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The Art Of Dancing With Demons (Blue Exorcist/Amaimon) by WouldYouLarryMe
The Art Of Dancing With Demons ( Livin' like Larry ;)
Since the moment Emi was born, everybody saw her as the girl who was trapped in her own little world. She never talked, never smiled, never seemed to care, she was almos...
Rin x reader lemons  by keitokujo
Rin x reader lemons by Keito ⭐️
Just some Rin Lemons to feed your Mind ?? Sorry if this book is crappy I'm not a writer but I thought why not give it a try (:
Demons That Haunt Me by xUnivxrse
Demons That Haunt Meby #weeblyfe
What if one of the conditions to let Rin live was not only that he pass the exorcist exam in six months, but that he would also have to spend two weeks with the Vatican...
Not lonely any more (Amaimon X Rin) by ink_quill_pen
Not lonely any more (Amaimon X Rin)by Ink&Quill stories
Book 1 The exorcists have finally accepted Rin for being the son of Satan. But, Rin still feels lonely. Yukio still ignores him a bit and Bon is crush will never like hi...
Fully Demon by Demonic__Flame
Fully Demonby Demonic__Flame
Rin is a demon that lives in Gehenna, when the exorcists come he finds one odd looking human intrigue him. One day True Cross Academy - a school for the rich, but also t...
Sociopathic Tendencies by Demonic__Flame
Sociopathic Tendenciesby Demonic__Flame
Rin Okumura, a diagnosed sociopath since the age of 8. When Rin's adoptive father, Shiro Fujimoto dies due to his biological father Satan, and after the unfortunate deat...
A mess [Amaimon X Reader] by JessPuddles123
A mess [Amaimon X Reader]by Jessica!
[CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS/NEW PARTS REGULARLY] -Having being forced to attend true cross Academy from enrolment by Mephistopheles your 'exorcist' journey couldn't go more...
Magnanimous (Blue Exorcist ~ Yukio Okumura) by HeyyOli
Magnanimous (Blue Exorcist ~ Oli™
Magnanimous: selfless, forgiving. Akilina has unofficially trained to be an exorcist since she was eight. From Aveyron in France, she must become used to the new surrou...
Rin's Dark Side by Zythriel
Rin's Dark Sideby Zythriel
When all hope is lost would you keep going? Would he still keep going? Why should he? Because that is what fate has decided for him, or what he has decided for himself...
The Purple Flame (A Mephisto Pheles/Blue Exorcist Romance Novel) by jaidawson
The Purple Flame (A Mephisto Julia
Judi Rilegeki, daughter of one of the most dangerous demons of Gehenna, wakes up at True Cross Academy surrounded by the Cram School Students. Gaining friendship and pro...
Bon x reader Lavender by VictoriaEmerald
Bon x reader Lavenderby PearlCore
One day a new student joined the Cram School. The new girl had a white cat-bat as a familiar and wanted to become a great exorcist and her name (F/n) Lavender. The other...
Yukio x Rin by Kitten1134
Yukio x Rinby The End Is Near
(Title will be changed when I think of a better one) Blue Exorcist AU What if... Rin and Yukio aren't blood related brothers Shiro is still alive Yuri didn't die durin...
Unexpected Happenings (Ao No Exorcist Fanfic) by shroudedbyshadows
Unexpected Happenings (Ao No shroudedbyshadows
With his flames yearning for more dominance and wrecking his body, Rin is at a spot. What's worse is when Satan returns for him. Will Rin stay strong, or succumb to the...
Fairy Exorcist by Otakusdreamwolrd
Fairy Exorcistby Otakus Dreamworld
A fairy tail and blue exorcist crossover!
Blue | (Rin X Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Blue | (Rin X Reader)by Weird
(#2 Rin x Reader!) Hi hi Weirdos! If you read the Idiot! | (Rin x Reader) Than you know what dis is! These are actually some parts that I couldn't fit in the story, or...
Silenced by SketchyDraws_
Silencedby Sketchy
Currently in the editing process! Rin wasn't normal and he's known that sense the day he was born. Though he had never expected this, he never expected that he Rin Okuma...
Divine Flames (Male child reader X adoptive mother Shura Kirigakure) by ChrisReiniger
Divine Flames (Male child reader Shadow Nexus
Human. Demon. Light. Dark. Good. Evil. Haven. Hell. Satan is the ultimate evil and his two sons are seen as powerful beings that should be feared, at least that's the ca...
Boda Infernal. (CANCELADA) by pezyapanyapa
Boda Infernal. (CANCELADA)by Nya SandOl
Rin Okumura, el típico chico problema que quería patearle el trasero a Satán, se verá involucrado en una situación muy, pero muy complicada, cuando se entere que deberá...
Dangerous (Rin x Shiemi) by i_am_shyvana
Dangerous (Rin x Shiemi)by Headphones
Rin x Shiemi from Blue Exorcist: Within the campus of a school for exorcists-in-training, a meek girl who has never really been outside her home meets a broken but...
Demonic Possession (Yandere! Rin Okumura x Reader) by KiraTypes
Demonic Possession (Yandere! Rin Kira
Rin thought he was head over heels in love with Shiemi Moriyama, who was as oblivious to Rin's feelings as Rin was to basically anything. Then, a new transfer student j...