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ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs // ᴊᴀʏ ʜᴀʟsᴛᴇᴀᴅ by queenchicago
ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs // ᴊᴀʏ ʜᴀʟsᴛᴇᴀᴅby daniella 🌻
will you come back to me? always. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ jay halstead's life turns upside down when a case reunites him with the one that got aw...
Trials, Tribulations and Triangles.-Chicago PD/Fire by PrincessMisery86
Trials, Tribulations and PrincessMisery
Lexi Shay (Leslie Shay's twin sister), a Detective in the Intelligence Unit, deals with her sister's death, the end of her relationship with Severide and her budding rel...
The Sergeant's Daughter  by NauticalAnchor
The Sergeant's Daughter by NauticalAnchor
Jordan Voight a former Marine comes home for the first time in 7 years. Highest Ranking Awards So Far #3 in #nbc (9/27/2020-9/28/2020) #1 in #nbc (9/29/2020) #2 in #d...
Bad Together (Adam Ruzek) by Angelsvoice1love
Bad Together (Adam Ruzek)by Emily Highland
Abby Olinsky, eldest daughter to Alvin Olinsky and god-daughter to Voight. Abby joins the Intelligent Unit, and uncovers things that shouldn't have known at all. But ho...
One Call Away by BubblyYork
One Call Awayby Jade
Coming to Chicago to see her god-father after receiving some heart-breaking news from her mother. Caitlyn Jones is determined to discover the truth about who she really...
The Truth by iyag0914
The Truthby iyag0914
An Upstead story. They always kept their marriage private, not that they want to keep it, it's just that all that matters is each other, even if only a few people knew...
Chicago PD - Back in Chicago by prettylittlecupkakes
Chicago PD - Back in Chicagoby prettylittlecupkakes
Hiiii! I have never written anything, but I have soooo many ideas I decided to give fan fiction writing a try. So this story is basically me rewriting Chicago PD from th...
Pain & Love by linstead_love
Pain & Loveby Erin Lindsay & Jay Halstead
Taking place after season 2 of the show (Chicago P.D.), Erin Lindsay is struggling after her best friend Nadia was murdered by Yates. Her boyfriend and partner, Jay Hals...
Silent Screams by Lelemaa
Silent Screamsby Lelemaa
Jay Halstead's son is missing. What happened to him and will Jay find him in time? (Jay/Erin/OC)
The Youngest Halstead  by EBONYXxx123
The Youngest Halstead by Ebony Berridge
When Maddison Halsteads mother died 5 years ago she moved away to Indiana leaving her two brothers Will and Jay and father Pat . After five long and emotionally years...
Physical Attraction | Antonio Dawson  by Kaneeeeeeee
Physical Attraction | Antonio Kaneeeeeeee
Antonio Dawson Love Story Please Vote & Comment ❤ ✨Complete✨
jay halstead hurt a-z by addi-kins
jay halstead hurt a-zby addi-kins
not mine copied and pasted from not sure who wrote them but obviously all credit to them. If you wrote one of these stories message me and I'll either cre...
What Could've Been... by linstead_love
What Could've Erin Lindsay & Jay Halstead
It was just another normal day until she received a call that flushed her with regrets... When a tragedy occurred back in Chicago, 790.5 miles away in New York, Erin Li...
Unexpected Love by rae_coutts19
Unexpected Loveby Rae
The thought of starting at a new fire house is scary..let alone in a different city far away from home. Will the distance help this English Fire fighter get over the lo...
One day, Oh definitely  by linsteadfanfict
One day, Oh definitely by Stella_luna
Erin takes the deal to save bunny, so she leaves everything behind including a conflicted jay. 5 years later they cross paths again.....
A hell of a Life by _cariba
A hell of a Lifeby _cariba
Kira Halstead lives a wonderful life with her brothers and their friends. But then everything changes.
Chicago PD GC by kimsvptons
Chicago PD GCby Dani’s Twin ミ☆
don't pay too much attention to the ships but their will be a lot of Lingess and Bupton bc idk im obsessed. ALSO we will be jumping back from season to season with every...
Linstead is back  by Rostalijoma
Linstead is back by Rostalijoma
This is what we all wanted linstead to be. Enjoy it
We Are Family (Chicago PD)  by JustAFaaangirl
We Are Family (Chicago PD) by Fangirl
A member of the Intelligence Unit is missing. Where is he? Can his family find him in time? I own nothing.
All Our Own • Chicago P.D. by buckley-
All Our Own • Chicago 𝐀
"I don't want to be the one to say it's wrong... I know I would rather be together alone in a big top circle and a world we call our own. It's all our own." [ᴄ...