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Jerks Care? by BravelyDreaming
Jerks Care?by BravelyDreaming
Lucy's life is awful, she has two abusive parents, and can't find a way out. Until one day the abuse gets so bad she is taken to the hospital. In the hospital her life t...
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Analysis of Themes in Bravely Default by dirkac
Analysis of Themes in Bravely wakkelpudding
Yeah this is an analysis of the plot and themes on a video game. I expect this to get read a grand total of once but oh well lol
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Tales of Luxendarc: Where the airy lies by 39techmaster
Tales of Luxendarc: Where the Eno
Welcome to the world of Luxendarc, where chaos has begun to reign. How can it be stopped, and by whom? *Disclaimer: This work is completely inspired through the "br...
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Bae.... by DoubleParadise
#4 DoubleParadise
Suzie and her "lads" are your typical teen girls with an edgy twist...they wear baggy pants, kicks and gold chains. All the sluts are jealous and all the guys...
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Tales of Luxendarc: End Layer by 39techmaster
Tales of Luxendarc: End Layerby Eno
Coming soon. Based on Bravely second: end layer.
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Homeschool Bravely [PDF] by Jamie Erickson by nilocopa28202
Homeschool Bravely [PDF] by nilocopa28202
Read Homeschool Bravely PDF ebook Listen to Homeschool Bravely Jamie Erickson audiobook Read Online Homeschool Bravely: How to Squash Doubt, Trust God, and Teach Your Ch...
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Help Me ! by nadaeldahshan
Help Me !by 101girldiary
a girl of aged 14 years old opens a door to the real world and how her view of life changes. Friendship ,love and family
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The popular girls by lexi123210
The popular girlsby lexi123210
lexy and jamie start of school as normal girls with an amount of friends until their lives change.....
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Under the Radar with Mr. Popluar (Slow Updates) by BravelyDreaming
Under the Radar with Mr. Popluar ( BravelyDreaming
Logan finds herself in a not so easy situation when she starts falling for her overly protective brothers best friend. Not only is she falling for her brothers best frie...
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Black rose  by ghaniabaig
Black rose by ghania baig
This story based on girls who did not treated well in their home and school, they get pissed off after a Long time so they made up a group called "Black Rose"...
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Bravely Gay (BoyxBoy) by KitsuneNoKage
Bravely Gay (BoyxBoy)by Cecilia Kitsune
A series of ringatiz/tizabel one shots! (feel free to send in requests!)
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Pages Between a Cover ~Bravely Default~ by The_Magical_Yoshi
Pages Between a Cover ~Bravely Lestia Whytoo
After learning of Alternis's journal, Braev decides to supply all of the Asterisk bearers with journals of their own to keep note of interesting events and people. Thoug...
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Black as Snow - White as Pitch by CrossHatch
Black as Snow - White as Pitchby CrossHatch
"Why? I just... I can't take it anymore!" Edea's returned to her own world, Ringabel to his. Her return to Eternia cemented the fact that everyone she knew was...
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Bravely (English translation) by MrsHoranBiiiiiitch
Bravely (English translation)by Stanno coreani
Harry is in fourth grade in a British high school. Louis was in fourth grade too but e decided to leave: He was mocked because he's gay. The two will meet thanks to Loui...
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Made you look by sillyllama11
Made you lookby sillyllama11
In my life I only had a little joy for a short while, then it was gone.
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BRAVELY DEFAULT: Reality Ensues by CrossHatch
BRAVELY DEFAULT: Reality Ensuesby CrossHatch
Bonds. Eternal and infinite, forming between unlikely friends. (Takes place after Chapter 6: World of Echoes: Equal) The crystals, formed by the wishes and desires of th...
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Darkness(riverdale) by HorrorQueen1315
Darkness(riverdale)by HorrorQueen1315
Katelyn, Adriana, Isabella and ruby are the younger siblings of jughead Jones, Reggie Mangle, veronica lodge, and Betty cooper. They all act sometimes like their older...
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Project Retry by DarkDestiny01
Project Retryby Anna Maria Black
We always knew we were bound to an end, one way or another. In stories, there was always the last few to live in peace or repopulate, or the heros that save the world to...
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