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Mr & Mrs Holland by tomholland1510
Mr & Mrs Hollandby tomholland1510
Agent 99 (Jo Jolly) is the best MI6 agent in the field. But when she gets assigned a case to take down the Greek mafia, she needs help. Agent 01 (Tom Holland) has been d...
Thorns ⋆ Wong Yukhei by asteriourano
Thorns ⋆ Wong Yukheiby 𝕶𝖗𝖎𝖘
"You don't deserve to look like her" his tall frame towered over mine as his dark eyes stared right into mine. "No matter how much you try, you'll never b...
The Good for Nothing Seventh and Eighth Young Miss by Emmax1234
The Good for Nothing Seventh and Needsleep
Credits belong to the original author and translator This is not my own it original written but with my ideas into it and other character the story will be different f...
The Agent With No Fears ✔ by RA2995
The Agent With No Fears ✔by RA
At the age of six, my family gave me up to an agency called Red Cipher. Red Cipher trains kids when they turn six all the way up to the age of 15. At the age of 15, we a...
Audrey (Completed) by MadamArs
Audrey (Completed)by ACA
Na assign si Steven Smith Austin at nang team niya sa isang misyon. Ito ay ang alamin kung isa nga bang illegal recruitment ang AL Online Company. Ang AL Online Company...
Dream Traveler by BethanyDrier
Dream Travelerby Bethany Drier
Elizabeth is a dream traveler who sees the world through others while she sleeps. She's living her life as normally as possible until one day she sees something she shou...
A Dragon in NYC by SdoricaStoryteller
A Dragon in NYCby SdoricaStoryteller
Charlotte is just an ordinary teenage girl living in the Big Apple who struggles with the pains of school. Blaze is a test subject at Quest Research Laboratories who has...
Emotions by hridiv
Emotionsby Warrior
"He can control the weather with his emotions" Martin's life wasn't easy. His own father used him for an experiment. The government wants to use Martin's power...
Shh! It's A Secret by RJnonymous
Shh! It's A Secretby Ruheena EJ
DESCLAIMER: I changed the story cover, I'm sure its crappy and makes you want to gag, but apparently editing photos is not my thing Jazz is just a normal, aloof teenager...
The legacy of uzumi by kei500
The legacy of uzumiby Kei Athena
Once there was a legend Long a ago when the world has just born every thing is peaceful and everyone lived happily. But then the demon king the one who represents the tr...
BERYL(Slowly editing) by PricelessExactness
BERYL(Slowly editing)by its_melissagreen
"You don't know that! What if..." his lips crashed onto mine. I tensed at the sudden movement. Holding my breath before slowly parting my lips, deepening the...
Spark by my_name_has_one_r
Sparkby Sina
STAR is a superhero organization that fights evil in the shadows, and our beautifully angsty hero, Spark, is one of them. You may have heard of these heroes in their com...
"You're already reserved. So, from now on, don't hit on anyone-did you get me?"
The Secret Island A Stand Alone Novel by Mys_Harley
The Secret Island A Stand Alone Kisses Darcy
A girl named Darcy is a Secretive Person. She has many secrets,Until she met Hax,a serious silent type of a guy. Do you think Darcy is tge leading lady of Hax? Or its be...
I Got Reincarnated as a Immortal!? by Little_Myuu
I Got Reincarnated as a Immortal!?by Mifuyu
Reika,an famous actress,and also a rich CEO of a perfume company?of course that just in public.what about her identities in the dark? World Most Wanted Thief,and The Mo...
Hacked: The Dark Web by Nxthxlix004
Hacked: The Dark Webby Nxthxlix
Book 1 in the Hacked series Betrayal and sadness, that's Jade. "Sure, I go to highschool but that doesn't make me ordinary." How much pain can one take before...
Together: Meliorism  by sae_rz
Together: Meliorism by SaeVashley
Who is Carina Evelyn Fowl? Is that even her birth name? What kind of personality does she have as a little girl? What make her change? How much did she change?
Because I'm human by Batjunior
Because I'm humanby JessicaLee
This was a prompt given to me by the lovely Edariel on my A03 account. AU where Stiles isn't as weak and human as the pack would like to think he is. He was born with ab...
The Scientist by whisperedloves
The Scientistby A. S. G.
Stella's perfect day includes working long shifts as a nurse, drinking copious amounts of coffee and doing her best for her patients by the time she's home. The only tro...
The Folklorists-Beneath the Blackwater by candlemansa
The Folklorists-Beneath the Anderson Dee
We are the Folklorists, we protect you from the monsters that hide under the bed, the Fey that would trick you to eternity in their world so they could live in ours or t...