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Cipher My Code by MaryTheGodOfSouls
Cipher My Codeby Mary = D
A Hazbin Hotel Male!Reader Insert! So shortly, you teleported to Hell! why? You're bored!
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RIVAL GANGSTER by RayCaptain_25
RIVAL GANGSTERby Rayhanna Tuqolbi
[GANGSTER LOVE STORY] Gimana jadinya kalau kalian ketemu dan di klaim menjadi kekasih oleh cowok absurd yang notabane nya adalah musuh bebuyutan kakak laki laki lo sendi...
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Doesn't Surprise Me by OneChicago_ff
Doesn't Surprise Meby OneChicago_ff
What happens when Captain Lauren Alister returns to her home after 3 years as the new sergeon of San Antonio Memorial? Will her brother accept the reason for her return...
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Pharaoh (Yu Gi Oh! One Shots) by EmilyFalkenrath
Pharaoh (Yu Gi Oh! One Shots)by Emily Falkenrath
This is a series of one shots either with Yu-Gi-Oh characters with an OC, but you can just imagine yourselves or whatever you may like best! And these are LEMON, I repea...
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All Over Again  by haynesbd
All Over Again by haynesbd
Drew and Rick get to experience the joys of parenthood all over again..
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tea- wait, coffee mates // three by -3ll13
tea- wait, coffee mates // threeby eleanor
Did you know my entire family has had this odd obsession with falling in love over tea? Yeah. How'd you know that? It's literally your tinder description. {book 3 of 3}
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Tortured by NightBax13
Torturedby Rachel
Book 1 in the Tortured Saga A golden lombax with reddish brown stripes snuck through the Nefarious Space Station, hoping to rescue his Markazian friend, but ended up get...
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Once In A Memory [ A Ratchet And Clank Fanfiction ] by YumeYumeyo
Once In A Memory [ A Ratchet And YumeYumeyo
[Ratchet and Clank Fanfiction AU] A malfunction at the Great Clock causes our favorite Lombax, Ratchet, to end up in an alternate reality where everything ended up fine...
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Dragon Age One Shots! by The_DerpyPotato
Dragon Age One Shots!by Gay :pp
This is my first fanfic/book but I think it will turn out pretty good but if you have any advice on making it better I would appreciate it very much 😀 Please leave sugg...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Meme by JupitersMagic
Yu-Gi-Oh! Memeby Kaijo's Orca
Based on the deviantart meme's...Fanfiction style. R&R
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Ever After High Imagines by crowlandpurple123
Ever After High Imaginesby Kida is Queen
I love Monster High and Ever After High and I just think that there aren't enough fanfics out there because I haven't found many. Anyway I've decided to do some myself...
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Snowdrift (Ratchet And Clank fanfic) by NightBax13
Snowdrift (Ratchet And Clank Rachel
So this takes place in the beginning of Ratchet And Clank Future: A Crack In Time when Aphelion goes down. But instead of crashing on Quantos, they crash on a much snowi...
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The Ghost by TheraLance
The Ghostby TheraLance
After defeating the malignant Ring Spirit in a game of Monster World, Yugi and the gang think that the their troubles with it are over. However, as the magic of the Ring...
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Ever After High: The Daughter of the March Hare by TheForgottenSongchan
Ever After High: The Daughter of TheForgottenSongchan
Hazel Hare is the newest student of E.A.H and this all starts Once Upon A Time in Season 1... Ps. In this story Bunny doesn't have a crush on Alister
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How to Become A Fashion Photographer by alistertoma
How to Become A Fashion Alister Toma
There are the tips from the expert and talented professional Alister Toma. If you are one of those who desperately want to become a successful fashion photographer, do n...
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Always With You by NightBax13
Always With Youby Rachel
Due to a certain Lombax messing with a certain Clock, Ratchet has been fatally injured. Ratchet was able to reset the lever mechanisms, but was thrown back by the blast...
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The Invisible Wings (The Invisible Library Fanfic) by Fluffy_Bugger
The Invisible Wings (The 🖤 ⓈℙᎾᎾᏦᎽ 乃ㄩᘜ 🧡
This is a FanFic I'm writing off of the book, The Invisible Library: Alister meets Silver when they were both younger and that's when Alister lost his wings, Silver tri...
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Behind His Violet Eyes by ShannonMichelle_SWS
Behind His Violet Eyesby Shannon Michelle
Febuary Blue has lived almost her entire life as a vampire up until now. Shes had a procedure where her mortal body has been restored. She wants to live so she can die b...
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Letters from Midnight(partial Doctor Who fan-fic) by TheHiltster
Letters from Midnight(partial Xav
Alister is a strange boy with a strange past and an infinitely stranger future. Odd people will suddenly appear out of nowhere and give warnings about odd things. As he...
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