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Fallen Down by JimmySMASH4daWIN
Fallen Downby Jimmy Smash
Luigi falls down into a world where it's "Kill or Be Killed." The chaos heart still beats inside him, and each time he dies and comes back, his grip on life lo...
Super Kiddy Crew Bros X - The Last Hooray by CalicoMaster
Super Kiddy Crew Bros X - The Chill Bowser Jr.
Mario and Luigi. Friends. Brothers. Companions till the end. That might all change today. Mario and Luigi have had enough. Enough of fighting, going on adventures, busin...
Worth of A Return [Antasma X Reader] by SparklingChi
Worth of A Return [Antasma X Sparkling Chi
It's been several years since Antasma was defeated by the hands of Mario and his friends. Now, he's in a darken void of an endless dream, until he discovers a new found...
The Count Of Dimension D (DimentioXMr.L) by SilverStarWarrior
The Count Of Dimension D ( SilverStarWarrior
Dimentio, after many years of working for Merlon at Flipside Tower, is finally to be wed to his true love, Mr.L. Three men conspire against him and on the eve of his wed...
SSS Journal 2 by JamezonBond777
SSS Journal 2by Antasma, The Bat King
The wait for SSS Journal 2's entry is now over! Also, another few more characters join the crew! (All picture credits go to their original owners.)
Wait, High school?! (Mario AU female reader insert) {Hiatus and being rewritten} by Geno_629
Wait, High school?! (Mario AU A wish to come on our Star Ro...
(Y/N) has just moved to the Mushroom kingdom. For what exactly? High school of course! Unlike the other school she went to....this will turn into her most interesting ye...
Mario & Luigi Character Q&A by TismTeam
Mario & Luigi Character Q&Aby Artistic Autistic
Exactly what the title says. I've been wanting to do this, but I've been a bit busy lately. I do not own the Mario & Luigi series or any of the characters in this book...
The Princess is Gone -- A M&L:DT fan-prequel(?) by RustyDoodles
The Princess is Gone -- A M&L:DT Paxton ♪
(cover is a placeholder but i may keep it that way) -------- The princess of the Pi'illo Kingdom was going to have her sixteenth birthday in just two weeks! But she wasn...
The Forgotten show by RoboGem
The Forgotten showby David Rodriguez
A bunch of Forgotten characters brought into one place, I'm open to adding more characters just leave a suggestion. This includes Bendy and the ink machine, Steven unive...
Heart of Dreams by Wishmaker1028
Heart of Dreamsby Amie J. Smyth
Hey, Mario Manfredi here. Looks like Luigi, Violet, and I are going through some trouble again. We had planned to go on vacation with Peach, Toadsworth, and the Toads to...
What about Angels? by SoulReader007
What about Angels?by JenniJam
"I don't know, I just thought you'd make a great angel. Maybe you were sent from heaven so we both wouldn't be alone" I wanted to write a drabble about Mario...
((SLOW UPDATES)) ● Mario Villains ~ Boyfriend Scenarios ● by ____LEXI____
((SLOW UPDATES)) ● Mario ~~Lexi~~
✩ Feel free to request when requests are open! ✩ Reader Is Gender Natural ✩ Silly time ☆Rewriting☆