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Finnceline: Was It Love? by CandyVal
Finnceline: Was It Love?by CandyVal
Finn has always had feelings for PB. One day the Ice king kidnaps PB so Finn asks Marceline for help. Finn spends so much time with Marceline as they try to find PB that...
1000 years  by fern_the_human
1000 years by fern_the_human
Finn left the land of ooo for four years to explore the post apocalyptic world without jake; But when he gets back he has newfound feelings for his best friend marcelin...
First you're sour then you're sweet {bubbline fanfic} by Slytherinurdms
First you're sour then you're Kitty
Just another bubbline fanfic <3 I try to stay true to most episodes but add my own flare as well Enjoy c: (marceline and bonniebell were together once and it ended...
COMPLICATED LOVE (Rainbow Dash x Catra x Marceline) by APPLE-_-DASH
COMPLICATED LOVE (Rainbow Dash x Apple.Jack.RD
'TheVenom' or students called 'The V3' . Rainbow Dash, Catra and Marceline. Story about these three typical famous college girls. They are the riches slash bad ass, and...
Marshall Lee x reader by Fanfic_writing
Marshall Lee x readerby Fanfic_writing
[ON HOLD] This book pursues the life of you, Reader-chan, as you arrive in The Land of Aaa! It's got 'excitement, romance and suspense!' ~ to quote Jake's description of...
Bubbline♡ by -_JoannaItzel_-
Bubbline♡by Marceline
Gifs e imágenes solo de Bubbline♡ Y ahora también comics :D
The girl next door *Bubbline* by caitisaweirdo
The girl next door *Bubbline*by Caitlyn
Bonnie is living a peaceful life with her siblings and parents. A straight A student in school and a passion for Science, she hopes of finding a boyfriend. But does her...
The Scars of Love (Bubbline Fanfiction) by ZombiezEatPringlez
The Scars of Love (Bubbline xx
Bubblegum broke up with Marceline a month ago and it wasn't her best call. (Short story!) CX
Marceline X Werewolf! Reader by MephilesLOVER123
Marceline X Werewolf! Readerby Author
When you find yourself crushing on your best friend and family enemy, you go down a roller coaster of feelings. Will you let her go or keep her in your reach?
Him || Adventure Time (COMPLETED) by thinkerberry
Him || Adventure Time (COMPLETED)by reine💜
You were lost. Hopeless. And raided. After escaping from the hands of the corrupted world, you became an outcast. You found yourself stuck in an island where you thin...
𝐉𝐎𝐈𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐀𝐃𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄.    ( 𝖥𝖨𝖭𝖭 ) by TrashyFandomWriterr
I'll be putting you guy's in the Adventure Time episodes, so I hope you enjoy reading my book! You are one of the Adventurers as you, Finn, and Jake go across the Land o...
eternal ~ bubbline by melanianoname
eternal ~ bubblineby No-Name
Marceline has had romantic feelings and sexual attractions to Princess Bubblegum for years. Will PB return those feelings? And what's going on with Flame Princess and...
The Vampire & The Nerd by Sofi_Droit
The Vampire & The Nerdby Sofi_Droit
i know, we'll never grow old together, 'cause you never grow old to me, you're the pink in my cheeks and i'm scared 'cause that means i'm a little bit soft. but don't b...
The Beauty and the Vampire Queen {bubbline/ sugarless gum} by TitanCamden
The Beauty and the Vampire Queen { LocalDaddy ™
Found this on, thought I'd share the story as it was pretty amazing. Originally on, created and all credit goes to CaptainOntoOcean.
Adventure Time Bubbline Fanfiction by The-Word-Smith
Adventure Time Bubbline Fanfictionby Eschella
Marceline the Vampire Queen is back in the main drag of Ooo and is settling back down after her trip around the whole land of Ooo. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum had b...
Marceline | bnha by kooshdoink
Marceline | bnhaby kooshdoink
Finneline:Year's Gone by by RenPungtilan
Finneline:Year's Gone byby Ren Pungtilan
This story all started when finn left. marceline developed feelings for him to learn more read the book <3.
Falling For A Gangster: A Bubbline Fanfic [SLOW UPDATES] by Koyuki902
Falling For A Gangster: A Cjay Cruz
A Bubbline Fanfic. I am huge fan of this pair and I ship them hardcore. Especially when easter eggs were given out by the creator of Adventure Time. The story is written...
Bubbline oneshots by YatosGoddess
Bubbline oneshotsby YatosGoddess
Just some random bubbline oneshots. Fluff, short stories, different AU's, close to SMUTs (so we stay innocent ;)), basically just a bunch of random ideas that include t...