrēv/ :Be deprived of a loved one through a profound absence, especially due to the loved one's death.
Twincess by Walkbyfaith_1
Twincessby Walkbyfaith_1
Read it! Kali and Kyri are two twin sisters that have just landed out of foster care. Being that they just got out they quickly adapted to the hard life. Which is Money...
Secrets Under The Night Skyline by _QueenKe
Secrets Under The Night Skylineby Kenneshaaa🌺
Everything you see with the naked eye isn't always what it seems. Keiko is a outspoken twenty year old that acts on her brewing angry and past but is bounded to secrets...
My Savior Sent From Heaven |Chris Brown Love Story by simplyxtrill_
My Savior Sent From Heaven | Shawdie Cammie
Pain isn't the best , but what if your pain and sorrow leads you to the best gift you've ever experienced in your life ? Welcome to Ishaa's world , where hell easily com...