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Rings - Movie!Sonic x Reader by Wolfy_29
Rings - Movie!Sonic x Readerby hehe
⚠️: WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE SONIC MOVIE! Cast out from your home world ten years ago to watch over your beloved best friend, things get a little messy. Crazy doct...
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29 Ways to Propose to Sirius Black by QueenGrace11
29 Ways to Propose to Sirius Blackby QueenGrace11
A series of one shots about how Remus tries to propose to Sirius.
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Fifty Shades Of Michael by Liberianbad
Fifty Shades Of Michaelby Liberianbad
Chantel moves to New York City, gets a new job at Jackson Production! What will happen to Chantel when she meets the boss and gets into a sexual relationship?? Read to f...
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X-BLOOD ACADEMY by QueenIllyasviell
X-BLOOD ACADEMYby QueenIllyasviell
Meet Skylar Xyrill Ramirez
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enchanting | WN by MacMellie
enchanting | WNby MacMellie
all i can say is it was enchanting to meet you, william nylander
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US13-The 13 People Who Changed My Life  by Gonlyone
US13-The 13 People Who Changed My...by Guan-Yin
You were the daughter of the CEO of the SIAN CORPORATION. Who knew life would be this crazy. There were bad times that you couldn't handle but 13 people were there for y...
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Until Last My Love by fubuki_29
Until Last My Loveby fubuki_29
A tragic story yet romantic.
Love is Umami by mo68qig
Love is Umamiby Binti Rahmat
short monologue
Afterhour Entertainment - Five Nights At Freddy's by Wolfy_29
Afterhour Entertainment - Five Nig...by hehe
This story is either completed or on hold until I can return to my FNaF phase. Bond with the characters and learn some facts and love that occurs over time. Eventually...
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By the Way  (B.U) by BrendonFuckenUrie
By the Way (B.U)by Brennyboi87
Anastasia Rose Weekes the younger sister of the famous Dallon James Weekes. She gets to go on tour with her brother. She and the lead singer hit it off. She had just gra...
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The Secret Academy by lycalyx
The Secret Academyby lycalyx
Isang babae na hindi minsan ma sumagi sa isip nya na maging isang prinsesa. Isang babae na hindi rin minsan inakala na isa syang makapangyarihan. At simula nung pumasok...
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the story: The Legend of the Night by Dark-Girl-Ghost
the story: The Legend of the Nightby The_unknown_woman
The woman was standing in the mountain and staring at the moon. She used her own power to make it darker. ".................." The woman always stared at the m...
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🍂✨~°Mi Maldito Pecado°~✨🍂 by Chitoge_2013
🍂✨~°Mi Maldito Pecado°~✨🍂by Naoko Makaku
Mentiras , engaños , desamor , peleas , fraudes , lágrimas , dolor La vida suele ser muy cruel no siempre te da todo lo que quieras , un solo error y hara que tu vida s...
Time Hopper by alenmeralizer
Time Hopperby alenmer alizer
.The travellers who are exploring time to know that th earth has a desease that the core cant handle it so it explode. They travell to know how the earth got the desease...
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Las Puertas Del Infierno by CarJim-Kawaii
Las Puertas Del Infiernoby Carlos Raul Jimenez Vargas
Dice el Narrador :Vale pues esto es una historia ficticia Creda por el usuario CarJim-Kawaii, bueno pues es de terror sobre Dos personas que encuentr..... Dice CarJim...
@faerylester by vqlvet
@faerylesterby biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch
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Dark Mask by missy_sissy1
Dark Maskby Missy_sissy1
all about the dark mask
Hold On by Norisa2929
Hold Onby Kitty Nor
Paano kung lahat ng akala mo ay Mali pala...
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