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Experiment ● Vale x Valir [COMPLETED]  by _ahoeforvaleir68
Experiment ● Vale x Valir [COMPLET...by MC B.S.
And here we are with Vale thinking about Valir as a monster because of their horrible childhood memories where Valir's father was corrupted and Vale's father killed him...
His Mate -Jesse Black by Bekahs246677
His Mate -Jesse Blackby Jessica alexis Payne
Esme just a girl a simple girl that likes to keep to herself. She has the best grades in her class that she is proud of. That all change when one bad boy comes into her...
Gay Legend (Mlbb BxB And GxG Oneshot) by Louizzzzzz_
Gay Legend (Mlbb BxB And GxG Onesh...by Louizz Serafino
The book is full of yaoi and yuri. I don't ship otome. Don't judge me. Mlbb is not mine. Its moontoon
Mobile Legends Stories by Finizx
Mobile Legends Storiesby Call me Fin
This story is about some Mobile legend Characters, that are according to the character's personality and relationships. Miscommunication, false understandings, slow resp...
Not Meant to Be (Vale x Valir) by holdmeinthestars
Not Meant to Be (Vale x Valir)by stolen
Valir is hungry for revenge. But things aren't always so easy. What happens when sparks fly and feelings emerge? When circumstances force Valir and Vale to work together...
1# Mobile Legends Story:The Shadow Of Hanzo by ItzThunderstorm
1# Mobile Legends Story:The Shadow...by Nath
This is my first story.It is based on a famous online game;Mobile Legends:Bang Bang.Dialogs are mostly fictional. However some are from the real game.Don't worry,because...
Secret Training by GreaserKings
Secret Trainingby Johnny Dean
Gord Vendome is an excellent boxer, in his own words. But he does admit he's not so great in a fight. He wasn't sure why, he just wasn't as good in a fistfight as he was...
Tales Of Love by _tyb_06
Tales Of Loveby Mystic
This is a book about the couples of ML(mobile legends) there might be some mistakes but pls understand this is the first book that I have wrote. Note: stories written ar...
Mobile Legends Characters & Skins by asterixtar
Mobile Legends Characters & Skinsby Marzette
I only own the book cover here~ All credits and is owned by: Moonton Who hereby created the MOBA Game, Mobile Legends~!
Mobile Legends: Nana & Harith (Mecha Baby & The Fashion Expert) by Aiyuuno
Mobile Legends: Nana & Harith (Mec...by aiyuu
- ❝ᶦ'ᵐ ᵍᵒᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ˢᵖᵃᶜᵉ❞ ╭────────────── ╰─➤ NANA X HARITH | 娜娜x哈里斯. 💫 ━━━━ FUTURE MECHA SQUAD.FASHION EXPERT ━ ©aiyuu 2020
Burn by ZhenziYeen
Burnby Yeen
Valir lost everything. His family, his people and his kingdom. All thanks to Vale and those bastards from The Valley of Wind. His mission was to take revenge for everyth...
 moblie legends story by SiewQuan
moblie legends storyby 💘ʆiรɑ💘
Is About Ml heros Having Fun By the way Im JısøøLøvər Little sis Is ĐaəWhı Łøvər Peace Out and Have fun Reading this Book
Forty Things We Share - Gord Downie by redtree7868
Forty Things We Share - Gord Downieby redtree7868
Gord Downie was the frontman for The Tragically Hip. He defined a generation with his music and unique characterization of what it is to be Canadian. Very few people tru...
"You'll Regret It!"《D.Veda》 by T_veda14
"You'll Regret It!"《D.Veda》by Tyana Reyes Matamoros
"You'll Regret it!" Is all she heard from her family and even FRIENDS!!! "He's a player" "He'll break your heart!" "Stay away from h...
Diary of a Prep- Gord Vendome  by GreaserKings
Diary of a Prep- Gord Vendome by Johnny Dean
Good day, chaps. My name is Gord Vendome, and I'm going to give you all a small slice of my high-classed life of...well, class. If you enjoy...good for you. (WARNING: Ha...
Memorians of Gord by YagitheRabbit
Memorians of Gordby YagitheRabbit
A fight between classes, a fight between good and evil and a fight within someone. Yagi's life was normal as the sister of the second in command could be, all her life b...
gorda in paradise. by kariswheel
gorda in paradise.by karis
gordalina, or gordie, is a typical 600 pound teen. her life is about to change forever when she meets a bad boy. axel.