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Under Different Circumstances by LadyHope528
Under Different Circumstancesby LadyHope528
Chicago P.D. FanFiction: AU where Hailey Upton isn't a cop and meets Jay Halstead under different circumstances. This story follows the development of their relationship...
Another Life by h_i_234
Another Lifeby h_i_234
Hailey and Jay had been married a month and were settling into that life well. There were still a few bumps they experienced as they grew accustomed to the new change bu...
You Know You Love Me by Chicagox
You Know You Love Meby Chicagox
Hailey uptons teenage daughter likes to break the rules a little but she's smart, maybe even smart enough to have planned out her future career already... -Chicago PD- •...
A New Beginning (Chicago PD) by MargoSpieg
A New Beginning (Chicago PD)by MargoSpieg
Laura is a 13 years old girl whose father is a criminal. What will happen to her when the Intelligence Unit needs her to do an undercover mission to take her own father...
quarantined (upstead) by written_by_maya
quarantined (upstead)by Maya 🥀❤️
"My place?" Jay asks, breaking the silence. We discussed this before, jokingly, Jay and Vanessa and I. We said that if we were to get quarantined, Jay and I w...
Clueless and Discovering  by anasdramaticfic
Clueless and Discovering by ana
What if jay is connected to one of Haileys C.I.s? (Sorry for the description I'm really bad at them but please read and vote thanks!)
The Secrets We Keep by ciarra_06
The Secrets We Keepby Cici
Hailey is a single mom to her son Ryder , that the team does not know about, but when something happens to hailey the team finds out how will she explain this big secret?
The Halstead Siblings by DHfiction
The Halstead Siblingsby Denise
This is a story about Sam Halstead, the younger sister of Will and Jay. She lives with her older brothers in Chicago and lives a happy life. But nothing is true as someo...
A simple life... by Chicagox
A simple Chicagox
With a "simple" life, a small Chicago city girl calls the police when she notices suspicious activity whilst going on her daily stroll, the intelligence unit o...
The Secret Halstead by dickymadman
The Secret Halsteadby jade
For Jay Halstead, life was good. After being discharged from the Rangers, he became a cop and managed to get himself a job in Intelligence where he had been working as a...
Upstead // Story 🤍 by chicago_reads090
Upstead // Story 🤍by Chicago reads
21st District The intelligence unit: Hank Voight Jay Halstead Hailey Upton Kim Burgess Adam Ruzek Kevin Atwater A great Upstead love story 💕 Together we face ja...
Escaping (upstead story) by Stellaride_lover
Escaping (upstead story)by Emma Scott
Haley is in an abusive relationship with her husband Ryan. Who will she tell. Will she leave. Will he go too far. But most of all what will happen when someone comes bac...
We are in this for the long haul... by ChicagoxGreys
We are in this for the long ChicagoxGreys
This story is about Jay and Hailey (Upstead), trying to figure out how to get through life together. (This description might change as I continue writing this story). T...
Three Years and One Lifetime by aly2094
Three Years and One Lifetimeby Aly
It's March 2023, a little over 3 years since Hailey Upton disappeared from Chicago. One fateful evening, Will Halstead makes a shocking discovery, one his brother better...
Distance  by Chicagox
Distance by Chicagox
When jay and hailey are led on a wild goose chase while on call, they bump into a young girl. Will jay be able to let the interaction go, or will he stop at nothing unt...
Upstead  by Stellaridee
Upstead by Bethany
Hailey gives birth
Till The End Of Time - an upstead story by chiicagorosee
Till The End Of Time - an rose - one chicago
Jay & Hailey. Incredible partners. Haileys back from New York, back being partners with Jay. They both have had bad experiences with "in-house" romances. But w...
UPSTEAD ONESHOTS by haileysjayx
UPSTEAD ONESHOTSby Hailey Halstead
Upstead oneshots🦋 Season 8 spoilers I don't own any of there characters, they belong to Dick Wolf's OC franchise
A Dishonest Deception by bxrzek
A Dishonest Deceptionby bxrzek
Events revolving Officer Kim Burgess and Officer Adam Ruzek take place revealing a shocking discovery about former Intelligence member Erin Lindsay. How will it all play...
Undercover (an Upstead fan fiction) by Eszter_salla
Undercover (an Upstead fan fiction)by Eszter_salla
A fan fiction of Hailey and Jays relationship which starts with a undercover mission in Florida. Will everything go smooth? Or will they run into some complications? Di...