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  • A Little More than Just Friends
    1.3M 43.5K 20

    [BoyxBoy - Completed] Jake and Lee are two very close best friends who spend most of their time around each other. Sometimes they like to mess around, have a little fun. But at the end of the day, they're both two straight teenage boys, right? Wrong. After the smallest kiss of kisses happens between them, Jake and L...

  • The Switch~ MxM
    604K 21.2K 17

    Andrew found himself on the other side of his bedroom door while his wife was moaning for more, and to give it to her hard and fast, his wife cheating wasn't the only problem, the second one was that it was with his bestfriend of years, they had just send his son and his bestfriend's son to NYU, so Andrew decides a ne...

  • The Chaotic Interim (boyxboy)
    235K 12.5K 36

    When an unforeseen tragedy they never could have imagined hits three friends like a whirlwind tornado, Josiah, Carson, and Ayden have their lives completely torn apart. While attempting to figure out how to get back on track and relearning how to function normally, these young adults realize that some things can never...

  • Remedy [MxM]
    429K 19.4K 22

    Arden McHale used to be part of the best relationship in history, in his own opinion. Until his now-ex-girlfriend decided to cheat on him. Then, well, things went a little downhill. What do you do when your girlfriend since senior year breaks up with you? You go get drunk. Hammered. Smashed. Wasted. And you wake up ne...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vigilante | ✔
    2.4M 125K 37

    Eli didn't think much about the city's newest so-called hero, but he supposed Vigilante wasn't all that bad. Granted, he was kind of a jerk and if he ever tried to kiss Eli again he was definitely getting punched. A story about a starving college student, making a living serving coffee and the local vigilante with a c...

  • Want You Back (BoyxBoy/werewolf || #lgbt)
    710K 22K 14

    Marcellus Whitaker was like every other teenage boy. Well mostly. One he was a genius with the highest IQ ever recorded. Two He was a werewolf. Three he was a gay werewolf. Four he was a nerdy gay werewolf. Then came his mate. Zachariah Wolfe. Alpha of the strongest, craziest pack in the world. Both were equally...

    Completed   Mature
  • That's It For Tonight. (BoyxBoy) Complete.
    378K 10.8K 13

    (Sequel to Dangerous Love. You don't need to read Dangerous Love to understand this one.) Just like his dad's predicted Jacob is now the hot senior guy at school who get's whatever he wants. But he has to share that with another hot guy at school, Rylan Romano. These two hate each other and they do everything to be b...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fear of Falling Apart (BoyXBoy) UNDER CONSTRUCTION
    1.2M 16.9K 5

    So, there's this girl. She's perfect. And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, that's what every lovesick sap says about the girl that they pine after but I'm serious. She's literally perfect. She's smart, she's athletic, and she's got this- this amazing laugh that just makes you want to laugh with her. She's tall like a model...

  • Fates | Book 2 ✔️
    49.7K 3K 37

    After having spent three years apart, the love that was shared between Lance and Seth is close to non-existent. Lance had changed, whether for the better or worse, and Seth, as far as anyone knows, is gone from our world. However, nothing is ever what it seems. Nothing is never that simple. What is meant to be will al...

  • Mafia Lovers~ Forbidden Lovers (BoyxBoy)
    910K 30.4K 21

    Book ONE- The Mussolini Boys series The Mussolini's are a family no one messes with. The most powerful gang in the city of Chicago ever since Al Capone and that's exactly the way Vincent sees it. The next generation of Mussolini's rule the school instead of the city like their fathers and everyone fears them up until...

    Completed   Mature
  • Now See Here! (m/m)
    356K 15.6K 10

    Mark catches the eye of one of the company’s most powerful men, but he can’t see it himself. Literally. This is my first story on this site, an office romance story… with a bit of a twist… (male/male)

    Completed   Mature
  • You Hold My Heart in Your Paw [BoyxBoy]
    1.1M 35.1K 23

    Xavier found out his mate was his best friend, Alex, when he was sixteen years old. He told Alex, but Alex couldn't believe it so he 'rejected' him. See, Alex wasn't sixteen yet so he couldn't feel the same thing Xavier could so he walked away. Xavier's dad then told him that another pack wanted to join their packs to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fate of Existence | Book 1 ✔️
    208K 10.8K 40

    Lance Hallen is nothing short of unsociable. He is rude, ill-tempered, and can become quite violent when he feels it is necessary. Much like everyone else, he questions his existence in life just at a much deeper level. He feels as though there is no place for him, no true place he belongs to. In his own pack he is tr...

  • The Rookie (manxmen)**Hothouse Book 1**
    6M 160K 33

    Young, fit, and fresh from the Fire Rescue Academy, Rookie Firefighter,Thaddeus Martin landed the newly opened position to the infamous Ladder 29 station. Ecstatic to be getting the chance to put his training into real life action, he was more than eager to jump into the deep end with both feet, the heroism of the job...

