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The Life Coach | cth by islawriter__
The Life Coach | cthby ✨🌻ËLLE🌻✨
"Nah babe, I'm just the life coach." In which 5SOS gets a life coach and she's not here to play any games. And so the Adventures of Maria Forest begins. When...
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5SOS smut imagines by Nevaeh1116
5SOS smut imaginesby Nev👿
Exactly what the title says.... all from tumblr
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caramel frappe || cth  by mariamkhalill
caramel frappe || cth by mariam🌼
"why do you hate me so much?" he asked. "i don't hate you, you're just annoying."
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EX | calum hood by -despressos
EX | calum hoodby 𝓁𝒾𝓎𝒶𝒽 ✩
in which a 20 year old singer goes on tour with her ex-boyfriend and his band, when no one even knows why they broke up. - " HEADLINE: HAS THE COUPLE OF THE YEAR CA...
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Broken Fangirl [m.c] by whyhxmmo
Broken Fangirl [m.c]by clifforina
{Sequel to Fangirl, I recommend reading it before you continue} Michael and I were two peas in a pod. Best friends, and dating in my mind. Then, something changed in him...
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l.r.h instagram by egyptiangold
l.r.h instagramby 💓
a collection of posts that show all the drama and love lives of 5sos (fanfic)
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It's Strange Love 🌷 afi by Rilie_
It's Strange Love 🌷 afiby Rilie
"I didn't mean to fall for you." Falling inlove is hard, falling inlove with your best friends sister? A lot harder. ( Highest ranking: #1 under #AshtonIrwin #...
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safe//5SOS by 5sosxruel
safe//5SOSby lol
She'd dealt with it before- everyday in fact. The slurs were thrown around as much as the beer bottles. But no one could know. She told people she was clumsy, that she...
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Don't Call Me Daddy - cth by pizzasgoodforthesoul
Don't Call Me Daddy - cthby lukey
"sit right beside me, don't call me daddy, cause that's just fucking weird." the one where calum finds out his best friend has a daddy kink. {highest rankings}...
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Where to Find You [calum hood soulmate au] by balsamiccth
Where to Find You [calum hood soul...by kait
Society has a system, it's not the easiest, but it has matched every human with another. Each person has an indicator, and indicators come in many different forms. Each...
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masterpiece// 5SOS  by 5sosxruel
masterpiece// 5SOS by lol
Calum had always dreamed of the perfect family. Unfortunately, dreams often don't come true.
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Seeing Blind | LH by Aismovingalong
Seeing Blind | LHby Abi🌻
"You're more blind now then you were before." His lips needed hers like humans need to breathe. Like stars need the sky, and faces need smiles. Like he needed...
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REMEMBER // Calum Hood by hoodmood
REMEMBER // Calum Hoodby hoodmood
The night she can't remember becomes a love she will never forget
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ten years. [lrh] by epihphany
ten years. [lrh]by <3
'No questions. I won't ask you about your past, you won't ask about mine. The only past we talk about is ours. And no asking about my problems. Everyone has problems. Ev...
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Hate Me // Ashton Irwin (Completed) by leannejoyyy
Hate Me // Ashton Irwin (Completed)by leannejoyyy
*this book was edited and includes brand new content* It's one of the most overplayed storylines in the book; a kid gets transferred to a new town, or in my case countr...
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5sos imagines  by Slayystyyles
5sos imagines by Slayystyyles
A book where I make up short stories in which these handsome men are involved. Requests opened!!! Highest ranks #1 5sosimagines #76 5sos #2 update #23 5sosfanfic #48 5se...
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5SOS Preferences by n_icoleee
5SOS Preferencesby n_icoleee
I started writing preferences as a way to be more creative. If you have any requests, let me know, I'm always up for exploring new story ideas. Enjoy! P.S. I know my cov...
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5SOS visuals  by maddihemmings2004
5SOS visuals by maddsfirm
This is a book of visuals for the band 5 Seconds of Summer
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Storm | Ashton Irwin AU by chasing5SOS
Storm | Ashton Irwin AUby chasing5SOS
“You know I’m scared of storms,” he told her. “I know,” she whispered, completely oblivious that for him, she was the scariest storm of them all.
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hope// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
hope// 5SOSby lol
SEQUEL TO SAFE Bella has never felt so safe in her life. The boys were helping her recover, and by adopting her, she felt like she had somewhere she belonged. No one h...
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