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Roommates  by __CaptainSwan__
Roommates by Jordan
Looking for roommate, must be non-smoker. That was what the ad online and in the newspaper said. Meet Killian Jones. A player who jumps around from woman to woman. but...
The Angel by imakestories
The Angelby imakestories
This is a story about Killian Jones and Emma Swan. A Captain Swan story that starts from Killian's first look at her. This story has some suicidal thoughts and self harm...
In A Crowd  by imakestories
In A Crowd by imakestories
Emma Swan was a girl no one saw. Killian Jones was the guy everyone knew. One day at a dance Emma pulled a Cinderella move and Killian became obsessed. Emma gave Killian...
Mr Jones. by ouatbooks
Mr ouatbooks
Emma meets Henry's art teacher at parents night, and finds herself attracted to a tall handsome man who goes by the name Mr Jones. After going through a lot together who...
The Truest Love by hooker_at_once
The Truest Loveby captaindeckerstar
-AFTER SEASON 4A- After Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff have left for Arendelle, Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, and others are faced with the biggest problem they've ever faced. A...
It happened. | COLIFER FANFIC by presstheemmabutton
It happened. | COLIFER FANFICby Daniela, aka Satan
It all changed after Comic Con. Rated T+ // M in some chapters
Captain swan one-shots by pie5008
Captain swan one-shotsby vectorlover
These one shots are in the process of making. I'll update when I can! Please leave requests in the comments!
YouTube Brought Us Together by alexannam16
YouTube Brought Us Togetherby AlexannaMarie❤️
Emma Swan. Killian Jones. Both very successful Youtubers. She does DIY's and he's a musician. They both are loved by their subscribers and fans, but there's just one li...
Life Never goes as Planned by alexannam16
Life Never goes as Plannedby AlexannaMarie❤️
Other than being an amazing Fashion Designer at Fashion Avenue Institute, Emma Swan is a very closed off woman. Her only focus is her designs and runway shows. By solely...
Blind Date by imakestories
Blind Dateby imakestories
Emma Swan is a beautiful 28yrs old single mother with her 2year old son Henry. She has been caught up in work and motherhood. Killian Jones is a handsome 30yrs old Bache...
Captain Swan One Shots by slee-belle
Captain Swan One Shotsby S.
"Love is worth it." A collection of short stories based on Once Upon a Time characters name Emma Swan and Killian Jones.
I Finally Found You (1) by happy_beginnings
I Finally Found You (1)by Mrs Killian Jones
This book is my first captain swan fan fic on Wattpad so if it's bad, don't judge The story takes place after the season 3 finale of ouat. Hope you like it! Although th...
The Love Potion (Captainswan) by danisnotonfire73
The Love Potion (Captainswan)by Captainswan
Henry slips a love potion into Emma and Hook's drinks. What could possibly happen?
Our Lives Together by _Captain_Hooked_
Our Lives Togetherby _Captain_Hooked_
There is no darkness, Emma never sacrificed herself. Rumple is still the Dark One. Killian and Emma could finally have a future together but with Rumple still around wil...
Something Between Us by imakestories
Something Between Usby imakestories
Killian Jones (29) is now a single father of 3 little boys after his wife dies. Emma Swan (26) is a girl who just need to get away from the life she had. Emma's brother...
Happy Beginning Captain Swan by isaballerina89
Happy Beginning Captain Swanby Isabelle
After Emma Swan finished the final battle with the adult Gideon, Storybrooke changes for the better. Emma and Killian finally have a life that they both can enjoy togeth...
You Brought Me Home - Captain Swan Fanfic by roseoswinpond
You Brought Me Home - Captain ❁ madds ❁
This story takes place right after the season three finale. Something I changed: Emma never brought back Marian, and Outlaw Queen lives on, yay! Also, this is my first C...
Dirty Swan-Dancing by mie779
Dirty Swan-Dancingby Anne-Marie Kofoed
Emma Nolan might end up having "the time of her life" when going on a long summer vacation with her family. What will happen when she is forced to spend more t...
Let Me Show You How To Rule This World by arielsocean
Let Me Show You How To Rule This arielsocean
Regina gets put under a curse and nobody knows how to help her.
Underground by BlueFluffyDragon
Undergroundby Lauren
Emma Swan the most popular girl at school, Regina Mills Emma her best friend and a real heart breaker. Belle French a real book worm and a nerd, Killian Jones the dark o...