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BeHir FF : It's Complicated (Completed)  by BeHir_PearBhi
BeHir FF : It's Complicated ( MS
A story of Mahir and Bela's complicated relationship.
How You Feel When Your Love Ask You To Marry SomeOne Else❤...And You Get Married And Hurt That SomeOne On Your Love's Call...💔 . But What Happen When Your Love Ditch Yo...
Saathiyaa (Completed) by The_dreamygirltales
Saathiyaa (Completed)by TheDreamyGirl
Meet the Mahir Sehgal and Bela Sharma.. they met, became friends but marriage? The had to marry, at the spot all of a sudden.. One side is mahir who wants to give a chan...
Heart Is A Magnet by ValliN0
Heart Is A Magnetby Valli N
This FF is based on Kumkum Bhagya. The reunion of Abhigya and their family. It starts from the death of kiara in KKB. In my FF instead of 20 years there will be 22 years...
Hitler Wife ~ A Behir SS  by mahfuja_mishu
Hitler Wife ~ A Behir SS by Mahfuja Akter Mishu
He is handsome and she is cute. He is polite but she is arrogant. But she was not like this. She used to be happy, she used to love everyone. She has her parents but he...
Ae Mery Humsafar  by BehirStan
Ae Mery Humsafar by BehirStan
Have you watched the serial "Humsafar " ? If yes, you know what's gonna happen in the story ;) PS~ I have wrote the same story for "Rikara" and now...
Internet Wala Love❤ (✔️) by sweetie_creations
Internet Wala Love❤ (✔️)by Sweetie jain
Peep in to read how two unknown person fall in love with each other through internet..
Our Journey Of Love by authorzysha
Our Journey Of Loveby Zysha
[ COMPLETED ] A behir story. Meet Mahir Seghal. The renowned businessman who doesn't have time for anything even for his family. What will happen when the workaholic gu...
Replacement  by naehal123
Replacement by naehal123
Mahir is a single father of a 3 year old girl, aarvi and a 4 months old son, manas. His ex wife cheats on him. Earlier he used to be a funny and flirty and take care of...
you're smile is my strength and peace  (completed)  by khushiprajapati182
you're smile is my strength and khushi Prajapati
she is princess of everyone... her tears is the weakness of her family they can't bear tears in her eyes and single scratch also on her body....... her world revolves ar...
Main Tera Ban Jaunga (Completed) by The_dreamygirltales
Main Tera Ban Jaunga (Completed)by TheDreamyGirl
An unexpected meeting, and apparently started off with a kiss.. and since the start Mahir always had feelings for Bela but what if Mahir marries Bela only for saving her...
Destiny's Play (Completed) by Bepannah_love
Destiny's Play (Completed)by Dharini
Mahir Sehgal, the CEO of Sehgal group of Companies, didn't want to get married at any cost but due to pressure from his parents, he agreed to get married to his dad's be...
A love to remember  by mahiraditi
A love to remember by mahiraditi
Cover credits: @crazy_fari Mahir and Bela are in love since childhood. They loved each other so deeply. All went so nice but the fate has something different in store fo...
Blink of an Eye {ON HOLD} by jaintanika
Blink of an Eye {ON HOLD}by ★
What happens when a celebrity starts loving a fan girl ? Will the society accept this love? Will the fan girl accept his love? For the answers the above questions let'...
When We Meet by mahiraditi
When We Meetby mahiraditi
Cover credits : @crazy_fari Bela, a poor village girl and mahir, the son of the richest business man in India - And they marries due to family pressure. Andy wants mahir...
When We Met!!!  by I_Pearbhian
When We Met!!! by M O M O 💫
It's a Behir Story..... ❤️ In This story Both are Poles Apart in each and Everything . . What Happened When They will fall in love 😍 😍 . . Stay Connected With story Ad...
Ek pyaar aisa bhi (Completed) by Bepannah_love
Ek pyaar aisa bhi (Completed)by Dharini
The story is not completely in English.. it's in Hindi/English. A story about how 2 best friends who finally end up falling in love with each other.....a friendship whic...
Zindagi... ab tum hi ho!! by Kahlilia-k
Zindagi... ab tum hi ho!!by Kahlilia-K
Hearts meant to be together always find a way to each other. The location, circumstances or distance don't matter. Meet our protagonist, Mahir.. After being jilted, he...