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"We'll Survive" (Adam Stanheight x Reader) -SAW- by WritingGeekFreak
"We'll Survive" (Adam Stanheight WritingGeekFreak
You're a sweet girl who looked out for everyone but yourself. Amanda Young doesn't want to looked out for, to be found. The question is was putting you into a JIGSAW 'ga...
Issues (Dead By Daylight): The Pig x The Shape by Killiniscool65
Issues (Dead By Daylight): The Jamie Lloyd✂️
A very unlikely relationship blooms amongst the killers of The Entity's realm. Michael Myers and Amanda Young went from enemies who couldn't stand each other to secret l...
A Killers Cousin | Slashers x Reader by HazelTheHorrific
A Killers Cousin | Slashers x The Biggest Simp
"What the hell has gotten into you?" "Stop fucking struggling! I can explain you asshole, just-" "Just let me at her already, Billy! Don't fuck...
~🎞SAW X Reader Preferences🎞~ by QueennnViktoria
~🎞SAW X Reader Preferences🎞~by ♔︎𝑉𝐼𝐾𝑇𝑂𝑅𝐼𝐴♔︎
𖦹~ I wrote this, because SAW is still my favourite movie series. ~𖦹 (18+) you can read it when you want but since the movie is 18+ 🤣 okay you can read it whenever you...
Strangers {Saw} by wonkasmissstarshine
Strangers {Saw}by wonkasmissstarshine
Three strangers wake up in a bathroom only to discover they are pawns in a game carried out by the infamous Jigsaw killer.
SAW Memes by nevaeh_chainships
SAW Memesby 𝕹𝖊𝖛𝖆𝖊𝖍❥︎۞
If you're a SAW Junkie like me, you'll like this book. These are taken from Tumblr. These don't belong to me.
Dead by Daylight One shots  by Worlds-Undead-Queen
Dead by Daylight One shots by Worlds-Undead-Queen
COVER BY In_My_Own_InSaNity multiple killers and survivors. one reader. just like the title says, this is a one shot book for the killers in dead by daylight. each chap...
Not so Sneaky. DBD The Pig x Fem Reader(INCOMPLETE) by Imakedecentstories
Not so Sneaky. DBD The Pig x Fem Imakestories
I love this game and I hope you like this story
Horror movie tickling stories by WaterAndPastelColors
Horror movie tickling storiesby WaterAndPastelColors
Request are open! But I do shipping and some other horror movies are Friday the 13th(Jason), Nightmare on Elm street (Freddy), Scream(Ghostface, mainly Billy loomis.), H...
A love story Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman  by KittyKat_00
A love story Amanda Young and KittyKat
A love story about Mark Hoffman and Amanda Young who are jigsaw apprentices.
John kramer and Amanda young  by KathleenHandy1
John kramer and Amanda young by Lucy amazing 20
This is my story about John and amanda this just came to me and I've been having request to do a story of them both About story John finds. Amanda badly hurt on a rainy...
Saw Preferences by JigSawsLegacy
Saw Preferencesby JigSawsLegacy
This book will contain preferences about Dr Lawrence Gordon Amanda Young Det. Mark Hoffman Special Agent Peter Strahm Adam Stanheight John Kramer I may also put in an o...
SAW FANFICTION❤️ by KathleenHandy1
SAW FANFICTION❤️by Lucy amazing 20
This is my SAW fanfiction book Hope you like it I will be taking requests so if you have any ideas for my fanfiction or would like me to write about a character from the...
A twisted game (Saw fanfiction)  by mrsblue3427
A twisted game (Saw fanfiction) by mrsblue3427
What if John Kramer had a daughter? What if that daughter had fallen in love with Adam before his untimely doom? Could things have turned out different? "I wanna s...
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Flower Petals (Amanda Young X Fem!Reader) ✔️ by piss-leprechauns-gf
Flower Petals (Amanda Young X Flesh Pile ❤
Completed! A fic based on this fan disease I found called Hanahaki Disease and I love it. It's pretty good for the pig too. (sorry if its disappointingly short)
SAW by KathleenHandy1
SAWby Lucy amazing 20
This is my book on SAW I will be doing characters and what I think about them as well as traps maby and also my favourite saw film Also if you want me to put anything i...
SAW PREFERENCES 2 by WritingGeekFreak
SAW PREFERENCES 2by WritingGeekFreak
Hello and Welcome, I wanna play a game. You may know how to play, your test subjects are; Amanda Young, Mark Hoffman, Lawrence Gordon, Adam Stanheight, Daniel Matthews, ...
Mark Hoffman and Peter strahm fanfiction❤️ by KathleenHandy1
Mark Hoffman and Peter strahm Lucy amazing 20
Hayy I know that I have done alot of SAW books what can I say SAW is the best ❤️ so I decided to do a Mark Hoffman and Peter strahm fanfiction book because i think there...
Saw ask or dare  by crackhead103
Saw ask or dare by crackhead103
(Saw - saw 7. No I'm not doing any of the JIGSAW characters) all dead characters will be brought back to life! They'll answer your questions and do your dares (just be c...
Apprentice  by That_Random_Kid12
Apprentice by RANDOM
"Paralysis." The officer declared, throwing a hospital report down. "He wasn't dead, he just couldn't move." Adam sat silently in his seat, taking a...