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Eye-contact by itslight
Eye-contactby Light
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Miss assassin ( exo fanfic) by baby_kpopfangirl
Miss assassin ( exo fanfic)by baby_kpopfangirl
Will you survive Or Die Will you fall in love Or not Here is a girl who is perfect but she hides her identity from danger. She meet 9 nerdy guy that is handsome under...
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(ExoShidae ♥ Fanfic) [Completed] by soshi_OT9
(ExoShidae ♥ Fanfic) [Completed]by Sarah
Of course it's about Exo and Snsd. The comeback of the girls make the 12 boys in shock The girls not even approach each other. Even a glance Have to read it !I'm so sho...
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Le dortoir d'exo |fini by forever_my_secret
Le dortoir d'exo |finiby forever_my_secret
"Je t'aime... -Pas moi." © - forever_my_secret
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History by blackheadedtoad
Historyby Flurryofstars
Zitao Huang had only ever loved one person, so he was thrilled when that person asked him out in high school. Being young and naive, he didn't think twice about losing h...
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Becoming an Idol by janesmiel
Becoming an Idolby Jane
Kim Myung Ok was not expecting to become a Kpop idol, but that's what happens. She joins the ranks of the top artists in the industry, finding and losing friends and lov...
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Boyfriend or Slave?[EDITING] by HanByeolie_byun
Boyfriend or Slave?[EDITING]by Byeolie Byun
"Hana,if you're the queenka of our school,i challenge you to date a nerd for a month" 'what?!are you crazy Yura?! a nerd?!wth!"
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Ready, set, action! [needs rewriting XD] by RamenAn
Ready, set, action! [needs Merel
"Oh my gawdd" I look. I look.. I look to the person standing in front of me. "woahh" I say admiring. "You like it?" Ramen asks with a litt...
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Maybe Miracles Do Exist by SuperSHINee_x
Maybe Miracles Do Existby SuperSHINee_x
My life is a living hell. I have no parents to go to cause they're all dead and I have no family left. I lost my bestest friend because of a drug over dose. And on top o...
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Finding Who I Used To Be...  by XOXO_MissyRae
Finding Who I Used To Be... by 🖤💜MISSY💜🖤
A mixture of Greek Gods/Goddesses and Kpop...(BTS, Got7, Exo) So far. Ive made Kpop idols the Gods/Goddesses. So you don't get confused with the characters here is a gui...
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 I Shouldn't Love You [Baekhyun Ambw] by Tearsfillthesky
I Shouldn't Love You [Baekhyun Bre
"This love can last for as long we let it."
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MISS RETAKE by chocopinku
MISS RETAKEby mamoru
" Dedicated to the person, who didnt know it was unrequited love after all."
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Married To Suho Of EXO by junmyeonssi_
Married To Suho Of EXOby deana
"I love you so much. But I don't said it out loud. It's awkward my pride won't allow it, just today I will be brave to say it. It's a bit funny right? To me I only...
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unfortunate | chanbaek  by oohzelle
unfortunate | chanbaek by ?
Chanyeol planned to make Do Kyungsoo jealous so he hired the designer - Byun Baekhyun to be his fake boyfriend. To pretend. Nothing more, nothing less. As one of the Kor...
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Oppa! by army-kookie
Oppa!by army-kOokieMaknae03
SM High School is a school for elite and rich students but not the best school, beautiful girls will be schooled there all of the students adore them but what happen whe...
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Secrets (exo baekhyun fanfic) by byun_baby
Secrets (exo baekhyun fanfic)by byun_baby
baekhyun sees a girl and he falls in love but with all the people wanting to kill her and find her father can their love flourish?
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[SF] HNY CHANBAEK. by yysbeast06
[SF] HNY ม.
Silence - D.O  by kiraduck
Silence - D.O by duck
En cada una de sus vidas, semejantes vivencias habían dejado marcada cada experiencia en sus rostros. Las sombras que aparecían cada mañana tras doblar las esquinas...
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[FF Freelance] You by mnjfanfiction
[FF Freelance] Youby mnjfanfiction
Author : @Yunietananda (IG, Twitter) Title : YOU Main Cast : Park Chanyeol (EXO), Gina / Jung In Ah (Fiction Cast). Other Cast : Park Yoora (Chanyeol's sister), Suho, DO...
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Sehun's Song. (One-Shot) by Sehunnnie
Sehun's Song. (One-Shot)by Ariel ^_^
Sehun has a secret crush on Tao, will Tao accept Sehun's feelings? Or is it the other way around? And, what has the group been keeping from Sehun? **Completed**
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