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Closer to You (Blackheart AU) by MusicLover244
Closer to You (Blackheart AU)by Lil
Aspen Fae was the only one she knew of that didn't have a soulmate. Everywhere she went all she saw were names in black ink, but her wrist was bare. When she least expec...
Strawberry Lipstick - Y.B Imagines by LANA-ASF
Strawberry Lipstick - Y.B Imaginesby Lana 🎸
Imagines about the man with double the u, double the flavour, Dom Harrison or Yungblud!!! Fluffy, smutty & angst imagines!! Requests are no longer open because the book...
Unexpected Love- A YUNGBLUD X Reader Fanfic (Book 1) by that_damn_emo
Unexpected Love- A YUNGBLUD X that_damn_emo
A girl named (Y/n) meets Dominic Harrison aka YUNGBLUD at work because as luck has it, she is gonna be his photographer for 1 week and a lot can happen in a week. So wh...
Darker than Purple Yandere!NeptuneXFemale!Reader by Chilly_Vibes20
Darker than Purple Yandere! Kujou-chan
After the situation with Noire, you the reader, is now at peace with you new girlfriend Neptune. Everything was all laughs and good times. That is until Neptune started...
The Dark side of Tsundere(Yandere!NoireXFemReader) by Chilly_Vibes20
The Dark side of Tsundere( Kujou-chan
You're just an average school girl at a average highschool. Everything was just the way you wanted to be until mysterious things start to happen after you came. Students...
Tsundere Or Yandere?XMale Reader by Silver_Hedgehog_Boy
Tsundere Or Yandere?XMale Readerby thomas sutanto
WARNING! this story contains 16+ and blood. proceed with any cost. the story about a true love from young boy ends with a case of murder one of their friends. Wonder w...
Force child in hyperdimension neptunia by GhostFireJedi
Force child in hyperdimension GhostFire Jedi
The Jedi Padawan Pantheon in the clone wars and his feats as a living balanced nexus in the force and his sacrifice to go into Ultradimension and successfully defeat the...
No need to know by carmenshadow
No need to knowby CR.MEKA
Stella Knight, she looks innocent and naïve...but is she? Meet viper aka. Stella a 16 year old who is all too familiar with the art of killing. When she finally escapes...
You're in my blud | YUNGBLUD  by elixbee
You're in my blud | YUNGBLUD by elixbee
- (Complete) 20year old Shore was living a pretty shit life. After she met blue her whole world turned for the worse. He abused her mentally and physically, got her int...
Twisted | Solby (DISCONTINUED) by Colbaefan
Twisted | Solby (DISCONTINUED)by 𝐂 𝐎 𝐋 𝐁 𝐘
Love is something that most people cherish and wish to experience. But love is also something so twisted and maddening, that others wish to end it. -- Sam Golbach is a b...
Star Gazing- A YUNGBLUD x Reader fanfic (Book 2) by that_damn_emo
Star Gazing- A YUNGBLUD x Reader that_damn_emo
After Dom goes back home and leaves (Y/n) in California, she gets a call from someone she never wanted to hear from again... Who? I guess we'll have to see.. Warning:...
Anarchist by memeisthelife
Anarchistby MEBUKA
y/n goes to her first YUNGBLUD concert but little did she know that this night would change her life. This is a YUNGBLUD fanfic updates almost every day. ⚠️trigger warn...
Neptunia: Pirate King and CPU (English Translation) by AlliedStar224
Neptunia: Pirate King and CPU ( Jade heinrich
Luffy, after an adventure of a lifetime, has attained his dream of finding the Onepiece and becoming King of the pirates. But during his adventure, Law had done the agel...
To the Boundless Horizon by Custos_Portae
To the Boundless Horizonby Tsuki
You know, I looked back on those younger years of mine with an avid fascination. I look back and just reminisce on those years. About that young lady who changed me. Who...
When World's Collide (JSAB Harem x GD Male Reader x PA Harem )  by MetalSmasherNTT
When World's Collide (JSAB Harem MetalSmasherNTT
A weird Idea I came up with. One day while having fun in your world, running, jumping, flying, you get sucked into a portal and end up in another world where beings simi...
X-23 x Male (Half Demon-Half Mutant) Reader by DamonDillinger
X-23 x Male (Half Demon-Half dalv6452
You are the son of Mephisto that also happens to be half mutant. You left you home at Mephisto's realm and do some good at earth. Combination of comics and X-Men: Evolut...
B L A C K H E A R T book 2 in the 'chaos series' after enduring the trials of the void, lusine finds herself on earth. only a matter of time before she is reunited wit...
Black Heart - T. Ciampa by rottenshine
Black Heart - T. Ciampaby #1 Jack Harlow Stan
A mans who's once golden heart now turned Black, welcomes Goldie. (I'm bad at Descriptions, I promise it's a lot better)
Luna In Shining Armor by GabTheRunt
Luna In Shining Armorby ∆∆On Hiatus∆∆
A man walked into her cell. He was about 6'3 with messy black hair. He had dark blue eyes that reminded Mira of the oceans unforgiving land. He was wearing a fitted whit...