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Rubber by lovaffair1
Rubberby lovaffair1
request from prompt list which included tipsy sex & breeding kink.
The Alpha's Rogue (BOOK 2) by EssexWriter
The Alpha's Rogue (BOOK 2)by EssexWriter
** Please read The Alpha's Beta (BOOK 1) before this, or you might get a little bit lost along the way :) ** Life, it's not always fair. It never turns out the way you p...
Anokhian: Invasion by AlunaMcKnight
Anokhian: Invasionby AlunaMcKnight
Viviana Wells is nothing if not a survivor. Maybe that doesn't make her so different than the Anokhian aliens, who invaded earth for one sole purpose... Survival.
WILD by castawaymikey
WILDby successful
In the arena, ten females must outrun or outlast their male counterparts to keep from being forcibly bred. At least that's how Lorena saw it. She was taken from her home...
Pack slave by MsTree
Pack slaveby MsTree
Delilah sacrifices herself for her village to become a slave for the Alphas of surrounding werewolf packs inorder to keep the peace of the forest but are the pack really...
Thomas by FlowerPetals12
Thomasby FlowerPetals12
When I moved to Western Massachusetts...
A Life With You: Knives × Reader 🌶 by RenjiRin
A Life With You: Knives × Reader 🌶by Millions Knives
This man wants to breed, and I'm gonna let him.
the Lake house  by daveloomen777
the Lake house by Dave looman
Had sex with my cousin and got my step sister pregnant
Seriously by Baby-star_Candykoo
Seriouslyby Baby-star_Candykoo
where a waitress bunny hybrid jungkook and CEO tiger hybrid taehyung accidentally mate on one fateful evening "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON" "Can u wait unt...
'Infidelity,' a story about Rina. she {you've} known Gojo for years. she was found and taken by higher-ups after killing the men her father sold her to at a young age...
The Demon Prince: Demon Eijiro Kirishima x Female Reader by BellRaven_SimpTrain
The Demon Prince: Demon Eijiro BellRaven_SimpTrain
Fan Fiction One-shot story The villainous Demon Prince has been told he must first marry a human woman and have a child before he can take on the role of Demon King. Des...
Surrender to You (Trunks x Goten) by igotsohigh
Surrender to You (Trunks x Goten)by igotsohigh
Goten and Trunks have kept their relationship under wraps for two years, and still have no intentions of spilling the beans anytime soon. Being the son of an extremely...
You broke me first, Soukoku  by Dazai_crumbs
You broke me first, Soukoku by Dazai_crumbs
All Chuuya wanted was to see Dazai as soon as possible. His Alpha. His mate. His lover. He is definitely scared, nervous and excited. The big reveal is just too much for...
Avengers Soulmate by Scarlett5107
Avengers Soulmateby Scarlett5107
Warning this is going to have ddlg mdlg petplay daddy kink and lots of other adult themes. soulmates and age are wanda 24 natasha 32 Tony 38 Steve 26 bucky 27 loki 1000...
Stacy's Breeding  by Dream_2006
Stacy's Breeding by Diya
The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. Nice or constructive comments are...
The Breeding Grounds by sevencentdreams
The Breeding Groundsby Julia
A group of teens are brought together at what they believe is a government facility. Excited by the gadgets and missions they fail to question what they are being asked...
{ - Human-IT-y - } by MissHoll-E-Socks
{ - Human-IT-y - }by MissHoll-E-Socks
'Something struck him suddenly, a guttural surge that made his eyes flicker. Need... need- NEED-!! A vice-like grip snatched your arm, bringing your frightened (e/c) gaz...
🐶💓: Haechan by theneocraze
🐶💓: Haechanby ♥️
"Always labor love in your heart. Be kind and understanding. Never know pain. Live a thriving life okay?" Were her mothers last words. Choi Ara is a girl in a...
Damsels and Dragons (NSFW) by Xephonax_Septim
Damsels and Dragons (NSFW)by Xephonax_Septim
We have all heard the stories of the high rolling dungeoneers. The heros with the best stats, the best dice rolls. The chosen ones of every fable, the champions of every...