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Whatever He Wants by gentlywithachainsaw_
Whatever He Wantsby Gently
Stiles just adores being Derek's new omega.
I Liked you better when you were a myspace whore by DreadfullyFrisky
I Liked you better when you were Sky
A collection of Adult stories. THIS IS EROTICA, kinky erotica at that. They are all fantasy stories, none of this is real and I do not condone doing anything non consens...
I Belong To You // Alpha!John Wick by hiraethmangata
I Belong To You // Alpha!John Wickby Genesis
"The wolf may change its appearance, but never its intentions..." - A John Wick Omegaverse Fanfiction - BEST RANKINGS 🏆 #1 in johnwick 🏆 #1 in Keanu 🏆 #1 in...
WILD by castawaymikey
WILDby successful
In the arena, ten females must outrun or outlast their male counterparts to keep from being forcibly bred. At least that's how Lorena saw it. She was taken from her home...
The Stray by gentlywithachainsaw_
The Strayby Gently
Stiles wakes up in increments. His head aches and he slowly realizes he's cold. He whines and forces his eyes open, only to see bars surrounding him. He's in a cage. Whe...
An Evening With Draco. by some1whowrites
An Evening With Sue D. Nim
You are alone, in a room, with Draco Malfoy. You are there to let him have his way with you.
Pack slave by MsTree
Pack slaveby MsTree
Delilah sacrifices herself for her village to become a slave for the Alphas of surrounding werewolf packs inorder to keep the peace of the forest but are the pack really...
Invaders by Alicia25M
Invadersby A. M. Meyers
Older cover by @Irenejames Newer cover by @chainxmoker They disguised themselves as one of us. Studied us for centuries. Some believed in them whilst others became skept...
lol goopy smut  by fluffyboiDoppio
lol goopy smut by fluffyboiDoppio
💀I did not originally write this, it's just a story I found that I rlly liked, 💀 it's a lemon fic of reader x goopy gaster, this contains adult themes such as breeding...
What a good cowgirl by feedergirl99
What a good cowgirlby Cam :)
while on vacation in sunny California, Darla finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is abducted by a shadowy figure. When she wakes up, bound to a hospi...
Red Roses and Unreleased Tension by euqhoricc
Red Roses and Unreleased Tensionby euqhoricc
// tighnari smut oneshot // Collei has been out of town recently so you and Tighnari have been spending more time together than usual, when he asks you to go and find a...
High School Dicking?  by pleaselordomfgkillme
High School Dicking? by kms
Highs school drama Jock+ punk+ teacher = good time and broken family Finished
Species XD-63 by ellaxrosexb
Species XD-63by ellaxrosexb
#1 in alienromance 28/03/20 A New Breeding Program. They sent a message across space for one thing - females. The Species XD-63 or Xyons are a dying species. The last g...
Breed me~ by mori_tar
Breed me~by Non-existent
A endless night of breeding zhongli till your satisfied and he's aching in pleasure.
🍋(18+ Smut Warning) Bad Ends🍋 by Br33der
🍋(18+ Smut Warning) Bad Ends🍋by Br33der
A collection of smutty fun stories meant for the eyes of those who are of age. merely scenarios built from my head involving a lot of very lewd and mature things. I will...
Breed Me|| YoonMin  by enchantaeed
Breed Me|| YoonMin by Mwah
Jimin's lived all his life between these clear and crystal walls. He's never seen anything outside of it except for once. He's seen humans and creatures getting bred wit...
Toothless' Transformation by Zitawww
Toothless' Transformationby Wantros
(SPOILERS IN THE TAGS) Toothless has been acting strange lately, so strange that Hiccup and his friends fear he might be having a rare sickness. But the way to cure it...