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A New Beginning (Akko x Andrew) *HIATUS* by Love-BUN
A New Beginning (Akko x Andrew) * Love-BUN !!
After the missile incident, the popularity of witches and subjects involving magic increased. Even Andrew's father gained more interest in them. Akko was hailed as the s...
Si cambie fue por ti by AniliKysumi
Si cambie fue por tiby Anili Kysumi
Akko arta de que nadie creyera en ella decide cambiar, decide alejarse de todos y todas, y comenzar a ser mas sumisa, solo que unas cuantas personas que sienten algo po...
RED (Dianakko)  by hollow-series
RED (Dianakko) by Lost Boi
[Discontinued] After the aftermath of what happened to Akko, Luna Nova is now faced with a threat, much horrible than they thought. [Sequel to BlurryFace]
Multiversus watches the legend Son Goku by JfloresAnimation
Multiversus watches the legend Jflores Animation
this is crossover anime who meet goku or not watches his life where is the strongest sayian of all [multiverse anime names] •My hero Academia •Demon slayer •little witc...
Hero [DISCONTINUED] by IgunKgun
Hero [DISCONTINUED]by IgunKgun
No one truly knows about Akko's past, but that changes when in magic linguistics class gave them a nine-person group assignment. Will the blue, red, and green teams alon...
The beginning of Akko x Andrew... by M1dn1ght_bloom
The beginning of Akko x M1dn1ght_bloom
My first fan fiction based on the Netflix series "Little witch academia" Akko is going to Diana's house for the summer to practice her magic. Then finds out An...
Putting the Little in Little Witch Academia by JackNTrade
Putting the Little in Little JackNTrade
Today was supposed to be a day like any other in Luna Nova, well except for the fact you had to retry a failed potions exam. Things take a turn however when it is discov...
Blue Chariot by hollowaya_x
Blue Chariotby hollowaya_x
Percy is a scientist at the Academy! Follow his journey as he makes friends, fights gods, flirts, and has existential crises. WIP. Loosely based on the vibes of PJO
Haymitch Abernathy: The 50th Hunger Games (Un-edited) by AnnaMS
Haymitch Abernathy: The 50th Åᶯϰe
*Rating: I'm not sure if the story should be PG-13 or PG because I dont know what direction the story will take yet -on description wise- Just in case I made it PG-13. ...
A Winter Magic Show by ursulacallistis
A Winter Magic Showby Danny
Winter break comes to Luna Nova! Finally Akko and Diana have plenty of time to enjoy themselves. However, Akko is suddenly faced with an unexpected obstacle to her dream...
Little Witch Academia Specials  by Love-BUN
Little Witch Academia Specials by Love-BUN !!
Collection of Little Witch Academia short stories. I hope you enjoy! 1st story: Happy Birthday, Akko! Disclaimer: Rating G (General audiences) to T (teens 13+), dependi...
The Accidental Kiss (Diakko) by MultiShipperAndStan
The Accidental Kiss (Diakko)by Mars/Max
When Diana and Akko accidentally kiss, new feelings are discovered. Will they push those feelings away or accept them?
Chariot/Ursula x Croix 🥺👉👈 by Beaniezs
Chariot/Ursula x Croix 🥺👉👈by Squishy
⚠️ SPOILER ALERT ⚠️ This is a story of Ursula(Chariot) x Croix! This takes place right after Croix arrived at the Academy in a form of alternative universe which has mo...
Mi Alumna Favorita by MaxValdiviaLamas
Mi Alumna Favoritaby
Chariot se da cuenta de sus sentimientos hacia akko y esta dispuesta a enamorarla ,pero akko vera de esa manera a su idola de la infancia y maestra?
Rebuilding the World by LaEsperia
Rebuilding the Worldby Majella Imperial
With the gods and goddesses of Olympus in another row, Hades loses his patience and opens the underworld causing a zombie apocalypse. In an effort to create a better wo...
My Little Witch: Star by JustALilPotato143
My Little Witch: Starby ~Ryuu-chan~
Hoshiko Akari a girl that wants to be like her aunt...chariot... She wants to be a witch like her. Then one day Hoshiko goes to her aunt show. She felt that something is...
Akko X Deku (MHA & LWA Crossover) by M1dn1ght_bloom
Akko X Deku (MHA & LWA Crossover)by M1dn1ght_bloom
Hiiii! I haven't seen that many Akko and Deku ships soo I decided to do one! Enjoyyyy💕
🙏🏻 Jagannath Puri - Ratha Yatra 🙏🏻 by DragonEmperor312
🙏🏻 Jagannath Puri - Ratha Ruby Knight ❤️
It's a little book dedicated to Rath Yatra and Lord Jagannath . Happy Rath Yatra 🙏🏻
"I love you" ||a Croix X Chariot story|| by Forgotten_Dusk
"I love you" ||a Croix X Chariot Charlotte
hello, this happens when Croix comes back after unsuccessfully finding a cure for Chariots curse. These two get more closer than they ever had. where will their relation...