    Completed   Mature
  • Second Hand [manxboy]
    1.6M 74.1K 23

    Nico is reclaimed by his biological father, a Russian mob boss. Nico develops a crush on his father's second hand man, Miroslav. Spoken parts in italics are in Russian in the story. Reworked 2023 to address age gap. Cover art by 0Dauntlesstribute0

    Completed   Mature
  • Fragile Threads [boyxboy]
    248K 14.6K 26

    Ethan is struggling through high school with anxiety and his sexuality--so what happens when an anonymous classmate wants to build a relationship, without Ethan even seeing his face or knowing his name? Cover by 0DauntlessTribute0

    Completed   Mature
  • SoccerKing04? (BXB) (Watty Awards 2012)
    880K 28.3K 21

    When a boy seeks to approach his crush, he consolidates in the high school student chat room. Under the name Karmer8, an outcast boy speaks to the social hottie, SoccerKing04, for the first time in all his high school years! But, will SoccerKing04 like him back? And how come SoccerKing04 knows who he is, when no one e...

  • Externalizing [mxm]
    896K 45.7K 21

    Marc is struggling to find his way after his wife left him and their daughter, Ariel. He has no idea how to raise a child alone, and starts to rely on Ariel's art teacher, Brendan Snowden. They become friends and Marc starts to open up about his inner demons. Nanowrimo 2014

  • Dangerous (BoyxBoy)
    3.2M 121K 50

    *** COMPLETED *** Sixteen year old Daniel Layman has been bullied since he came out. His best friend and protector Sean, moved to Los Angeles leaving Daniel to fend for himself in Oklahoma City. Along with trying to survive every minute of hell at school, Daniel also has to walk over five miles everyday through the da...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Carnivore [boyxboy]
    744K 32.7K 23

    Rory is odd. His sister's boyfriend, Deacon, is a blond alpha-male and probably a carnivore... and Rory is just begging to be eaten. Cover by 0DauntlessTribute0

  • Where Am I? (boyxboy)
    662K 28.9K 27

    Dawson has had it rough. Not as bad as some, worse than others. He lives in constant secret, heart ache and pain. After his parents died he under went a transformation, rendering him unrecognizable. After three years of pain, cutting, and one suicide attempt, he returns to his hometown. As Dawson hides his identity, i...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Blessing In Disguise (BoyxBoy)
    174K 9.9K 14

    An innocent confession. An unfortunate event. Unexpected results. Marcus has been through a lot and things are far from settling. His life has taken up the course of a roller coaster full of ups and downs and many loops. He's not sure where he's heading, but backed up by his friends and family all the downs he's been...

  • Vicious Legacy (boy x boy)
    181K 2.4K 5

    Caleb and Adam are adoptive brothers, but they live half a world apart and barely know each other. Their first family reunion in thirteen years is supposed to be a happy one. The relationship they develop is supposed to be that of brothers. The inheritance they received from their father is supposed to be safe. Howev...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Frozen Melody
    89.5K 3.7K 31

    Magic, Hell, love, betrayal. What would you do if you accidentally fell in love with the sadistic Commander of Hell? Life was hard for Tyson while he was a human, but death seemed to be even more difficult. It had been 50 years since the Devil allowed him the freedom to roam the worlds as he pleased. Just as he was re...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Enemy Pack BoyxBoy
    1M 23.8K 33

    What do you do when you find out that your mate is a guy? The guy part isn't the problem. The problem is he is in the enemy pack.

  • In the Eyes of Osiris (Volume One & Two) ~LGBT~
    268K 8.8K 65

    Adonis is a werewolf and one of the three future Alphas of Icarus Falls, a paradise town where everyone is welcoming. Adonis, Cyan and Helios are expected to fine their mates soon so they can carry on the alpha blood line. But when Adonis mate turned out to be human and worst, a man their friendship and brotherhood wi...

  • High School Scandal (A BoyxBoy Romantic Comedy)
    11.3M 218K 35

    EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Hot tempered and impulsive Derek James and Calm and composed Evan Staton has been best buds since the 3rd grade. Nicknamed the Two Musketeers in middle school, they went on to high school as well sought after popular guys. Still, Evan was the one who has gotten the most attention from...

    Completed   Mature
  • Venom I (boyxboy)
    257K 10.9K 13

    {{completed}} Venom is a villain. An insane villain, who just escaped a mental hospital he was sent at after having killed a hero in the most twisted way one could witness. Now that he's free, he gets to meet the super human to have replaced the other. Will he behave after the years he spent in that institution? Of co...

  • Victim (boyxboy)
    510K 24.2K 19

    {{completed}} ((Possibly my favorite book so far!)) By definition, a sociopath has the following behaviors: superficially charming, manipulative and conning, lack of remorse, shame or guilt, lack of empathy, and ,lastly, incapacity of love. That would be Judeikas for you, a man that attends the Psychological Summer Sc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vendetta (boyxboy)
    168K 7.4K 15

    {{completed}} Vendetta is a super villain who is about to give his life to commit an evil act. An evil act which would ruin his enemy's chance of being a hero ever again. But one thing leads to another, and stuff get more ... twisted up .