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Little Shy Ariel (ft. Harry Styles) by BelWatson
Little Shy Ariel (ft. Harry Styles)by Bel Watson
I was named after the little mermaid, thought to be strong and brave. A name worthy of a princess, my mum used to say. But I didn't trade my voice for the handsome prin...
Overwatch Giantess  by ChrisBanks5
Overwatch Giantess by Time killer
Imagine being the first human being to be shrunken down to a tiny size but talon forces came to stop the operation. They succeeded in their mission but you were stuck i...
Half-Life Vr: Ai Self - Aware But If a Female Had Joined the Science Team by gordonspassport
Half-Life Vr: Ai Self - Aware caniseeyourpassport
Gordon, Benrey, Tommy, Bubby, and Dr. Coomer are an awesome team, but what if a female was part of it?
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All The Bright Places  -  Asleep by ImmediatelyWriting
All The Bright Places - Asleepby ImmediatelyWriting
SPOILER ALLERT!!! -----------------------> After nearly drowning, Finch incurres severe brain damage. While he's asleep- in a coma -, Violet has to stay with him and...
Accidently Shrunken by ChrisBanks5
Accidently Shrunkenby Time killer
Imagine going through your first day of high school and getting picked on throughout the day and a mysterious stranger helps you by shrinking the bully, but you got betw...
Hell by HayleyButler32
Hellby HayleyButler32
When a call is made to Ashley Dover from her older brother in jail, her life takes unexpected turn. Without taking his call serious, she becomes involved in a huge gang...
Aware Princess Series (Extra Material) by BelWatson
Aware Princess Series (Extra Bel Watson
Collection of one shots, deleted scenes and extra material related to the Aware Princess Series. flower: Cherry blossoms, it symbolises "Transience of life, gentl...
Infinite Poetry by passionfruitwrites
Infinite Poetryby ɐɯıʇɐɟ
"Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what...
Surreal by JSSarinoo
Surrealby Eunoiá
-A fully aware teenage character who strives to feed his curiosity and lurks to find the answers to his fictitious written story- (Unfinished) Soon to be under revision...
KnownTale  by Lyric-Split
KnownTale by L
A book about my au ⚠️Warning - Swearing⚠️ •Ps Frisk is 15 (I'll add drawings of the characters at some point)
The End ✧ T.H by writtenawayx
The End ✧ T.Hby writtenawayx
"and without a second glance, she closed her eyes and said the end." start date; april 23, 2018 end date; [trigger warnings]
Ask Aware Sans book 2 by FiveNightsFangirl
Ask Aware Sans book 2by Luna Moona
I had to make a second book. ಥ‿ಥ
Role-Play Shrinking and Giantess Oneshots by ChrisBanks5
Role-Play Shrinking and Giantess Time killer
To Let you know that these are finished roleplay's and if you want to roleplay in the future send me a message.
AWARE (After Allegiant) by IsxbelleGrxce
AWARE (After Allegiant)by IsxbelleGrxce
[COMPLETED] Love. Betrayal. Two months after Tris' death is when the story takes place. Tobias and all of Tris' friends have dealt with her passing and have now learnt t...
Depression Stories,Quotes,&Poems by Superman61802
Depression Stories,Quotes,&Poemsby Superman61802
Nothing much just stories,poems, & quotes. I would also just like to say that I know I am not very good at writing, but I'm thankful for the few of you that will read th...
Havoc by verinesulin
Havocby verinesulin
The condition of this world .. Filled with chaos You can feel it, you are conscious But how do you cope? How did you overcome it? How do you save the earth? Many do no...
Unfortunately my sister killed herself on June 20th. 😪 by THESTORYOFWHYS
Unfortunately my sister killed The Story of Us & WHY We Died
Rip my dear sister, I'm sorry I didn't understand 😔 "Following Button" was Disabled due to the True Graphic violence of our Life. Hopefully it will be tuned...
〔   𝘢𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘦.   〕 by 0fficialPanduh
〔 𝘢𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘦. 〕by -` ⌗ 𝐁𝐋𝐌 」
❛𝓘'm not crazy. I'm telling you, we 're in an anime, and I'm definitely the main character ! ❜ ➤ When a head injury causes him to unlock unknown memories, [Y/n] [L/n] i...