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Doctor who imagines  by dancemagicdancex
Doctor who imagines by dancemagicdancex
10,11,12 and 13th Doctor included and also 9 because don't skip nine people!! Duh!
The Younger Mate by flowerbug
The Younger Mateby Ali James
Daniel Reed was eighteen when he found out that his mate was seven year-old, Paisley Conner. Forced to make a choice between putting his life completely on hold to be wi...
•~Stranger Things x Reader•~ (Love Triangle)  COMPLETED by vgonzalez2299
•~Stranger Things x Reader•~ (Love...by vgonzalez2299
A girl named y/n escaped the Hawkins Lab and met a group of mysterious boys in the woods, The boys took her in as the new member of their group, And treat her as a frien...
Doctor who imagines by Angel_DW
Doctor who imaginesby Angelica
How can I explain this? Book of gif imagines from Doctor who. Some of these imagines are from my friend. I don't own any of characters in this book. All of them are from...
My Hero Academia: Rise of Ben 10, Book 1. by Misaka_Omnitrix
My Hero Academia: Rise of Ben 10...by Mikoto Misaka
In the world of My Hero Academia, where humans all started developing abilities beyond the norm of humanity, having powers is everything, and the dream job of every pers...
Dibs (Oikawa Tooru X Reader) by b33n_there_d0ne_that
Dibs (Oikawa Tooru X Reader)by Rice Wife
Is it too childish to call dibs on someone? Yeah? But sometimes.... Sometimes it really works... (Oikawa Tooru x reader)
The Fate of Persephone (10/OC) by Dark-Lady-of-Time
The Fate of Persephone (10/OC)by Dark-Lady-of-Time
The Doctor gave up long ago of ever finding his 'Amarthin,' his bonded. But when he visited the house of Jackie Tyler one day, soon after his regeneration, his senses w...
Big Book of PrettyMuch Preferences by uhleeshahh
Big Book of PrettyMuch Preferencesby rashford bby
all the fantasies (preferences) of these beautiful boiiis prettymuch! - prettymuch imagines, preferences, most to least likey - lowercase intended - do not steal any id...
10 Days Free •YeonBin• by JINjunnoH
10 Days Free •YeonBin•by 🍂renjun spoon🍂
All students will have a 10 days free from stress Started: |030620| Ended: |032920| [COMPLETED]
Anthony Trujillo Imagines by idgafbbg
Anthony Trujillo Imaginesby idgafbbg
Get litty. Well written Anthony imagines here.
A text from a stranger [SEVENTEEN HOSHI] by starra166
A text from a stranger [SEVENTEEN...by rara
A story about when a boy texts his own soulmate Highest ranking : #1 in kwonhoshi #1 in naegahosh
Team 10; Instagram (completed) by cultcolby
Team 10; Instagram (completed)by .・゜゜・W・゜゜・.
@team10official followed you! #7 in Jake Paul
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Aliens, Metal Bats and Adventure  by DeadMC55
Aliens, Metal Bats and Adventure by Handsome Dead
This is the original Ben 10 from 2005, making this brings back so many memories. Anyway, Wade is on a camping trip with his sister, his cousin and Grandpa. Then it sudde...
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The King's Court by countryreb020
The King's Courtby Country Writer
The whole kingdom knows the king has to find a bride. They know he's already got a harem built up. It's not women though. It's his loves. No one truly knows what to call...
10:10 | Hoshi by ahndniel
10:10 | Hoshiby Change Up
"Who the hell are you?!" "I'm Hoshi, you?" In which Hoshi is a genie that appears everyday at 10:10. Started: July 25, 2016 Updates from : October...
Dibs Vol 1 (Oikawa Tooru x Reader) [Rewritten version] by b33n_there_d0ne_that
Dibs Vol 1 (Oikawa Tooru x Reader)...by Rice Wife
This is the rewritten version of Dibs (Oikawa Tooru x Reader)!!! Description: Is it childish to call dibs on someone? Yeah? But sometimes... Sometimes it really works...
Ultimatrix Deku by Peacestalkers
Ultimatrix Dekuby Karma the Nightwing
Deku was once the most pathetic being in the world. Then he found the ultimatrix and he became the world's greatest hero.
Famous Ten by divergence4321
Famous Tenby divergence4321
Four is an international pop star and Tris is an average senior at school. Four trys to run away from the paparazzi. Tris discovers something amazing about Four and than...
22:22 | Hoshi  by ahndniel
22:22 | Hoshi by Change Up
Book 2 of 10:10 (Y/N) becomes friend with the human Hoshi. Will he ever like her again? This still includes the genie world! Started : August 13, 2016 Finished : Octobe...