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Into You. (Bubblegum x Marceline) by butterflypufff
Into You. (Bubblegum x Marceline)by butterflypuff
Marceline Abadeer always wanted to run away from her past, to get rid of it. Along the way, she met Jake, Finn, Lady Rae, Bonnibel and Beemo. And her world started to fl...
Just Pretending (Bubbline/Sugarless Gum) by GumLee777
Just Pretending (Bubbline/ Chandler
When Princess Bubblegum and Marceline go undercover to check out a couples resort, they find how hard it is to fake being girlfriends. But how long will their fake relat...
Bubbline♡ by -_JoannaItzel_-
Bubbline♡by Marceline
Gifs e imágenes solo de Bubbline♡ Y ahora también comics :D
i'm just your problem | bubbline ✓ by EYDEL_
i'm just your problem | bubbline ✓by EYDEL
marceline abadeer, a thousand-year-old vampire who loves her battle-axe bass guitar, remeniscised about her times with bonnibel bubblegum - a prim and proper princess wh...
Bubbline: 10 Coisas Que Eu Odeio Em Você by scrumptiousleo
Bubbline: 10 Coisas Que Eu Odeio C. Mohana
"Gostar de você me faz estagnar Me faz voltar três casas quando estou prestes a ganhar o jogo Me tira das nuvens e me atira violentamente contra o chão Me afasta...
dear bonnibel. by cringeyaftermath
dear sasha
thank you. for everything. (this is bubbline) cover art creds: unknown
Chemistry -A Fubblegum Fanfic- by maltesels
Chemistry -A Fubblegum Fanfic-by mallows
Chemistry *a fubblegum fanfic* chem•is•try (n.) a strong mutual attraction, attachment, or sympathy between two people Finn had broken up with Flame Princess. And he mov...
The Girl From 3rd Grade {Chapter Ten Complete: 25/02/19} -A Bubbline Story- by rockstar4life14
The Girl From 3rd Grade {Chapter ~Artistic_Genderfluid~
*Story Began January 2019 (Australia)* Its was the start of third grade. There were many familiar faces when Marceline had arrived. A few new ones, but mostly familiar...
gumball. ( bubbline ) by -currentjoy
gumball. ( bubbline )by bailey :)
in which bubblegum finds herself pregnant and marceline decides to help.
Oblivious by bonnie_the_brain
Obliviousby August
Marceline and Bonnibel... the perfect pair. If only they would realize it. I do not own cover art.
The Adventure Time in Southern High by elMar135
The Adventure Time in Southern Highby elMar135
Marshall Lee Abendeer; the heartthrob of ADHigh and the man every girl desires..just moved to Brooklyn with his mom to study in Southern High-the so called 'most famous...
Message Request✔(Marceline X Marshall Lee) by kreerin
Message Request✔(Marceline X Nyah Sumague
Marshall Lee sent you a message request. Hi! Accept | Decline A fanfiction Message Request All rights reserved 2018
Love Affair (Bubbline Fanfic) (English edition) by MissWriterZK
Love Affair (Bubbline Fanfic) ( Fallen Angel ZK
Marceline's a rockstar who accepts being interviewed for Bonnibel during three months. They aren't simple strangers, because they were far beyond frienship and their bre...
Stay with me (bubbline fanfic) by -BlackRoses-
Stay with me (bubbline fanfic)by Zombie_Potatoz
Marceline is caught cheating with her off and on girlfriend ash. Bubbline is devastated and thinks she will never love her again, but the future holds very different pla...
Come Along With Me {Bubbline Fanfic} by MissingYourNightmare
Come Along With Me {Bubbline MissingYourNightmare
Bonnie and Marcy Marceline and Bonnibel (Writing description aren't my strong point XD) (Under revising)
Bloody Lips (Bubbline Oneshot) by TersyGabrielle
Bloody Lips (Bubbline Oneshot)by Tersy Gabrielle
My hands shake as I pull The loose skin of my lips Drowning in anxious thoughts Waiting for a signal. But that signal never comes I wait for weeks You are probably busy...
La historia nunca contada (Bubbline) by SOY-DIVERGENTE-XD
La historia nunca contada ( SOY YO
Hora de aventuras es una serie que nunca ha sido del todo para un público jóven. Hay más historias contadas desde las sombras que de los propios protagonistas. Mi objeti...
Come Along With Me (Bubbline Fanfic) (ON HOLD) by Marceline_rizzard
Come Along With Me (Bubbline call me Alex
((UNEDITED)) Bonnible Bubblegum was just a new, undeniably smart girl that got transferred to Candy Kingdom Highschool because her mom got promoted so they move to Ooo C...
💕🖤Bubbline Oneshots🖤💕 by Rileyquinn07
💕🖤Bubbline Oneshots🖤💕by Rileyquinn07
This is a bunch of Bubbline Oneshots and maybe some aesthetics, too. Feel free to comment on parts and recommend more ideas for Oneshots. No smuts! Update: Discontinued