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Beauty and the Beast by Amara9819
Beauty and the Beastby Amara
Ever heard of the girl that got cheated by her husband with her sister and then she tries to get him back? Well I'm not one of those girls. Neither am I one that goes a...
Love & Business by _dat_one_girl_
Love & Businessby Ayo
Sophia Bass is the future CEO of Bass Enterprises Ltd. who sees Hunter, a businessman who she betrayed in the past, as nothing but a heartless and unforgiving businessma...
August 8th  by fictionhoe
August 8th by M<3
5 Years. 2 People. Ryder Grey and Vera Hale A city that never dies. An Atlantis of memories. Hatred, Betrayal, Lies, Deception. Wisdom of the past. Ex best friends...
A Mother's Determination System by melancholy_sins0
A Mother's Determination Systemby melancholy_sins0
[A Mother's Determination System Activated.] [Host, what is your goal?] "Ah...To make sure those who hurt my children get what they deserve~. [Is that all?] &quo...
𝘈𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘮í𝘰 by AnnaMoon138
𝘈𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘮í𝘰by AnnaMoon
Fragment: "Unexpectedly, your mother became pregnant once again. We were extremely happy about it, but once the doctor said that it is a girl, I was euphoric. I ru...
Foster Mom [#Wattys2016] (completed) ✔️ by Dredge116
Foster Mom [#Wattys2016] ( Dredge
Laken Santiago is a single successful business woman. Her only dream is to have a family. She hasn't found the right guy to be with. She fills out forms to be a Foster M...
My Cadillac Billionaire by MissLulu004
My Cadillac Billionaireby MissLulu004
When 25 year old Billionaire, Lenora Williams finds a broken man, deep in despair at the park, the sight pulls at her heart strings. Young Lenora takes a heroic, but ris...
Essence | Chris Evans (BWWM) by bratzbxtch
Essence | Chris Evans (BWWM)by 𝐌𝐄𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐈𝐍
Y/N is an confident Nigerian-American business woman, shaking up the make up industry. She's recognized for being a strong minded woman, and she's also known for being f...
Arshi FF : You Are Mine Dammit !! by Vaishu_Arshi
Arshi FF : You Are Mine Dammit !!by Vaishu
🏅 3rd position in #Pen and Ink Awards (Fanfiction Category) In this story Khushi is rude, arrogant & ruthless business woman, whereas Arnav is an employee in her compan...
Pride and Promises by thorns_or_roses
Pride and Promisesby Amelia🕊
"You found me as a kid. Now let my adult self grow old with you..." --------------------------------------------- "We'll marry as soon as we meet again.&q...
OVERWORKED by usuismaidcollection
OVERWORKEDby usuismaidcollection
A smut story about you and your boss having sexual contact between eachother. You get work thrown in your face constantly and as one of the smartest people there, you de...
ALL I WANTED by shreeeeeeeiii
ALL I WANTEDby shreeeeeeeiii
" I can buy anything I want " she looked into my eyes and it showed various emotions and the one outshines everything was hurt, before I could think anything e...
Royal Love  by Srihanu929
Royal Love by Sri
A crown prince fall for a girl. He thought she was a simple, nervous and normal middle class girl. what will happen when she was not he thought simple and normal but st...
Girl-friends | Completed (girl × girl)  by Savi0207
Girl-friends | Completed (girl × Savi
Completed (・o・) Short Story Pride Month | 🌈 | LGBTQ+ "Why did you do this" my voice cracked and tears welled in my eyes. She panicked "Shh. Hey don't...
Love in the Kitchen by scrapinbug05
Love in the Kitchenby Chelsee
Clint is new to town and is the brand new history teacher. His first day one of his students gives him a hard time. So he decides to call in the woman who is her guardia...
THE WORLD OF ASSASSIN 1: Cassandra Margarette Machitie by mariezian
Cassandra Margarette Machitie, she was full of anger, she hates of every people around her, intelligent, pretty as good, and also a business woman. She want to revenge f...
Iztiraar by chocfa
Iztiraarby chocfa
Zindagi ke safar me insan kab kisse takra jae pata nahi chalta Amyra Sikandar bhi nahi jaanti thi ke uska safar use kahan le jae ga... _______ "Thori der ke liye tu...
Irresistible Temptation (Ongoing And Unedited) by EnticingxAmi
Irresistible Temptation (Ongoing ami ♡
She was naive to like someone she knew for a month and all he ever did was cheat , divulge and leave.
After My Divorce I Picked Up the Richest Boss in the World by light_ryuk
After My Divorce I Picked Up the light