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The Art Of Dancing With Demons (Blue Exorcist/Amaimon) by WouldYouLarryMe
The Art Of Dancing With Demons ( Livin' like Larry ;)
Since the moment Emi was born, everybody saw her as the girl who was trapped in her own little world. She never talked, never smiled, never seemed to care, she was almos...
My Human. {An Amaimon X Oc Story} by TheBug_1
My Human. {An Amaimon X Oc Story}by That-Crazy-LadyBug
Amaimin isn't cruel. He isn't malicious. He isn't intentionally rude. He's just bored. For Luna, that makes him simple to understand, something she doesn't see very oft...
The Demon King's Mate (Amaimon x reader) by Midnight0Fox
The Demon King's Mate (Amaimon x Mae Black
One day Y/n wakes up one day with her neck in pain, she discovers a bite mark. What will she do when she finds out the mark belongs to a certain green demon king? ••• Y...
Blue Exorcist Boyfriend Scenarios by aesthetic-n-stuff
Blue Exorcist Boyfriend Scenariosby Tbh Idk
COMPLETED STORY Hi there! In this book, there will be boyfriend scenarios for: Rin, Yukio, Bon, Shima, Mephisto, and Amaimon. Please Enjoy! Highest Ranking: #3 in Bon #...
A choice AmaimonxReader by Amaimon13
A choice AmaimonxReaderby Amaimon13
One mistake a whole new life. New school new faces new demons..? What happens when everything you've known is questioned can you kill the demons you once called friends...
Amaimon X Reader by HumanNumber24601
Amaimon X Readerby MonkeyBird
What happens when a great demon king chooses you to be his mate
The Thing's I Already Know by BunnyWars8
The Thing's I Already Knowby Ruggie-chan
"Seems I should reintroduce myself very well then, I'm Rin Okumura, the 9th son of Satan and the future King of Gehenna, pleasure to officially meet you ~." Th...
The Earth Kings Mate (On Hold) by XxBurnout24xX
The Earth Kings Mate (On Hold)by Neko Bellars
Yuri Erin had only just turned six years old on the day her mother died. Her mother was being attacked by an unknown creature when she tells Yuri to flee into the forest...
Amaimon's favorite animal by Yaoi_Potatoes
Amaimon's favorite animalby B~town
Rin x Amaimon Yaoi!! Do not like, then do not read I do not own the cover art
~Amaimon X Rin~ marked    ***discontinued*** by xxDusty
~Amaimon X Rin~ marked *** ☆꧁༒dusty༒꧂☆
Rin wakes up with a strange bite and asks Yukio what it is. Yukio is amused but says nothing. Read to find out what happens to Rin and the mysterious bite
Blue Exorcist, A Angel and Earth King Amaimon by onepiecelawfan
Blue Exorcist, A Angel and Earth onepiecelawfan
A Angel is sent to watch over Satan's Half Demon son. Some how she attracts the attention of a certain Demon king.
♤His King♤ by XxSmileyHaloxX
♤His King♤by XxSmilezxX
Amaimon x Male!Reader ❗Next update : Sept 25th❗
Fairy's Return (Mephisto Fanfic/Romance & Blue Exorcist) by AwesomeStrawberry
Fairy's Return (Mephisto Fanfic/ Author/Prophet
"What was this weird dream I kept on having every night? It was strange, and it definitely tried to tell me something, yet I couldn't understand. This has got to be...
Leave It All Behind by Kitten1134
Leave It All Behindby The End Is Near
{NOW UNDER EDITING} Rin Okumura is fed up. He is fed up with school. He is fed up with Life. He is fed up with everything. He just wishes that he could leave it all...
Blue Exorcist: Seven Minutes in Heaven by EHeichou
Blue Exorcist: Seven Minutes in NO LONGER ACTIVE
Seven minutes in heaven with the Blue Exorcist cast. Open to requests!
Mine by shadowlover2812
Mineby Amaimon Pheles
Amaimon loses his old mate and is in desperate search for his so called "soul mate".....that was three years ago and his father (satan) misses him and wants hi...
Blue Exorcist Various x Reader One-Shots by RedQueenofHearts2
Blue Exorcist Various x Reader goldensunflower
Hi, we hope you enjoy these Blue Exorcist One-Shots! These are the first fanfics we've written but we hope you like them anyways. WE WILL NOT DO LEMONS!!!! Sorry, if tha...
Ao no Exorcist Imagines by Landrynka2577
Ao no Exorcist Imaginesby Landrynka2577
Headcanons, reactions and scenarios taken from my Tumblr blog aonogifreactions. Slow updates. Some of the requests might contain spoilers from the manga. I do not own Ao...
Rin x reader lemons  by keitokujo
Rin x reader lemons by Keito ⭐️
Just some Rin Lemons to feed your Mind ?? Sorry if this book is crappy I'm not a writer but I thought why not give it a try (:
Blue Exorcist Oneshots by sleeping_soullessly
Blue Exorcist Oneshotsby Tired Satan
[Completed] It pretty much says it all in the title, so this is going to be a 'Blue Exorcist Oneshots' book.