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Blackened boss is poisonous [Quick travel] by Little_Spade
Blackened boss is poisonous [ Hera Ford
Title:黑化boss有毒[快穿] Author:半妖的风情 After Xu Fuhuan died, he was bound by the system to enter other worlds to eliminate the blackening value of the blackened villains. Facin...
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Song of Plum Blossom Mountain (梅花山之歌) by lazulinus
Song of Plum Blossom Mountain (梅花山 lazulinus // 琉璃蓝
If there's one thing she learns, it's to not curse out a shitty web novel, because in accordance to the laws of karma: you will get transmigrated. All she can do now is...
Werewolf RP {Active.} by Aoi_Kaze
Werewolf RP {Active.}by Kazzy
Just so yall don't get confused this is a Roleplaying chat? Yep we will call it that. You can roleplay as a werewolf or hunter or a rogue even human.
Hello, Goodbye.. by lEsmerayl
Hello, Esmeray
There are times, When I feel your presence by my side. There are times, When I hear you say it'll be alright. -Chán Juãn No matter how much time, There is in this li...
A heart made of glass [One-shot] by DawnLicht
A heart made of glass [One-shot]by Enka
For all those who will read this story, unlike my other story, this is not a fan fiction based on a manga or an anime. This story is based on the feelings, I'm living ri...
Gold Medal Mediator [Quick Travel]  by NalaSmith6
Gold Medal Mediator [Quick Travel] by Blue
this is MTL translation, I may edit one and two part if i have time. Author: Qishangji Hua Baihe is an emotional mediator. SHe has persuaded countless pairs of broken po...
[BL] (MTL) Cannon fodder slag attack and whitewashing manual [Quick travel] by Darkknight123457
[BL] (MTL) Cannon fodder slag Darkknight123457 Author: Qiqi Xiaofeng Category: BL doujin Release time: 2020-03-31 Latest: Chapter 120 The Real World 3 BL finished 399,000 Chu Yan has...
(MTL)Bai Yueguang's stand-in struggles daily by Darkknight123457
(MTL)Bai Yueguang's stand-in Darkknight123457 Author: Little Chess Boy Category: Rebirth through time Release time: 2019-01-24 Latest: Chapter 122 Finale (Part 2) (2) rebirth finished...
The Blackening (King's step-daughter) by CandyCaneRood
The Blackening (King's SUP
What if king's wife had a daughter. And he took her with him to celebrate Junetheenth because her mom went somewhere. And she was happy about it at firsts. But little di...