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BTS Family~ by bottombooi
BTS Family~by bottombooi
So. I got bored. AGAIN! so I thought this could be a little mini series or something. cuz it could be cute~ Best Rankings- #7 BTSfamily - July 22 2020
For Them, A Million Times Over | Namjin by Mochi-L
For Them, A Million Times Over | Mochi-L
Along with his weird, childlike husband, Seokjin learns just how sweet and just how painful having a family can be. Despite it being so overwhelming, Seokjin wouldn't ha...
The Kim's Thanksgiving by memorial_cake
The Kim's Thanksgivingby memorial_cake
The Kim's and their five children, find a special way to celebrate Thanks. A BTS, novel.
BTS Family Stories { Discontinued } by ilovearsonyes
BTS Family Stories { Discontinued }by roldy helium alabama rakusta...
Jin is an artist who loves nothing more than to sing. Namjoon is an underground rapper who earns money for a living. What happens if both of them cross paths? Yeah you'r...
Namjoon and Seokjin joined into a parenting alliance (as lovers) to raise their kids Yoongi (18), Hoseok (16), Jimin (13), Taehyung (13) and Jungkook (11). This is the T...
Forever And Ever (BTS) by hcwn2002
Forever And Ever (BTS)by hcwn2002
The life of 7 brothers as they grow up, struggling through the years and grappling with the harsh reality of life. But through it all, they'll always have each other, fo...
Life In Pictures | Book 2 | [ Namjin Family ]  by Starrynight_Hobi
Life In Pictures | Book 2 | [ StarrynightHobi
Married life, 5 kids, a traveling photographer and a model all under one roof. what could go wrong? book 2 of life in pictures Kids Ages : Yoongi : 6 Hoseok: 5 Taehyung...
Namjin Family by Victor-Katsuki
Namjin Familyby Brea
Kim Namjoon- Alpha ❤️ Kim Seokjin- Omega Kim (Min) Yoongi- Alpha Kim (Park) Jimin- Omega Kim (Jeon) Jungkook- Omega This is the Namjin family~ Everyone else is either...
Believe me |Adopted by BTS by RiyaHooda
Believe me |Adopted by BTSby Riya Hooda
Yuna a 7-year old orphan who thinks nobody in the world loves or cares for her. The horrors she has faced makes her think that no one will love her and that everyone is...
It's you, it's always you by hoseokblessing
It's you, it's always youby taegguk
Jin, a single father with 4 children who fall in love with a guy named Kim Namjoon . It must be really frustrating for Jin to take care of his own children after his hus...
Welcome to the Kims by ChrissySixx
Welcome to the Kimsby Chrissy
How the hell do you raise 5 little boys to proper men? And how in heaven do you survive all the trouble little kids love to cause? Those are the questions, Namjoon and S...
Clementine! ||A BTS Family Story|| by ArmyPopKulture
Clementine! ||A BTS Family Story||by BTS Est. 2013
A BTS family AU!!! Just another weird story! Parents: Namjoon and Jin Eldest son: Yoongi (13) Second oldest: Hoseok (9) Twins: Jimin and Taehyung (5) Youngest: Jungkook...
Bangtwicepinkvelvet Family by Yoonji_isthebaddestB
Bangtwicepinkvelvet Familyby Sooyaas
Namjoon and Jin always wanted a big family but the amount of kids was taken out of hands to say the least. What kind of adventures will this big family go into?
bangtan family by ikeeplosingmymind
bangtan familyby FUZZEH
mama Jin Appa Joon Adventures of BTS as a little family just trying to get by. PS, they're adorable. Disclaimer: it's a collection of what I write when I'm going thro...
Here are some recommended books of Jungkook centric Fanfiction and their author name..... these books only contains BTS brotherhood and brotherly love and platoni...
BTS Discipline One Shot (requests open) by Jungkookzlife
BTS Discipline One Shot ( Soobinkookieee
BTS boys getting their selves in trouble But they know how to handle it by discipline Contains: 😊 Spanking little swearing
Bangtan Family by amador3937
Bangtan Familyby Austin
BTS as a family of seven. Since Jin is the oldest their last name will be Kim. This is the story of BTS growing up with their parents Lisa and Minho Kim. let's see how t...
Joonie Daycare by bluegalaxywolf345
Joonie Daycareby |bluegalaxylollipop|
After unfortunate events, Namjoon is left to take care of the children. However, Namjoon has a job never spent that much time with the kids. Could he possibly take the...
bangtan family  by yeoslovebot
bangtan family by kk
i already have a bangtan family book but this one will be less sad so yeah. enjoy i guess?
Single Father {Yoonseok} by Reyna_V_Molina
Single Father {Yoonseok}by Aesthetic_ARMY
Jung Hoseok a single father that does not have time to take care of his little one Jung Jungkook a.k.a Jungkook...which he sends to keep himself busy to piano classes to...