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Blue Exorcist Boyfriend Scenarios *In Editing* by zombielover8469
Blue Exorcist Boyfriend zombielover8469
Hello there! So I love Blue Exorcist as well so might as well do another Scenario book. Check out my other anime fanfics. Hope you enjoy these! Slow updates.
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Fearless by Sinful-stories
Fearlessby T̴a̶x̶ ̶F̷r̶a̷u̷d̵!̴
Kiara has never felt fear in her life. Some people claim that she's faking it, but they would be wrong, of course, they wouldn't know the full story- the full reason as...
With Love, From Hell (Completed) by Shishikibobs
With Love, From Hell (Completed)by Madison
What happens when the Princess from Hell is discovered? What happens when the Vatican find her? Will she find love or just plain hell? Find out in the story of With Love...
Blue Exorcist Boyfriend Scenarios by aesthetic-n-stuff
Blue Exorcist Boyfriend Scenariosby Tbh Idk
COMPLETED STORY Hi there! In this book, there will be boyfriend scenarios for: Rin, Yukio, Bon, Shima, Mephisto, and Amaimon. Please Enjoy! Highest Ranking: #3 in Bon #...
Tutoring (Bon x Reader) by Terminal-Velocity
Tutoring (Bon x Reader)by INSERTPSEUDONYMHERE
You've been at True Cross for a while. Despite all of the training and information you've been given, you always seem to do the joint-worst with Rin. Bon hates both you...
Rin x reader lemons  by keitokujo
Rin x reader lemons by Keito ⭐️
Just some Rin Lemons to feed your Mind ?? Sorry if this book is crappy I'm not a writer but I thought why not give it a try (:
The Boy with the Two Toned Hair (Bon X Reader) by dark_kai_art
The Boy with the Two Toned Hair ( 🌺KAI🌺
(F/N) was a shy girl just trying to float her way through school, but that all changed when her great grandfather willed her two rings. These two rings transformed into...
Blue Exorcist Oneshots by SaizaChiMay
Blue Exorcist Oneshotsby loverboy
Here's my try on One shots. Any request just comment and I'll try my best. Vote if you like! 😊😊
Motivos- BxB AU by pokefubuki
Motivos- BxB AUby Poki_Papillon
Bonnie comienza a alojar en su pequeño apartamento con un Alien quien apoda "Bon" que es capaz de destruir la Tierra si se aburre. ¿Hasta donde puede llegar es...
Blue Exorcist: The Sins of Friends (Bon x Rin) by BeyondTheWaves7
Blue Exorcist: The Sins of EvaBarnett
*COMPLETE* Rin Okumura has a secret. Not the secret of him being a demon, but about him being depressed. He hides it well, but how long can he keep this up with his 'fri...
T.A.P - FON (Editando) by duumbbun
T.A.P - FON (Editando)by duumbbun
ℱoxy decía mentiras Bon las creía Y lo que parecía ser temporal, se volvió un ciclo constante.
Sociopathic Tendencies by Demonic__Flame
Sociopathic Tendenciesby Demonic__Flame
Rin Okumura, a diagnosed sociopath since the age of 8. When Rin's adoptive father, Shiro Fujimoto dies due to his biological father Satan, and after the unfortunate deat...
Demon Got My Tongue (blue exorcist X reader)  by nerds_need_love_too
Demon Got My Tongue (blue nerds_need_love_too
You were just a normal girl who lived a normal life. Until the day you ran into a black haired punk. Ever since then, a bunch of odd things happen, like creatures coming...
Demon King's Shattered Heart by XxAthena29xX
Demon King's Shattered Heartby XxAthena29xX
When Rin was little he was always teased but he got used to it but when he get older something happens and he gets set off. This fanfic has Rin and all of the demon king...
Nuevas Razones (AU BxB) by hamathyst
Nuevas Razones (AU BxB)by Silvia Lorena
Un hombre que ya no encuentra sentido en su vida y un niño que tiene que no entiende porque está vivo, siempre con un hueco en interior que no saben cómo llenar, el dese...
Take My Hand (A Jon Bon Jovi Story) by TWDJoviGirl
Take My Hand (A Jon Bon Jovi Story)by Ems
Hey. My name is Sandra Grace Callaghan but most people just call me Sandy. The story I'm about to tell you is how I came to fall in love with the biggest Rockstar in t...
Love (yaoi) by ZoroxLuffy
Love (yaoi)by ZoroxLuffy
Save me from Suffocation by ybba1234
Save me from Suffocationby Ybba The Creation
Rin Okumura has anxiety. It can be that simple, but unfortunately, it isn't. Ever since the fight with Amiamon, and almost getting executed, Rin's anxiety has affected h...
Go Hard by AngelsInTophats
Go Hardby I need sleep
Rin gives up on trying to be a sweet guy who cares about everything and just goes back to himself before Shiro died: basically a guy who didn't care about consequences a...
Blind Eyes (Blue/Ao No Exorcist) by Zero_Senju
Blind Eyes (Blue/Ao No Exorcist)by Kazane Akiyama
Everyone is blind to Rin's pain. How do they not realize that their words are killing him on the inside? But can one boy save him before it's too late? **undergoing a re...