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Unknown Love by Whitefox_cx
Unknown Loveby 😗NO_REGRETS😈
Ryder and the Paw Patrol are doing great at keeping their town safe that is until Ryder meets a mysterious boy who is the son of Mayor Humdinger. What will happen if Ryd...
The Blind Second Chance by MaddyisRoll
The Blind Second Chanceby Maddy
#40 in werewolf -/-/- #55 in werewolf 4/18/2018 #71 in werewolf 11/18/2018 Book #1 of the 2&2 novels I didn't see it coming. Well physically I cant see. I wear a mask t...
Paw Patrol and Godzilla 2: Rise of the Titans  by Robertglyn19
Paw Patrol and Godzilla 2: Rise of...by Robert Williams
A sequel to Paw Patrol and Godzilla: Pups meets Godzilla and the 2nd instalment to My Monsterverse. 1 year since the battle between Godzilla and kong, the pups are back...
Q & A With Ryder by PawPatrolOnly
Q & A With Ryderby PAW Patrol Team
In this book, you can ask Ryder all the questions you like! He will answer them all! Ryder: Oh boy. This is going to be some hard work. Haha! I hope you enjoy! Don't for...
Thoughts and Theories: PAW Patrol Edition by PawPatrolFurever
Thoughts and Theories: PAW Patrol...by #SKASE4EVER
Here is where I write some things I that think about PAW Patrol and some theories I and/or other people may have. Some topics discussed are Ryder's parents, Mayor Goodwa...
Paw Patrol Fanfic by kyder445
Paw Patrol Fanficby kyder445
Ryder is Adventure Bay Elementary's biggest social out cast. Katie is the most popular girl at school. When a tornado rips through Adventure Bay, Katie finds out who's r...
A demon Jafolf and a Human (Tweak Jafolf X Jake) (Paw Patrol) by Tweakjafolfwriting
A demon Jafolf and a Human (Tweak...by A demon jafolf
Paw patrol + OC love story... When Tweak the demon Jafolf stopped by adventure bay where her brother, Ryder and his pups live, she was happy to see them all, she stayed...
The Story Of Zachary Ryder  by Ryder__10
The Story Of Zachary Ryder by Ryder__10
Born and Raised In Adventure City, Zachary Ryder always loved the idea of building technology and helping people out of harm's way. He wants to work as a rescuer like h...
A Paw Patrol Fanfiction  by Subapu99
A Paw Patrol Fanfiction by Subapu
Years before the events of the paw patrol, Ryder didn't have the greatest of childhoods kids should have. Now in present day, the things from his past came back to haunt...
Behind The Mask by Dablitfam23
Behind The Maskby Nothing
Family. Something that Chase doesn't know about. Living a life where his parents were physically and mentally abusive. Covering up the past was hard enough, but the wors...
Password Incorrect by Quidam13
Password Incorrectby ~K~
I can't keep the smile off my face as I take my seat on the plane. I slide my bag under the seat and lean back. I close my eyes and let a blissful smile grace my face. H...
It all started with a game by Rachelle470
It all started with a gameby xoxo_moodie_xoxo
"Since you're a player, let's play a game. "Let's cuddle, and kiss, and play fight. We'll tease each other, go on dates, meet each other's friends and families...
Finding Hope by KateAnnee
Finding Hopeby KateAnnee
Ryder Lynch never believed in hope or angels until one person changed his whole perspective. Amelia, Davis was that person, and now she has been taken away from him. He...
A Trip With My Bad Boy by emilishepard
A Trip With My Bad Boyby emilishepard
(Sequel to 'Pranking the bad boy') "Ryder, let's go!" I called over to him. "Will you just wait?" he asked, looking up and smiling like a little boy...
His Beautiful Amore by SarcasticallyWitty
His Beautiful Amoreby Leata
[THIRD BOOK IN THE 'HIS' SERIES] "Why don't you go for a hike in those ridiculous death traps you call heels." I suggest. "Maybe you can fall off a cliff...
Celebrity Status [1] by writerbug44
Celebrity Status [1]by Madeline
Holly Thorne has a normal life in Minnesota. Normal friends and family and grades. Her personality may be a little hyper and bubbly, but all in all, she's normal. Well...
Sissy Boy  by Theviolet_writer
Sissy Boy by Oseke .F. Blessed
It never is easy to watch a loved one slip right into death's clutches. That torturous strain in your chest and sting in your eyes everytime you so much as get a little...
Sold to Ryder James ✓ by Nicoleeejade
Sold to Ryder James ✓by n i c o l e
❝I didn't want to die, I loved life. I just wanted the pain and numbness to go away. ❞ They say people meet by fate, and everyone you meet has a reason for why they're...
The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED) by honeymoon-avenue
The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED)by honeymoon-avenue
Jade Pesado was perfectly happy with her life, but when "bad boy" Ryder Steele moves in next door she doubts his family will be there long. But after an annoyi...
The Badboys' Good Lips by Macbeth-845
The Badboys' Good Lipsby Macbeth-845
"I've been a bad, bad boy, sweetheart." "What, do you run with scissors?" "I don't run with scissors. I play with knives." "Is that wh...