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Species by BlairDevereaux
Speciesby BlairDevereaux
A mad scientist kidnaps people and breeds them in an attempt to create other species.
WILD by castawaymikey
WILDby successful
In the arena, ten females must outrun or outlast their male counterparts to keep from being forcibly bred. At least that's how Lorena saw it. She was taken from her home...
ALPHA | kth + jjk by cherryggukkie
ALPHA | kth + jjkby lyss<3
growing up as best friends nothing changed when jeon jungkook presented as alpha and kim taehyung was an omega. they remained best friends, of course. but little did tae...
Breed Me|| YoonMin  by enchantaeed
Breed Me|| YoonMin by Mwah
Jimin's lived all his life between these clear and crystal walls. He's never seen anything outside of it except for once. He's seen humans and creatures getting bred wit...
Human Pet by Cheongmyeong
Human Petby Cheongmyeong
Summary: In a world, where humans are pets and aliens are the masters, how can a girl survive? Here, a girl from the earth, meet an alien who become her master. Hana is...
Species XD-63 by ellaxrosexb
Species XD-63by ellaxrosexb
#1 in alienromance 28/03/20 A New Breeding Program. They sent a message across space for one thing - females. The Species XD-63 or Xyons are a dying species. The last g...
The hunted  by marna-michele
The hunted by Mars
#1st PLACE WINNER OF THE ROSIE AND BLOSSOM AWARDS, ACTION/ADVENTURE CATEGORY I bit my lip to try and suppress the whimper that's threatening to escape my mouth as it a...
My roomates a gang leader (COMPLETED) by bookreader00021
My roomates a gang leader ( bookreader00021
He slammed his fist into the wall beside my head "Your mine. Do you understand me!?" And with that his lips crashed into mine *** Isabella's former roomates j...
The Wolf-God Pupulation  [COMPLETE] by BonbonLove
The Wolf-God Pupulation [COMPLETE]by BonbonLove
[1/1/20 #1in wolfgod] [6/9/19 #2 in pup] Keira Reincrys is a sweet-hearted goddess in training living in the exotic world of Lucasta. After an unexpected deadly accident...
The Breeding Ranch by SmutWriterUwU
The Breeding Ranchby SmutWriterUwU
In this world, there are different types of species born to breed and reproduce. Humans have gotten a hold of them and now breed and sell them. Vivian is one of those cr...
Charizard X Charizard (WARNING: R RATING, involves rape turns to consensual) by Charizard234
Charizard X Charizard (WARNING: Charizard234
One more time, WARNING this story involves unconstitutional sex and a few swears. Now another warning, this is very poor writing so please do NOT expect some professiona...
Bewitched by llNicolell2
Bewitchedby llNicolell
Addylin Fields has never been the one to believe stories that stray from reality. She would read stories about princesses and princes but she knew they were no where ne...
{ - Human-IT-y - } by MissHoll-E-Socks
{ - Human-IT-y - }by MissHoll-E-Socks
'Something struck him suddenly, a guttural surge that made his eyes flicker. Need... need- NEED-!! A vice-like grip snatched your arm, bringing your frightened (e/c) gaz...
A Dangerous Courtship- SasuNaru ABO by WizardingLily
A Dangerous Courtship- SasuNaru ABOby WizardingLily
After the death of his surrogate grandfather, Uzumaki Naruto is taken in and raised by Shimura Danzo and his loving wife Haku. But peaceful times don't last. Naruto is h...
Galra Keith by Shipistaken
Galra Keithby Shipistaken
Keith is slowly turning Galra and the paladins don't know what to do, but maybe the Galra do. Keith can change between Galra, Altea, and human states because of his shar...
Kayla's Life [Rewritten] by xXxXGamer_GirlXxXx
Kayla's Life [Rewritten]by XxXxGamer_GirlxXxX
This is a rewrite of my original book. Though, it was Inspired by another author here on the app. --- Kayla is a small husky. She had grew up on a farm. A farm used to b...
100 Years Of Breeding by DeppyBTS
100 Years Of Breedingby Deppy
This is about how 100 years of breeding change these popular dog breeds. Many problems appear.
Storm Star by nightsisterkaris
Storm Starby That one Philinda Fangirl
Nine teens, chosen for some mysterious purpose, the survivors of "the wipe-out" as that day was called. A post-apocalyptic world is all that left. And the alie...
Trust Me by greenOdaviing
Trust Meby greenOdaviing
We all die, but when is our choosing!
Thug Omega by TaekookIsReal1070
Thug Omegaby TaekookIsReal1070
"Put me in jail I dare you." Said Taehyung , glaring at his mate. "I wish I hadn't had a mate who was a criminal."