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Irreplaceable (BendyxReader) by TheRealMissMisery
Irreplaceable (BendyxReader)by Miss Misery
Y/N once worked as a voice actress for an old cartoon, however that was cut insanely short when she was suddenly replaced. Now, 30 years later she returns to the abandon...
I Am Alive 🖊 (Bendy x reader) by LovesitGirl
I Am Alive 🖊 (Bendy x reader)by Love you all! <3
"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" A voice asked, from the darkness. I turned my head so that I was looking over my right shoulder, face contorted with...
Ink! Bendy X Child! Reader by RainbowDash713
Ink! Bendy X Child! Readerby
Three year old Y/n has had enough of her Mother's treatment, and so she leaves to go and stay at the abandoned Joey Drew Studio's. What awaits her?
In a way You've never Seen [Yandere Bendy x Animator!Reader] by S-aHowaito
In a way You've never Seen [ ▵S-a▿
"Every artist must sign his work of art. And you already marked me. So... would you allow me to sign you as mine?" [Yandere!Bendy x Animator/female!Reader] Cov...
✔️Ink Bendy x Reader - Alone Within the Ink #Wattys2019 by MaskedDragon533
✔️Ink Bendy x Reader - Alone MaskedDragon533
Female reader! Completed! Everyone knows about Bendy; how he is a dangerous monster that stalks and attacks Henry. But what if I told you those stories were wrong, that...
BATIM: The End (Some BendyxHenry) by Endereye96
BATIM: The End (Some BendyxHenry)by Endereye96
(BendyxHenry) May be some Smut, haven't decided yet Henry Stein wasn't quite sure what was happening to him. He kept reliving the same things over and over. But this wa...
Bendy And The Ink Machine: Whole Story by Olivia200312
Bendy And The Ink Machine: Whole Olivia200312
Henry Stein is a new animator worker at Joey Drew Studios. He also meets other characters such as Wally Franks, Thomas Connor, Susie Campbell, Allison Pendle, Sammy Lawr...
Bendy X Reader(One-shots)(slow-Updates) by Lloyd0Garmadon
Bendy X Reader(One-shots)( Knucklescake
I'm gonna try to write every week 2 new stories!! have fun reading this! Here are some rules for the requests: -I DON'T do deadlines! -I WON'T write it when it's alread...
Bendy's Wacky Drabbles by DreamNotePrincess
Bendy's Wacky Drabblesby DreamNotePrincess
Just some random drabbles featuring the dancing demon, his friends, and the workers of SillyVision/Joey Drew Studios. Some fanfics focusing on famous Bendy and the ink m...
Broken Down (A Bendy & The Ink Machine Story) by InkyFalls023
Broken Down (A Bendy & The Ink Dipper Pines
Nobody knew about Bendy's existence but Joey Drew, not even Henry had knowledge of the ink demon hidden in the studio. Thirty years later after the Studio was shut down...
Bendy x reader Shortstories  by FranticDragon
Bendy x reader Shortstories by FranticDragons
the title basically explains the story. the one shots will be either based off pictures, requests or just something I came up with. Hope you like it!
Beloved Creator [Bendy x Henry] by PinkFluffyUniMegy
Beloved Creator [Bendy x Henry]by JustMeg
They let him escape... His beloved Creator escaped... But he will get him back, no matter what. (Cover Art is not mine)
Writing on the walls by Loovixan
Writing on the wallsby Loovixan
Henry is sick of the same loops, over and over, nothing ever changes. That is, until of course something does change. And that one thing changing, changed the whole lay...
Blackout [Bendy X Reader]  by Amberzoeheart
Blackout [Bendy X Reader] by Amberzoeheart
Ink. It was everywhere. Through the cracks of the walls, all over the floors. Being in that place was just too much to take in, I almost had a blackout. But I was saved...
Living a Dream • BendyMouse by Moxuu_
Living a Dream • BendyMouseby BendyMouse time bois
NAME AND COVER ARE TEMPORARY AND WILL CHANGE. Bendy's life had long been pretty much ended when he came to Toon Town. After he had finally escaped the loop of the studio...
baby!bendy and baby!boris x parent!reader by creepydolly95
baby!bendy and baby!boris x creepydolly95
you play as a parent who is raising a baby demon and a baby wolf.... oh boy... (Includes the projectionist! Alice angel! The butcher gang! and more!)
Why Do you Love me? (Bendy X Toon Reader) by CrazyGirlNextdoor100
Why Do you Love me? (Bendy X CrazyGirlNextdoor100
You are bullied everyday of your life. Even your family basically hates you. (WARNING) You are suicidal, you have depression and anxiety because of this. What happens wh...
I'll never let you go again Henry~ (Benry) oneshots by arleanie
I'll never let you go again o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ nameless_person \(...
if you read it you'll know about it if ya don't ship them don't cha read it that's a warnin' from Arleanie's lil sis and one last thing you'll never understand this stor...
The Devil's Swing (Bendy and the ink machine fanfic) by Absolicent
The Devil's Swing (Bendy and the Absolicent
Female Y/N reader! Y/N had nothing to do all summer. Until one day her friend Maddie comes across this old abandoned building. Apperently it was once used to create the...
"Collection of time loops" [Bendy × Henry] by MyBody_Hug
"Collection of time loops" [ Юрец Евгена
«Welcome to Henry's personal hell! Today, another small porcelain doll will join the collection of the ink demon.» {Okay, guys, something important: I don't speak Englis...