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Greek Gods Passion For You by AverageWriterKid
Greek Gods Passion For Youby RustedChandelier
*reader insert* When a twenty year old is just living life before she gets sucked into a different time frame where Greek gods were thought to be the cause of everythin...
Are they hero's? (Ben 10 and Jl/YJ crossover) by Yachi2005
Are they hero's? (Ben 10 and Jl/ Yachi2005
What happens when the Ben 10 team fall through a portal during their fight with Vilgax and end up in another world with the Justice League and the Young Justice. But wha...
Ready Or Not ✔✔ by Elayiah
Ready Or Not ✔✔by Liz 💜
(Wade Watts/Parzival x Reader) Read if your interested. If not then move onto the next book. ----------- DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ready Player One or the character/plot...
A Heart Beyond Broken✔️ by Zakariya1122
A Heart Beyond Broken✔️by Zakariya Hasan
*Completed* Percy is betrayed by everyone he knows, he is sent to tarturas, and survives for 100 years. Then when he escapes. He is made Guardian of the hunt. Will he st...
The Troubled Guardian ON HOLD by RambunctiousCat
The Troubled Guardian ON HOLDby RambunctiousCat
New Description: The Final Battle against Gaea ends differently, and things change. Years after the second Giant War, Percy goes missing, as time passes Annabeth begins...
Pertemis: the new Olympian by Afternoongoose
Pertemis: the new Olympianby Afternoongoose
Percys life was about to change and he has no idea what to do, but luckily there's a resentful maiden goddess who's willing to teach him the ropes even if it does take s...
Percy Jackson and the hunt (2) by lokiwinchester525
Percy Jackson and the hunt (2)by Sabriels daughter
sequel to Percy Jackson and the hunt.
TheFamousFlims One shot by EclipseDragonSushi
TheFamousFlims One shotby EclipseDragonSushi
Give me request about any of the Famousflims characters. *Most of the characters do don't belong to me and none of the artwork belong to me*
Greek gods texting by SkyMasterGaming
Greek gods textingby SkyGirl
The Greek gods started using iphones... oh god...
Young Justice (and others) x reader one shots (REQUESTS CLOSED) by xXharleyquinnloverXx
Young Justice (and others) x xXharleyquinnloverXx
Just one shots of you and the peeps (yes I just said that) of young justice! If you have a request plz comment what character, which season, and stuff like that. Sorry i...
Percy Jackson the Overlord by chewy1010
Percy Jackson the Overlordby chewy1010
Percy Jackson is The Overlord, he was 'born' in a void of darkness, he was there before the Gods, Titans, Giants, Permoridials, Chaos, and Chaos's father, The Void. He w...
Charisk shots by huntress777
Charisk shotsby Eight
this is a collection of charisk one shots. please make many request to keep it going
Percy Jackson assassin of Erebus  by 2001percy
Percy Jackson assassin of Erebus by Percy2001
When Percy is betrayed by camp half blood and the gods something inside of him breaks. Feeling broken Percy runs away. He is eventually found by darkness itself and beco...
Quaran-Teamed by WhelmedDragon
Quaran-Teamedby WhelmedDragon
After the team gets exsposed to a chemical during a mission They have to stay in Quarantine at the mountain together for two weeks. What will they do with two weeks off...
Darkest Free(Young Justice Fanfic) by puddleswrites
Darkest Free(Young Justice Fanfic)by puddles
Mel was 9 when she taken by the Joker and his goons while walking less then 2 blocks home from her friends house in Gotham late at night. She spends the next 3 years bei...
What up with everyone by gamergirl0409
What up with everyoneby Sleepdeprived_writer_09!
Bascally just a book full of young justice one shots and other things about the show that pop into my mind that i think would make a good story
Fractured by cosmic_crash
Fracturedby Gotta love Young Justice
Robin hurts his wrist, but doesn't wanna tell anyone. He keeps pushing himself. Will his injury get in the way of one of the team's missions?
Birdie! One-shots (Open To Requests) by Damians_babybird
Birdie! One-shots (Open To Damians_babybird
Open to request! Just one-shots and short stories about the Batfamily, Young Justice, and anything DC comic! Might contain - Reversed Batfamily - Damian x OC (Angel/Alex...
YJ - Everything is Fine by the_weird_side3
YJ - Everything is Fineby Alex
Hello everybody! You guys really really REALLY like my Young Justice fanfics ESPECIALLY my BirdFlash fics so today, it'll probably be short but sweet, I will make ANOTHE...
the moon princess is a sorcerer? by Allenna-rose-lily
the moon princess is a sorcerer?by Allenna-rose-lily
I don't own any of the characters except for the oc. What if Sailor Moon was just Sailor Moon and not the Moon princess? What if Mamoru and Usagi were just friends and n...