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Healing You(✔) by Rose9972
Healing You(✔)by Rose
A behir story.... Simple and sweet short story ❤. WARNING : CLICHE ALERT! This has to be one of the cliche stories I wrote when I was a teen. Read at your own risk. ...
Kache Dhage ( Book 1- Singhania Brothers) by SwatiSandeep
Kache Dhage ( Book 1- Singhania SwatiSandeep
His life changed the day he defied his father and married Dhara. He choose love over family and in the end he was left with nothing but the responsibilities of a two ye...
The Other Winters [Male OC x RE Harem] by Xx_BlueEcho_xX
The Other Winters [Male OC x RE Blue is the Resident Evil (Mostly Village) Story that we are making because once the ideas come in.....they don't stop.
Mine forever( ✔) by Rose9972
Mine forever( ✔)by Rose
simple and Beautiful love story 💓. WARNING : CLICHE ALERT! Another cliche I wrote when I was a teen. Read at your own risk. Cover credits : @__aaaarya__
The Only String Attached by delicate_pearl
The Only String Attachedby delicate_pearl
Life always gives a second chance for true lovers. Here Bela also got a second chance to express her love for her Mahir. But Mahir is now just living for the sake of his...
BeHir FF : It's Complicated (Completed)  by mon__1311
BeHir FF : It's Complicated ( MS
A story of Mahir and Bela's complicated relationship.
Obsessed Mafia by AliFazel6
Obsessed Mafiaby Ali Fazel
When the ruthless Mafia fell in love with the innocent, sweet girl what will happen?
Behir : True Love✔️ by behir_love
Behir : True Love✔️by Behir
How love will happen between bela and mahir after marriage. Mahir loves someone else and he want to be with her in any circumstances. Bela is an ambitious girl, she thin...
The Wedding 2.0 by ShammaraRiyaz
The Wedding 2.0by ShammaraRiyaz
BEST RANKING 21.7.22 : #3 on behir As you all know from the First book!! Bela and Mahir loved each other unconditionally and married each other. They had a cute son nam...
MY OWN HAREM?!|RE8| by mrswmaximoff1
MY OWN HAREM?!|RE8|by LadyDimitrescu_Wife
The Winters' world suddenly comes crashing down when Chris Redfield's appearance sets off a chain of events that ultimately leads them to a mysterious village. Y/N WINTE...
Lady Dimitrescu's Little One by alex_ghramb
Lady Dimitrescu's Little Oneby Alex
Helene is a little girl who is very curious and a quiet little thing, making her way through town she finds herself at the house of Dimitrescu looking for some kind of w...
World's Apart - Devil Vs Witch (COMPLETED) by vpsisthename20
World's Apart - Devil Vs Witch ( VPS
(Apart Series - Book 3) Thank you so much for the beautiful calligraphy @Pencrafted-Love & the lovely cover @__aaaarya__ Neiv Kapoor... Fondly called Junior Devil (JD) b...
KASHMAKASH (Book3 - Raichand Brother sereis) by Taani10
KASHMAKASH (Book3 - Raichand Taani10
This book will revolve arround the equation which the three brothers will share .. What will happen when you are completely clueless about your surroundings.. when you...
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BEHIR'S LOVE  by VaniBehir
BEHIR'S LOVE by Vani Behir
this is the story about the love Story of behir in this story behir shares a beautiful and strong bond which will help them to fight the enemies it also contains the bea...
A Mother's Obsession | Lady Dimitrescu X Boy Reader by AndrewGoodguy
A Mother's Obsession | Lady Andrew Goodguy
After being in a crash in a van being transferred to a new orphanage, you are brought in by the woman bigger than doorframes. You are about to witness what being a membe...
When It's Meant To Be...The Stars Seem To Glisten.... (Completed) by Bepannah_love
When It's Meant To Be...The Dharini
Geethanjali Iyer, an interior designer by profession and an art teacher by passion was a bubbly, fun-loving girl but now she has become reserved and quiet. She always tr...
The Lady Of mY HoUSe by ATdreamyGirls1510
The Lady Of mY HoUSeby amishatwinkle
Mahir Sehgal a popular guy, a neurologist,owner of Sanjivani Hospital,Elder son of sehgal family,28 years old wanted bachelor, devilishly handsome,kind hearted,talkative...
We still need man-things! by sander991
We still need man-things!by sander991
In Castle Dimitrescu, only women can survive. At least temporarily. Everybody in the village knew this fact and all boys were told from early age to stay out from Alcina...
Happily Ever After In Love by Soma_sm
Happily Ever After In Loveby Soma_sm
My first story on my ideal couple behir. I hope you all like it.💘💘 Two workholic persons tied together due to their family's happiness. What will happen when their li...
The Little Heartshaper | Lady Dimitrescu x Baby Boy by AndrewGoodguy
The Little Heartshaper | Lady Andrew Goodguy
Note: For fans of my boy reader fan fiction, this is completely separate from this. Also this will be mainly made for fun and I will use the possible things Alcina would...