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Sailor Moon Crystal ~ The Exclusive Earth's Journey by platinum-wings201
Sailor Moon Crystal ~ The platinum-wings201
This story has happened within the time of Season 2 is started. However, what if Chibi Usa didn't come to the past alone, but brought along another girl that is her rela...
Sailor Earth and Sailor Chibi Moon Adventure: The Flowers of Promise by platinum-wings201
Sailor Earth and Sailor Chibi platinum-wings201
This story has happened between the episode of "Sailor Moon Crystal ~ Season 2: Act 26: Replay ~ Never Ending!" and "Sailor Moon Crystal ~ Season 3: Act 2...
⭐What Does Your Month Stand For⭐ by Yamuimoo
⭐What Does Your Month Stand For⭐by ˗ˏˋ 𝒴𝒶𝓂𝓈𝓎 ˎˊ˗
I had this idea while I was at school. This story will tell you about what your month means and what your Birthstone is, If you don't know already
Gems Of Fate by Kaitlyn1723
Gems Of Fateby Sono l'Italia~
Every one million years, eighteen people are born, each of a different stone. These people are extremely valuable to those who want power and they will do anything to g...
Birthstones by Anime_Calista
Birthstonesby Calista Nelson
If a mage possess a power, they receive their birthstones. They get ranked by their strength, and there are 5 ranks. Mizu, a middle schooler, is a Rank #1 and is the 3rd...
Emerald  by Bawiii
Emerald by Bawiii
A 19 Year Old Girl Named Emerald, And Her 20 Year Old Sister Opal, Discover Their Rightful Homes As Royalty, While Meeting Some Friends On The Way,To The Shard Castle. M...
crystal ball » zodiacs by plutonian-peep
crystal ball » zodiacsby its libra season!
just a book playing around w/ zodiacs!
Crystals by SophiandJane
Crystalsby ✧༺♥༻∞ 𝐍 ! ∞ ✧༺♥༻ ✧
This is my AU, and it will be about Gemstones, and Birthstones being Gods and Goddesses. There might be more than that, but that's what it's about.
To The Touch by Asurelle
To The Touchby Asurelle
Tay Aldrige has never had a boyfriend. Not even in her high school years. Maybe it was her shy personality or anti social behavior that made all the boys flock in every...
Malec And Steven Universe by Garnetforreal
Malec And Steven Universeby blue and red
MALEC MALEC and....... Steven!
The Heart Of November by Dragon_artist_writer
The Heart Of Novemberby Dragon_artist_writer
When the four come together they will protect us and the world.
The Birthstone Effect by Katelyn_Stamper
The Birthstone Effectby Katelyn_Stamper
Alexis is a young girl who lives in a world where people are identified by their birthstones. Every citizen wears an amulet made out of their birthstones. That means th...
Birth Stones  by AwesomemeowcoolYT
Birth Stones by AwesomemeowcoolYT
This is the birth stones and character traits of your birthday
Undertale Birthstone! by utxsf2017
Undertale Birthstone!by AngelicNoodle
So, I read the Creepypasta Zodiac book, and I was really impressed, and also inspired to make an Undertale version, but with birth gems. Enjoy!
Crystallized Kingdom by EverAfterArtist
Crystallized Kingdomby Starfishy Mystique
Twelve birthstones. Twelve fairies. Two warring kingdoms. One time traveling/talking cat. Yeah, Josie Garcia isn't sure how she ended up smack in the middle of it al...
My name is Topaz by nyeelahbrown221
My name is Topazby Nyeelah Brown.
Lidia is in trouble: she finds out that her name is Topaz. Of course you might think that it's a normal name, but it means more then what you think. Join Topaz and her s...