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Just Let Me Love You / PJM by nahthumin_97
Just Let Me Love You / PJMby 내쉬
Fate has played its part. The promises were long forgotten. But, they crossed paths unknowingly, a new chapter written on their fate. Not even one night passes by when t...
🖤🖤❣ Amnesia Problem (79 Story) ❣🤍🤍 by BeeAFanOfBFB
🖤🖤❣ Amnesia Problem (79 Story) ❣...by Battle for Bee Swarm Simulator
Nine discovered that Seven has amnesia and they couldn't remember anything at all. So, Nine tries their best to help Seven get their memory back because if Seven doesn't...
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The Witch And Her Lover. .(jjk Ff) by elsieallen13
The Witch And Her Lover. .(jjk Ff)by Elsieallen13
"FIRST BOOK" Story about a savage and cute girl with physic powers who knows many language except Korean and happens to have Korean parents, she returns Korea...
Go Go Squid! Hang Shangyan's sister. by XiomaraRivera627
Go Go Squid! Hang Shangyan's siste...by Xiomara Rivera
This story follows the little sister of Han Shangyan, Han Xiu. Also the cousin of Wu Bai. She is on the K&K team as well. She has had a crush on Grunt since she joined t...
Relatively Unsure [Jungkook Hurtfic] by SSears90
Relatively Unsure [Jungkook Hurtfi...by SSears90💜
[Requested/Oneshot] Namjoon lets a relative he doesnt know too well stay at the house. Unfortunately this long lost family member immediately takes a disliking to Jungko...
AUDACITY → KMG by brosvt
Audacity stands for two things: one, the group that Kim Mingyu promotes under; and two, the amount of disrespect he showed his ex-girlfriend, Na Sora. He didn't think th...
Dancing With a Stranger - Connor McDavid by hockeybabestars
Dancing With a Stranger - Connor M...by Katy
Grayson and Connor have been best friends since freshmen year of high school. But that's all they had ever been. Best friends.
CEO JEON | Liskook | ON HOLD by Lisver_97
" Mr Jeon, please don't fire me, I need this job " " You want this job, and I want you, be mine or be jobless " CEO JEON Cover by @Lisver_97
The Ghost of You [JUNGKOOK×READER] by ZjKimofficial
The Ghost of You [JUNGKOOK×READER]by ZjKimOfficial
"Walking through the dark alley, sadness struck you that made you cry out loud as no one were with you,alone,being alone, forever alone,you were alone, kneeling as...
instagram | mingyu by hoshilogy
instagram | mingyuby sya
in which an idol reunites with you, his one and only enemy. "it sucks that we get along so well," [ includes 97 liner groupchat ]
「 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙼𝙸𝙻𝙻𝙴𝙽𝙸𝚄𝙼 • 𝙸𝙽𝚃𝙴𝚁𝙰𝙲𝚃𝙸𝚅𝙴 𝙰𝚄  」 by hickeyjeon-
「 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙼𝙸𝙻𝙻𝙴𝙽𝙸𝚄𝙼 • 𝙸𝙽...by lil meow meow
D O R M I T O R Y by jonginathis
D O R M I T O R Yby Azi
[97-line fanfic.] Twenty-four university students, all born in the year 1997, living in one same dorm, one same floor. After the disappearance of one of the dormmates...
Eyes Up, Rise Up, Wise, Up by janeharvey2000
Eyes Up, Rise Up, Wise, Upby Jane Harvey
When Wyatt is told he can't have something, that makes him want it even more. Especially when it comes to girls. Wyatt, Charlotte and Amalie were best friends until a lo...
Vampires love jungkook ff by Devil_foxie_junnie
Vampires love jungkook ffby Devil_foxie_junnie
I hope u will have fun with is fan fiction
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An Undertale story by BrodyJarboe
An Undertale storyby Brody Jarboe
You played out side with F\N but for some reason particles are apering around you then you get teleported to your favorite game UNDERTALE. A/N sorry if the pic dozen't s...
Truyện les. Yêu em cô giáo à by PTTDTTN
Truyện les. Yêu em cô giáo àby PTTDTTN
Không chỉ có những trai gái yêu nhau mà đôi khi tình yêu lại đến bất chợt oan gia ngõ hẹp .... Mong mọi người ủng hộ ....
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journal  by puddinpo44
journal by puddinpo44
going to do another journal except it's going to be more vauge. no drama and just thoughts I will be posting this time