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Chicago's Secret by fortheluvofsharks
Chicago's Secretby fortheluvofsharks
5 years. It has been 5 years since Chicago's Intelligence Unit lost their finest cop. She was smart, talented, and loved. Erin Lindsay didn't have much of a choice when...
Darkness Turned To Light by MadisonCunningham1
Darkness Turned To Lightby Maddie
Erin and Jay dated after she left for the task force. What happens when she gets surprised? Will the darkness be turned to light? I do not own anything all rights go to...
Linstead Returns by JessBevan
Linstead Returnsby Jess Bevan
This story based on 2 years after Erin left to go to New York to take a job to keep Bunny out of jail. I kept Alvin Olinksey alive in the story as well. At first the con...
Chicago PD one shots  by Journalist15
Chicago PD one shots by Journalist15
Just random one shots I wrote based on episodes of Chicago PD. Let me know what y'all think 💙🚔☺
Linstead is back  by Rostalijoma
Linstead is back by Rostalijoma
This is what we all wanted linstead to be. Enjoy it
My Story by lilypad2012
My Storyby Lillypad123
This is Erin's story from her happiness to her heartbreaks and everything in between. There is little on cases unless it is one that has had an impact on her life, I ha...
Blue Blood  by Journalist15
Blue Blood by Journalist15
When a drug cartel from Mexico takes over the drug trade in Chicago one detective will do whatever it takes to take down the cartel. He is put into situations that he do...
Maybe One Day by chicagoonmymindxo
Maybe One Dayby Chase
Intelligence detectives Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay and their undeniable chemistry with one another are reunited after he returns from a one year deployment overseas w...
Pain & Love by linstead_love
Pain & Loveby Erin Lindsay & Jay Halstead
Taking place after season 2 of the show (Chicago P.D.), Erin Lindsay is struggling after her best friend Nadia was murdered by Yates. Her boyfriend and partner, Jay Hals...
Room Mates- A Chicago PD / Linstead Fanfic by lk9912
Room Mates- A Chicago PD / Li
Jay has a 100k bounty on his head, and is crashing with Erin until things are sorted♥️
Love Makes Family  by 2Jesses1city
Love Makes Family by Izzie🏹🚓🚑🚒
Detective Jay Halstead is the newest member of Hank Voight's Intelligence unit. After his best friend and the mother of his 4 year old daughter dies, Jay picks everythin...
Living with my Uncles, named Jay and Will Halstead. (Chicago PD)! by KATISSMITH8
Living with my Uncles, named Jay Kati Smith
AmberLynn, Jay Halstead niece gets some terrible news that her parents have died, so she gets sent to live with her two uncles in Chicago. Follow her journey in the new...
Chicago PD: A New Chapter by StephanieRoever
Chicago PD: A New Chapterby Stephanie Roever
Everything is going great while Detective Erin Lindsay is working undercover, until someone from a past case recognizes her real identity. Read to find out what Erin's f...
Love Him Right by jktwiw
Love Him Rightby Sherri
Linstead Puppy Fluff
Heartbeat  by Journalist15
Heartbeat by Journalist15
Life likes to take unexpected turns when you are a Chicago police detective. Life is not all sunshine and roses it's one hell of a ride.
The surprises life gives you by pldowns913
The surprises life gives youby Payton Downs
Based on 1 year after Erin left Chicago
Little Bean by jktwiw
Little Beanby Sherri
A four part story based on an Anon prompt from tumblr "I hope you're taking linstead prompts: Jay finds out Erin is pregnant before she does :-/ I'd love to see how...
Road Trips linstead by desilo01
Road Trips linsteadby Destiny
Erin and Jay are assigned a case in Louisville. You might think being a cop is hard but imagine having to spend 5 hours in a car with a guy your extremely in love with...
Way Back Into Love by martiifiore
Way Back Into Loveby M
Jay and Erin broke up a few years ago, then she left. Now, she has to come back because someone from her new life asked her to. How will Jay react? Will this affect Erin?