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Steroline Stories

244 Stories

The vampire diaries: Reawakening  by TJazzy_xoxox
The vampire diaries: Reawakening by TJazzy_xoxox
First I do not own TVD or any of the characters they belong to the cw Summary This is based 12 years after Stefan's sacrifice. Caroline visits Stefan every month and o...
Best friends? Steroline  by camila_grende
Best friends? Steroline by 💛✨🦋
Caroline and stefan are best friends. But overtime will it change? { I wrote this when I was like ten, so if it's horrible I'm sorry }
Fireproof - Steroline. by MilenaMathilda
Fireproof - Steroline.by Milena Kristensen
Caught up in the love of Steroline. Caroline is madly in love with stefan, she has no idea how to tell him and she's not even sure she wants to. Stefan knows that there...
Never The One (A Steroline and Delena fanfic) by shiviniation
Never The One (A Steroline and Del...by Eternal Sunshine
Caroline Forbes is an extraordinary, beautiful and strong woman. She is a generous friend and a bright light in the sea of dark. She has come a long way since the time s...
The Gilbert's Little Sister  by AngieRodriguez276
The Gilbert's Little Sister by TVD Fan1
This story takes place in season 1 of the vampire diaries.What happens when Elena and Jeremy actually have a little sister in the show. They have a 8 year old sister nam...
The Vision's Theft by Therightstory
The Vision's Theftby Therightstory
Damon and Bonnie are now on the other side together. What they expected was darkness but thanks to grams what they got was peace. But if there's a heaven does that mean...
Hundred To One (Steroline Fanfiction) by Renciah98
Hundred To One (Steroline Fanficti...by Writer
Vampires are infertile right? Well what if Caroline found out she was pregnant with Stefan Salvatore.
The Queen of The Quarter by biSHR3Kxual
The Queen of The Quarterby Kalli Hunter
"Hit me with your best shot, fire away." He smirked at me with his pearly whites. I smirked. "Well you're the real tough cookie with the long history of...
"I know you're twisted, but baby I'm twisted, too." [THE VAMPIRE DIARIES SEASON 4&6] STARTED: DECEMBER 03, 2016 FINISHED: MAY 02, 2018
The Vampire Diaries - Damon and Elena fanfiction. by r-evendim
The Vampire Diaries - Damon and El...by R a c h e l
Damon and Elena were together for the whole week by now, they had a wonderful time together. Stefan was most of the time with Caroline doing 'god-knows-what', Bonnie we...
Immortal: The Cecelia Forbes Diaries by UnholyPetrova
Immortal: The Cecelia Forbes Diari...by B🕊
Cecelia Forbes was the eldest daughter of Sheriff Forbes, in 1863. A year before Katherine came and turned the brothers. Cecelia was betrothed to Damon, before he was se...
Reasons To Ship by AlysiaOlivas
Reasons To Shipby Alysia Olivas
Reasons why you should ship a couple #1 Bemmett #1 Brulian
The Beginning Of Our Forever [1] ~TVD FanFic~ (COMPLETED) by JessSalvatoreOdinson
The Beginning Of Our Forever [1] ~...by *Jess Salvatore*
Everything has changed. 72 years ago, Elena's life was linked to Bonnie's by Kai Parker. All of her family and friends have patiently waited for the day to come that she...
Teddybears and Pacifiers by Violet_Witch97
Teddybears and Pacifiersby Isabella Bevilacqua
Elena and Damon have been together for a while and Elena loves him. She knows he loves her, but how will he react when Elena finds out she's pregnant? (In my story, vamp...
TVD OneShots by ThatDudeThing
TVD OneShotsby Isaac 😈
A collection of The Vampire Diaries OneShots for you to enjoy! Multiple genres, I take requests also!
Friends With Benefits With Damon Salvatore  by immalogangster
Friends With Benefits With Damon S...by immalogangster
"Meh I don't know I've kind of just-" "Yeah you got bored of me yet you use me for sex. I don't think a guy has said that, ever." "I'm not usi...
Stelena-Endgame  by HumanityStelena
Stelena-Endgame by Humanity on
While Elena is in her coma, the rest of the gang try to figure out how to wake her up a different way Stefan on the other hand is reconsidering on marring Caroline becau...
We Are A Family by SamanthaPatch
We Are A Familyby Samantha Patchett
I decided to come back to my old town and start a permanent life with my brothers again. Oh yeah, I'm Sophia Salvatore. In 1864, my idiot brother, Damon, apparently put...
Affliction by DavinaClaire123
Afflictionby Jocelyn Madison
Davina is Enzo's long lost sister, they got separated a birth after there parents died. Davian spent her life not knowing what love is until Kol Mikealson walked in to i...
Bamon Rises by idkwhy0303
Bamon Risesby idkwhy0303
An unknown source has sent Bonnie into the past... specifically 1863 the year before Damon and Stefan are turned into vampires she has to figure out not only why she's t...