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For You, A Promise by oldladyanarchy
For You, A Promiseby Old Lady Anarchy
Meeting the love of your life when you're in the hospital with a GSW is not conventional. But for Kate and Antonio it's the start of the perfect love story. Chicago PD F...
Grace & the Windy City by poppy_rose
Grace & the Windy Cityby poppy_rose
Adam Ruzek's 16-year-old half sister Grace calls him up after a decade of radio silence, desperately in need of help once she makes a discovery involving their father. *...
Million Reasons by Bullet-ProofLove
Million Reasonsby Bullet Proof Love
Life had given Antonio Dawson a million reasons to walk away from love but Maggie O'Neill gave him a really good one to stay.
What I Need- a Hank Voight Chicago PD fanfiction by Wrotting
What I Need- a Hank Voight Wrotting
Hank Voight doesn't do this. He doesn't follow women out of a run down bar after nothing much more than a nod. But he needed an out, a way to stop thinking about a loss...
Physical Attraction | Antonio Dawson  by Kaneeeeeeee
Physical Attraction | Antonio Kaneeeeeeee
Antonio Dawson Love Story Please Vote & Comment ❤ ✨Complete✨
Silver Gloves (Chicago P.D. Fan Fiction) by Big_turd_blossom
Silver Gloves (Chicago P.D. Fan <3 Kacey <3
"And in this world, she is my world." --Pierre Jeanty
Partners, Always [Book One] by Ruell304
Partners, Always [Book One]by Ruell304
[Book One in the Always Series] Elena had always admired her uncle's work as a police officer and her father's work as a firefighter, Hank, and Hunter Voight were both i...
The Good and the Bad by LizEG96
The Good and the Badby Liz
Olivia "Scout" Keltner has lived in Chicago her whole life and has faced every struggle thrown her way head on. From dealing with her absent parents to getting...
The Secret Halstead by dickymadman
The Secret Halsteadby jade
For Jay Halstead, life was good. After being discharged from the Rangers, he became a cop and managed to get himself a job in Intelligence where he had been working as a...
Drops of Jupiter (Chicago Fire/Otis Fanfic) by fightafire
Drops of Jupiter (Chicago Fire/ Dayna
Guadalupe Martínez-Rodríguez is a new transfer to Firehouse 51. She fits in easily and loves it there. Guadalupe becomes really good friends with Joe Cruz and Otis. Guad...
Take Me Back  by Amy4359
Take Me Back by Amy
Newlywed couple Jay Hasltead and Hailey Upton's life goes out the window, shortly after Hailey gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, Jasmine. After arguing constantly fo...
Fresh Start (Jay Halstead x Original Character) by ld-1204
Fresh Start (Jay Halstead x L :)
Detective Madeleine Turner is the newest addition to Hank Voight's Intelligence Unit, transferring from New York's Special Victims Unit in need of a fresh start... again...
Everything we want by Lelemaa
Everything we wantby Lelemaa
A case with a terrible end that will change the life of intelligence, especially Jay Halstead. He struggles with the consequences and his family threatens to fall apart.
Miss nothing:a Chicago PD fanfiction by luciiddreams
Miss nothing:a Chicago PD 🌹
Alexa has gotten into some trouble over the years and her mother has finally had enough of her rebellious ways. So she sends her to live with her uncle Antonio Dawson in...
Chasing Crime |Chicago PD| [1] by MLTracyFF
Chasing Crime |Chicago PD| [1]by Mackenzie Tracy
As the youngest in the Intelligence Unit, Adelaide Ellis feels the need to gain the trust of the team, even if though she already has it. There's just one thing that is...
Crisis by capsorders
Crisisby amelia
It started at the hospital {Chicago med/PD}
falling for you - jay halstead by sgtmanning
falling for you - jay halsteadby sgtmanning
nicole gouveia was a badass, sassy detective that nobody wanted to mess with. at the age of only 26, she managed to get her way into the Intelligence Department in the 2...
Hey There Delilah (Matthew Casey) by TheTealWriter
Hey There Delilah (Matthew Casey)by 𝙹𝚎𝚜𝚜
'Hey their Delilah what's it like in New York city' Matthew Casey and Delilah Cunningham grew up together, they were best friends and started dating at the age of 13, th...
Chicago PD (#wattys2019) by Patricija1994
Chicago PD (#wattys2019)by fangirling
imagines... short stories... ect... #1 upton #1 pd 😍😍 #3 ruzek #3 haileyupton #2 dawson #3 hailey