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[PJM] Not So Innocent [COMPLETED] by KittyKanekii
[PJM] Not So Innocent [COMPLETED]by Lexi Lyn
AGES 99+ This shit is gonna be kinky and unedited so...
The Contract by Devanna19
The Contractby Devanna
"You have two choices. You can sign. Your family will be fine. Or...." All she wanted was to own her person, but Y/N finds herself manipulated into a contra...
blinded » liskook ✔️ (unedited) by YUPHORIA-
blinded » liskook ✔️ (unedited)by -
"I choose you and until the end, I'll always choose you." -in which Jungkook "cheats" on Lisa without her knowing because of her disability to see. ...
Forgotten night • liskook ✓ by Alaznelisa
Forgotten night • liskook ✓by Liz
One night stand, a night spent to forget all the lingering stress. A dead when all were drunk. What if that night is forgotten? Most impressive Rankings #38 BLACKPINK...
My Mate : Lizkook  by monie_monster
My Mate : Lizkook by 𝓛𝓲𝓿CREATES
Lisa is just an ordinary girl. Well, that's what she wants to think. She is a vampire. As vampires evolved to her time they are now much different. They don't drink bloo...
My Brother ~ EXO Fanfic (COMPLETED) by inspiredbyyou20
My Brother ~ EXO Fanfic (COMPLETED)by a_hoangg
Park Young Ji is a smart girl and very observant. Her best friends are An Eun Hye, Kim Hana, Choi Ye Jin, and Lee Seul Bi. All of them are bestest of friends since midd...
FACELESSby patricia
A couple of months ago, Kim Taehyung's family was murdered. The killer was never seen nor found. In fact, this just caused him to wreak even more havoc to their town by...
Code Black by Xin-Yang
Code Blackby Xin-Yang
"Five ability wielders are more than enough to handle. The fact that there could be a lot of them out there alarmed me. " -Agent Liu
Drowning In Love || EXO Tao by euwonlol
Drowning In Love || EXO Taoby euwonlol
Being friends with Huang ZiTao is both a privilege and a curse. A privilege because you get to spend time with him, but a curse because you've fallen for him. Should yo...
She Doesn't Like Flowers by Devanna19
She Doesn't Like Flowersby Devanna
His father's disability puts Kim Taehyung at the forefront of the family's company at a young age. His successes have left him slightly cocky but with a teachable hear...
The Vanity Code [Jinsoo] by Dreamofshadows
The Vanity Code [Jinsoo]by MMC
What would you give to be beautiful forever? One man's obsession to acquire the secret to eternal youth finds himself up against a determined girl from his past in a bat...
Escape [EXO Sehun Fanfiction] by xxCocoa_Creamxx
Escape [EXO Sehun Fanfiction]by xxCocoa_Creamxx
"You can't just force someone to fall in love with you!" "Of course you can." What do you do when your crush doesn't like you back? You abduct him. A...
[BTS DISBANDMENT AU] ❝Times we laughed and cried, goodbye now.❞ Wherein each member of bts does something special for each one of them, as their disbandment is just arou...
Destiny's Will: Blackbangtan {On hold} by Mo_Chu
Destiny's Will: Blackbangtan {On h...by 𝓻𝓾𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓪
What would you do if you met your first love after 10 years? What would you do if he was dating a new girl who you think is much better than you? What would you do if yo...
Alchemy | Yoonmin by iGYSmetahuman
Alchemy | Yoonminby igotyesSwaeg
In this world, we have a different definition of dystopia. More viscous, heartless and more sinfully... golden. Wolves? Vampires? Mafia? No, those are overrated. "...
Crystalline | Yoonmin by iGYSmetahuman
Crystalline | Yoonminby igotyesSwaeg
What would happen when an unsuccessful writer has entered an unfamiliar world and fight the dangers that prevents him from returning home... That world was inside a book...
BTS  ||  Back to the happy times by AniPahlavuni
BTS || Back to the happy timesby Park Jimin my little mochi
It feels like centuries have past since our last encounter but can we please go back to the happy times?
Only Then | l.mh  ✔ by chimphony
Only Then | l.mh ✔by 산수
❝Those times were better, those days were happier.❞ . . . Lee Minhyuk and Choi Hyojin were inseparable, and were admired by everyone as a couple. Something about them be...
Askania [B.A.P FF] by CardaChan00
Askania [B.A.P FF]by Carda Chan
A wish you had since you were young was to meet your father. You know nothing about him. Not even if he's alive. One day you find a diary, which leads you into a new wo...