Dangerous (BoyxBoy)
By JustLostMyCool
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*** COMPLETED *** Sixteen year old Daniel Layman has been bullied since he came out. His best friend and protector Sean, moved to Los Angeles leaving Daniel to fend for himself in Oklahoma City. Along with trying to survive every minute of hell at school, Daniel also has to walk over five miles everyday through the dangerous streets of Oklahoma City, just to get home - where he has to ignore the aggressive men his mother brings home every night. Seventeen year old Ethan Miller has been a member of one of the most dangerous gangs in Oklahoma City since he ran away from the foster care system as a child. When Daniel stumbles onto a turf war between Ethan's gang and their rivals, Ethan saves him. But the more Ethan gets to know Daniel, the more he realizes just how much saving Daniel needs. Cover art: made by me #1 in #boyxboy - May/2020 #2 in #gay - May/2020

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by JustLostMyCool