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Stepdaddy c.t.h by cdizzleeswizlee
Stepdaddy c.t.hby cdizzleeswizlee
"W-what do I call you?" "Call me daddy, or stepdaddy" Where a girls stepfather becomes infatuated with the though...
Instagram (Lashton) by ZarrehQueen
Instagram (Lashton)by ZarrehQueen
Just two of our favorite band members secretly Getting in a relationship..... 1. #ashtonirwin
The Boxer |cth| by quakson_5sos44
The Boxer |cth|by GOLDEN.CTH
"You don't want me princess. I know your type" "The thing is, you don't. You're all I've wanted from the start. Why can't you just understand that I care...
Falling fast, breathing slow  by calumshood96x
Falling fast, breathing slow by calumshood96x
A model and a singer.. what could possibly go wrong CTHxSOCIALMEDIA
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valentine | lrh by lukeslonelyheart
valentine | lrhby mack <3
luke hemmings x oc in which they meet at a valentines day party and a certain someone takes a liking to aroura and wants to have her.
Tune em Out  by TeamViper
Tune em Out by That_Mixer
I'm most likely gonna delete this and or change the title but yeah It's mostly going to be in Leigh-Anne's POV I'm bad at describing things but basically Leigh's going t...
The New Kid || Muke by Strawberry_Pimp_Muke
The New Kid || Mukeby ♛𝙢𝙪𝙠𝙚𝙢𝙤𝙤𝙣♛
Michael wasn't exactly what you call a homophobe, mostly because of the fact that his own best friend is gay. But he is still slightly homophobic, but maybe the new kid...
Best Years • Cashton by CALMly-5sos
Best Years • Cashtonby ♡🖤♡
"It's a beautiful night, We're looking for something dumb to do, Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you" (Short Story)
pretty ||a.i & l.h|| by spicylittlenugget
pretty ||a.i & l.h||by fitzloveslashton
Ashton always thought of himself as strong willed and determined, specifically when it came to controlling his emotions. however, all of that went down the drain as soo...
Forbidden Love by _Thing_Two
Forbidden Loveby Benjamin
"YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE!!" I ducked as a rock nearly hit my head, skidding across the slick concrete. "Benjamin-" I yanked her around a corner, a gl...
Labels [lashton/malum] by avancer-
Labels [lashton/malum]by Idk
Everyone has their labels Luke wants to change that. Or; the town whores son, the slut, the virgin, and the fuckboy create a band (there's more fluff and angst than pl...
Alone by BieberBTRGrande
Aloneby Sandra Clifford
4 Australian lads who became a band called 5 seconds of summer have all the success in the world but their bassist, Calum Hood is actually very much troubled and alone b...
5sos book  by duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
5sos book by duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Book full for preferences imagines and visuals
Lashton/Muke Recommendations by Sticky_Soap
Lashton/Muke Recommendationsby Sticky_Soap
I've probably read 100+ 5SOS ships fics and here are a few of my favorites.
Misbehaved 2 by FallOut_xx
Misbehaved 2by FallOut_xx
Emily and Calum had just gotten their relationship back on track until Calum's ex Diana came back. Will Diana ruin their relationship and break them apart or will she br...
5sos memes by michealsbby05
5sos memesby Michael_bby.xox
Some 5sos memes to cure your boredom 😌
The Panic Room by AstroAsh_94
The Panic Roomby FLETCHER
"I am not God, but I could be your God."
What a dream (discontinued) by kaybromat
What a dream (discontinued)by kaybromat
"Hello....what...okok...yeah I'm on my way" he said as well all look at him This is a 5sos fanfic mostly Ashton lol Miranda is Luke's older sister This also w...