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  • Burgers N Fries *lashton*
    43.3K 2.9K 25

    Can I take your order please?" "What's a pretty boy like you doing working here?" "Sir, can I-" ''I'll have a burger with a side order of your ass." Luke likes burgers, and Ashton.

  • on top ୨୧ lashton
    171K 7.9K 26

    Ashton Irwin is innocent. Maybe a bit too innocent. Luke Hemmings is the opposite, the total and complete opposite. Luke likes sex, Ashton likes Ed Sheeran. Luke likes dirty jokes, Ashton likes reading. Luke likes dick, and he's not sure if Ashton does also. But Luke wants Ashton to. More specifically his dick. [COVER...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Hold My Hand
    4.6K 269 12

    Luke has always had Ashton's back and made sure to make him feel better. How? "Just hold my hand" Or A collection of moments where Luke tries his best to make Ashton feel better by telling him to hold his hand

  • eight pm | l.h & a.i
    69.8K 3K 18

    Completed & edited // Where a boy named Luke has a secret crush on a boy name Ashton and some how gets his number. (this book is very old and not very good)

  • Hidden {Lashton}
    68.9K 3.4K 20

    Luke Hemmings is popular. Ashton Irwin is an outcast. Luke Hemmings is open about everything. Ashton Irwin has a secret. Luke Hemmings always asks himself: What is Ashton Irwin hiding?

  • Locked Out | Lashton
    193K 11.7K 40

    (See very last chapter) After being locked out of his own apartment by his dog, a kind stranger keeps him company while he waits for the replacement key.

  • Maybe.||Lashton
    178K 10.5K 56

    In which Luke met a boy who always said maybe because he didn't want to tell people the ugly truth we call life. [COMPLETED]

  • Pick Me Up ⇝ Lashton ✓
    204K 15.5K 28

    In which, Ashton memorises pick up lines for Luke LASHTON HEMWIN COMPLETED ASDFLKJHG5SOS 2015

    Completed   Mature
  • Coming Up For Air
    1.9M 74.7K 86

    What happens when one boy shatters everything you thought you knew about yourself? "I don't like boys. But I like you. Does that make sense?" "No." "Good."

  • bitter words •• lashton
    103K 5.6K 1

    ❝ bitter words spoken, everything broken. ❞ © j. [epoximise] may 2014 achievements: romance #401 -- 18th of january, 2015 romance #385 -- 20th of january, 2015

  • Smile // l.h.+a.i. ✔
    50K 3.3K 22

    Ashton never smiled, only a couple times but they were all fake. Even though Luke likes him - a lot - he can't just go and talk to him like he knows him. He wants to see Ashton's smile so he thinks about numerous things to make that happen. ❝I dream about you, what can I do to make you feel alright? Baby I don't wanna...

  • The Boy With the Tattoos // Lashton
    96.6K 4.3K 28

    Luke Hemmings is a guy who thinks he is a total badass. He loves getting new tattoos and piercings. He rides a motorcycle and plays guitar. His best friend Calum thinks he is a badass as well and is punk rock. Ashton Irwin is a loner. He has a best friend Michael. His only friend. But that doesnt matter to Ashton. He...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hell Above; Lashton
    398K 13.6K 55

    Ashton, the nerd. Also known as f****t, gay, stupid, fatass you name it. He thinks he's worthless. And he knows he is. He's constantly getting bullied. He has scars everywhere. And they keep getting worse. Until one day, a jock named Luke Hemmings saves his life. But will Ashton accept his friendship? WARNING: M...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sugar Lips | lashton au | book 1
    628K 32K 36

    "You stole my gum." "You should have just given me a piece." [This boyxboy and simply fictional] Fanfiction #20 / Teen Fiction #77 -2nd Place in the Popular Lashton awards-

  • boy meets boy ✪ lashton
    786K 27.9K 33

    "so, is this a thing?" "yeah, we'll be friends.. with benefits" the one where luke and ashton start a secret friends with benefits relationship behind their girlfriends backs but sex doesn't help keeping the feelings away. warning: strong language & smut (a lot!!)

    Completed   Mature
  • 11:12 ; Lashton ✓
    476K 28.4K 32

    the one where Luke's a little fuckboy who texts bitches at 11:12, making their wishes come true. book one of the 11:11 series.

  • The Other Hemmings [Lashton]
    8.8K 564 11

    Ashton needs some help with math, so his teacher gets him a tutor. His tutor just so happens to be related to a certain cocky and obnoxious, Hemmings. © 2015, DORR

  • Chipped Nail Polish (Lashton)
    60.3K 4.2K 10

    [Short Story] Where Luke wears nail polish and picks at it when he's nervous to deal with his anxiety. Ashton happens to make him very anxious.

  • roommates • lashton
    1.7M 84.3K 55

    "i fucking hate you, irwin" "sorry, hemmings? i couldn't hear you there, my dick was in your mouth" in which luke and ashton hates each other with a passion and are forced to be roommates through a whole summer filled with hate that somehow takes a sexual turn (for a better introduction i advise you to read the prolo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let's be Cliché || Lashton
    176K 10.9K 46

    "Let's show them that we can be the same as any heterosexual couple." He grinned. "But how?" "Get a piece of paper and a pen." He paused, flashing his perfect white teeth. "Lets be Cliché." cover by quantum-fags

  • Invisible // Lashton
    54.5K 2.6K 7

    "dont worry, ash. everything is alright. they just dont understand." (lowercase intended)

  • Connection ; Lashton ✓
    394K 26.8K 32

    "knock knock" "who's this?" "the fuck dude, u r suppose to reply with who's there" or the one where Luke likes to message random numbers and Ashton decided to reply.

  • goodnight // lashton
    510K 25.1K 25

    Luke and Ashton used to be best friends. They were inseparable. High school came and they faded apart. Two weeks into their freshman year, they stopped taking altogether. Yet every single night, they texted each other "goodnight." What happens when Ashton just can't handle it anymore? warnings: swearing, depression, s...

    Completed   Mature
  • tumblr // lashton
    752K 41.4K 21

    Where two boys meet on Tumblr and suggest music to each other without knowing that they go to the same school. warnings: swearing, self-harm, depression, bullying.

  • pet rock // lashton
    147K 10.4K 27

    The simplest things can remind you of someone. Even when you lose them, and get them back again, and lose them again. ~ In which Luke gave Ashton a pet rock when they were younger and Ashton looks at it every now and then to remind him of Luke. ~ warnings: swearing, abuse, depression, self-harm, suicidal.