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Frenemies to lovers (boyxboy) by Writing4Ever13
Frenemies to lovers (boyxboy)by Chuhan
"He pushed me against the bed and kissed me. "You're so fucking cute", he whispered, lips brushing down my neck." Brian Kim hates Will Miller. He rea...
Curses by blackdragon971
Cursesby Ahren Singhal
Read about the magical adventure of Alyx, Pheonix, and Azul, complete with fantasy and action!
Hikari x tsumugu by Mat4now
Hikari x tsumuguby Yaoifangirl
I don't know if anyone else likes this ship cus I can't find any other of this on wattpad but idc cus I like it and decided for that minute number of you that like this...
LOVE WALI DOSTI by jabfat6
Damnfam a group of 9 young content creators team up and create amazing social media content for multiple social media platforms. Alongside that they create advertisement...
Lost on a Railroad by ImJess_AndaMess
Lost on a Railroadby 🖤~ Jess ~💜
This average, 14 year old girl has been chosen. In her normal life, Kelsie had no problems. She was happy and loved her life. She had good friends, a so far supportive f...
Stronger Together (LokixReader) by tgmacd123
Stronger Together (LokixReader)by tgmacd123
You are Bucky's little sister who has powers from hydra. You now live with the avengers going on missions, until one day Loki is forced to stay with the team until he is...
True beauty #2 by Pepper_minth
True beauty #2by ✧Hiatus✧
This Story is a fan-fiction. A wealthy yet simple girl, Jennie..changes into bitter, cold person as she is trying to overcome the death of her first one-sided love Kai...
I'm Coming Out by HeadWriterInCharge
I'm Coming Outby Thing One 😊
This is my coming out story. Part of the #ConnecttoAccept Challenge
Pink Echos by AlexanderETS
Pink Echosby I.M.
Past the time when space has been conquered by humanity, war breaks out in an interplanetary country of Providence. On the planet and in the city of New Dominion, Luther...
I Don't Know Yet... by Jesss_The_Messsss
I Don't Know 💜~Jess~🖤
Sander Sides gang and monsters AU Prinxiety ship Virgil has never imagined he'd be what he was. And to have to go through everything he's going through while figuring it...
Miles to go  by Sadhana_2006
Miles to go by Sadhana Siva
Hello, Authors Note : This is purely -fictional. This does not represent any living or dead. This is purely my imagination. Note: Take a snack. Sit in a comfy place a...
Hold on to me by Her_craziness
Hold on to meby Chelsea
"My passion for you is intoxicating." Going back home was never on her plans but when the tables are turned for her she is left with no choice but to go back...
One Broken Legacy by Charlie-Duke
One Broken Legacyby Charlie Duke
Alexis has been struggling to find her place in a supernatural world as the powerless daughter of an influential witch lineage. While her girlfriend and family do their...
Maybe girls can like girls by Suus_u2
Maybe girls can like girlsby Suus_u2
This was my entry to the #ConnectToAccept write-a-thon. It's a short story about love between two girls, the uncertainty caused by internalized homophobia. I hope you li...
I love you by Alesbiannextdoor15
I love youby Cat
this was fun to write hope you enjoy (cover is not my picture)
Whispers in the Night by cdstone
Whispers in the Nightby CStone
Short stories and one shots- fantasy, sci-fi, etc
Puppy love by Jyotsna1989
Puppy loveby Jyotsna1989
First love may not be our last one but it is indeed the most memorable one. I contains innocence, fear and excitement of what else the pleasant life has in store. Howeve...
There She Is; a Timmies love story (Shorter Version) by Vanessa__2007
There She Is; a Timmies love Vanessa
Charlie just wants Malia to notice her, but she's too chicken to talk to her. But what happens when Charlie is forced to take Malia's order at cafe? Will Tim Hortons be...
The Vigillent Village by VinodkumarDevulapall
The Vigillent Villageby Vinodkumar Devulapally
I'm from a village, called Aushapur. "You know me", suddenly I felt a jerk in my spine,. While I was looking for the City bus, no:300 and i turned back and i w...