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The Bad Boy's Girl... by justycep
The Bad Boy's justycepeters
Hey, My name is Jordan Anderson, im 16 and highschool is not my bestfriend. I have one bestfriend and her name is Melissa, we've been bestfriends for 3 years so far. Oh...
Accidental FaceTime  by _Midnight_Stories
Accidental FaceTime by _Midnight_Stories
What happens when a boy accidentally facetimes a girl?
TBD Preferences And Imagines  by Kevieskev
TBD Preferences And Imagines by Biracial
Preferences For 3 Dubs Who Make Me Smile ❤ -Kevin- Aka Noodle Head -Devin- Aka Chocolate Drop -Daniel- Aka Dairy Farm
The Bet by _Midnight_Stories
The Betby _Midnight_Stories
Bet~ risk something, usually a sum of money or an item against someone else's on the basis of the outcome of a future event, Kalani is a girl who is OBSESSED with her f...
Signs by PrincessDecember1213
Signsby December Jhae
Sign /sīn/ An object , quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else
Gizzy Updates ♡ by GizzyLyfe
Gizzy Updates ♡by Thickums 😝💍
The Boys, New Books and more☆
She Bad ~ Devin Gordon  by QueenJayjayy
She Bad ~ Devin Gordon by QueenJ
what happens when a Bad girl meets Devin Gordon
Stepbrother ~ Kevin Alston  by QueenJayjayy
Stepbrother ~ Kevin Alston by QueenJ
what happens when Anns mom gets engaged and her to be husband brings his son?? read to find out
boys like you ♡ alston by gizzynelle
boys like you ♡ alstonby $hawty
❝'cause boys like you don't like girls like me.❞ © all rights reserved to gizzynelle. highest ranking : #336 in fanfiction
[nerd] ⇒ [kevin alston]  [EDITING/ON HOLD] by gizzylelee
[nerd] ⇒ [kevin alston] [ lee 💞
UNPUBLISHED SOME CHAPTERS TO REWRITE THEM!!! nerd nərd/ a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. or the one where the "nerd...
A Cinderalston Story by luvallday
A Cinderalston Storyby Nya Jay
Just another Keviekev story with a cinderella type twist
princess by luvinqtbd
princessby luvinqtbd
"Does my tour guide have a name?" I asked him sarcastically when we got closer to the classroom. "Daddy." The boy said. "Woah there." I sai...
You're What I Need// Kevin Alston  by salma15800
You're What I Need// Kevin Alston by salma15800
"How could you do this to me? I thought you were different, but I guess thats my fault" A story in which a young girl from London moves to New York and as cli...
Clearly Blind by N3wlife
Clearly Blindby Niah
The Bomb Digz was Nicole's favorite band. She looked up to them so much , and she dreamed to someday go on tour with them. Nicole was a mystery singer online who never r...
The bad boy (Daniel Veda) by daniels_bomb_digz
The bad boy (Daniel Veda)by Daniels_bomb_digz
What happens when bad boy Daniel Veda meets good girl Kylie Rose Wilson? Will he give up his bad boy ways or will he just shut her out...?
All eyes on you (Devin Gordon story) by bebe_gigi23
All eyes on you (Devin Gordon Skylar
Sammy is famous for hilarious snapchats of her and her bff's Alyssa and Gigi . They have over 700 thousand people following them. They go on tours and But what hap...
UFC fake edition by waybig
UFC fake editionby waybig
UFC nothing like WWE UFC dosent Wear tights now you can WWE edtion with a mask!?!' Its fun they scrach so much Your brother cant were them You cant were them ither The...