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My Another Half by fluffbunn19
My Another Halfby Cathy
Cale Henituse's life began to changes when he was 6 years old. Count Deruth whose loves his mother greatly affected and began to hate Cale's appearance. Little Cale beco...
A Tale Untold by MerryMarian
A Tale Untoldby MerryMarian
A tale of two read heads? whose fate are intertwined. Only one must remain and the truth will be unveiled. Or Cale just doing his best to achieve his goal of having a sl...
A new life for a new problem by skdbhdnz
A new life for a new problemby skdbhdnz
kim Rok Soo becomes Cale henituse and if his illness on earth continues him in his new life -- inspired by Trash of school with permission of the author
¿BABY? -  Cale og by Baguk_098
¿BABY? - Cale ogby Belen Andrea
Cale Henituse couldn't be more upset, he was now being a child again, the worst thing Kim Rok Soo was under looking at him weird, there was a serious problem in all this...
His unknown past ( Rewrite) by Thames_Cale
His unknown past ( Rewrite)by CaleThames
Waking up in a strange room is one thing. But... Waking up in a strange room with your supposed alternate selves and having to react to the person you are searching for...
Hyung and Dongsaeng. by UrLocalAtrocity
Hyung and MenacetoLife
[Complete!] "Aigoo..." "..." "What did you do this time Cale?" A dramatic gasp came out from the redhead's mouth, looking at the teen with...
strelitzia [Genshin Impact x LCF] by pyompuspai
strelitzia [Genshin Impact x LCF]by need coffee
"They say red is the color of fate. Would you like to hear a song?"
His Cruel reality by Raine_henituse
His Cruel realityby Raine
the despair that Arm brought was over. But for Cale Henituse, it was the start of his despair. . . . . . Three different stories of Cale Henituse's despair after the war...
Our Sweet Cale let us Sing together by sachielyomi
Our Sweet Cale let us Sing togetherby Dokja de Alger obelia
It's been a year that White Star is dead and a year after And everyone were celebrating that White Star is dead but little did they know Cale was keeping a Secret that...
Red Ice Prince by CrescentMoon92
Red Ice Princeby Crescent Moon92
[One Shot] Cale being a secret skater.
May Soul Dissonance Bow Before Me by QueenSpiderRider_QSR
May Soul Dissonance Bow Before Meby QueenSpiderRider_QSR
Dissonance. Defined as a lack of harmony among or between people or things. It can be reduced by changing existing beliefs, adding new beliefs, or simply reducing the i...
Let Our Love Flow by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Let Our Love Flowby LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
(Og)Cale and Choi Han after the beat up. met Again. but this time was different. Choi Han Told Cale he was Sorry. Cale didn't forgive him at first. but soon did. friends...
Truth Shall Set You Free by bridukes
Truth Shall Set You Freeby JaydeRayne
The war is over, the White Star (Radish) is dead for good, and the God of Despair has been resealed, but Cale's ever so elusive Slacker Life is still out of reach with t...
{REWORKING!} Saint Of Eternal Rest [Trash Of The Count Family] by lucifyrfallen
{REWORKING!} Saint Of Eternal lucifyr
In his last breath, Cale's unwavering determination to live caused the God of Death to make a deal with him. Cale promised to become the Saint of Eternal rest as he...
Silver Lining by RUNA_HADES
Silver Liningby RUNA_HADES
Secret Organization. White Star. Sealed God. They are all gone now. Peace has come again to the Western and Eastern Continent. All thanks to a single person. Cale Henitu...
Of Roses... And Blood? Wait What-? by Naberius_Amon
Of Roses... And Blood? Wait What-?by Naberius Amon
It's a typical TBOAH meets TCF fanfic. But except there's no reaction involved, TBOAH goes to TCF world instead! Misunderstandings here and there. Oh boy. Buckle up your...
TBOH react to TCF!! by CaleHenituse684
TBOH react to TCF!!by Cale Henituse
hello i dunno what to write here but....this is my first time making a react fanfic and im doing this for my own entertainment so there might be a slow update. i have se...
Blood Flames   by Lan3812
Blood Flames by Lan
What if Cale henituse regress back after he died? 'Fuck! Of all time that stupid God send me when I was already beaten up! ' What would he discover about his roots as a...
Second Treasure Of The Kingdom by snowflakes156
Second Treasure Of The Kingdomby snow flakes
Y/n got dragged in "the trash of the Count's family", a web novel she read to pass time 'How did i get here , why am I in a fictional novel i want to go back...