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Doesn't Surprise Me by OneChicago_ff
Doesn't Surprise Meby OneChicago_ff
What happens when Captain Lauren Alister returns to her home after 3 years as the new sergeon of San Antonio Memorial? Will her brother accept the reason for her return...
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Cipher My Code by MaryTheGodOfSouls
Cipher My Codeby MaryLeGay
An Alastor X Male!Reader So shortly, you teleported to Hell! why? You're bored! And so that's how you started your adventure, met new friends, companions, new and old en...
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Dragon Age One Shots! by The_DerpyPotato
Dragon Age One Shots!by Gay :pp
This is my first fanfic/book but I think it will turn out pretty good but if you have any advice on making it better I would appreciate it very much 馃榾 Please leave sugg...
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All Over Again  by haynesbd
All Over Again by haynesbd
Drew and Rick get to experience the joys of parenthood all over again..
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Pharaoh (Yu Gi Oh! One Shots) by EmilyFalkenrath
Pharaoh (Yu Gi Oh! One Shots)by Emily Falkenrath
This is a series of one shots either with Yu-Gi-Oh characters with an OC, but you can just imagine yourselves or whatever you may like best! And these are LEMON, I repea...
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Tortured by NightBax13
Torturedby Elyzah
Book 1 in the Tortured Saga A golden lombax with reddish brown stripes snuck through the Nefarious Space Station, hoping to rescue his Markazian friend, but ended up get...
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Shawn Mendes's assistant by mendes_4444
Shawn Mendes's assistantby mendes_4444
You get to work for Shawn, and quickly became a member of the team, but to Shawn maybe ever a bit more. Shawn is with you trough heartbreaks and headaches. Christmas is...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Meme by JupitersMagic
Yu-Gi-Oh! Memeby Kaijo's Orca
Based on the deviantart meme's...Fanfiction style. R&R
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Once In A Memory [ A Ratchet And Clank Fanfiction ] by YumeYumeyo
Once In A Memory [ A Ratchet And YumeYumeyo
[Ratchet and Clank Fanfiction AU] A malfunction at the Great Clock causes our favorite Lombax, Ratchet, to end up in an alternate reality where everything ended up fine...
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Ever After High Imagines by crowlandpurple123
Ever After High Imaginesby Kida is Queen
I love Monster High and Ever After High and I just think that there aren't enough fanfics out there because I haven't found many. Anyway I've decided to do some myself...
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Ratchet and Clank: Return of a Son by Olivia200312
Ratchet and Clank: Return of a Sonby Olivia200312
We all know that Ratchet's parents were killed when Ratchet was a baby by Taychon. But what if Ratchet's parents have mysteriously survived? Same with Alister. One day R...
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Eternal Affection by xnjia_
Eternal Affectionby anja
If it is meant to be, then let it be.
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He's In Love With A Creepy Girl by CreepyGhostQueen
He's In Love With A Creepy Girlby Allison Wonderland
Alix has always been concerned with Kevin's personal life and relationships, this comes out clearly when Alix spills his thoughts at therapy. His thoughts become more he...
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Mi艂o艣膰, czy Rozs膮dek?|Human!Alister Azimuth x Human!Percival Tachyon by WiecejNizFanki
Mi艂o艣膰, czy Rozs膮dek?|Human! 艢wiry z Polaris
By艂e艣 jedynym, kt贸ry m贸g艂 mnie skrzywdzi膰... I bezb艂臋dnie to wykorzysta艂e艣... ------------------------- Opowie艣膰 ma miejsce w uniwersum gry Ratchet and Clank, jednak nie...
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alistor x female reader by creepypastatanner
alistor x female readerby creepypasta tanner
you try to get away from this demon but there is no hope but you later come to like him in the end.
Distance by Arckie
Distanceby Arckie
A young girl finds herself in a new world, while her body remains in the other. Leaving behind her fiance, family, and friends, she must now learn to survive in a world...
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The Invisible Wings (The Invisible Library Fanfic) by Fluffy_Bugger
The Invisible Wings (The 馃挌 釓搬檲g 鉂わ笍
This is a FanFic I'm writing off of the book, The Invisible Library: Alister meets Silver when they were both younger and that's when Alister lost his wings, Silver tri...
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That's Not My Rabbit by AgmasInferno
That's Not My Rabbitby AgmasInferno
Alister is a very strange boy. He may or may not have an obsession with the supernatural but that's fine. Well, that is till one night when trying to communicate with hi...
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Letters from Midnight(partial Doctor Who fan-fic) by TheHiltster
Letters from Midnight(partial Xav
Alister is a strange boy with a strange past and an infinitely stranger future. Odd people will suddenly appear out of nowhere and give warnings about odd things. As he...
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