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The Fuck-it List ~ Lashton Hemwin by Dejected_Iero
The Fuck-it List ~ Lashton Hemwinby ♛ cal ♛
Ashton has list of places he wants to fuck in, on, against, through, and under. Luke just really thinks everyone should be able to complete their bucket list. So he do...
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Burgers N Fries *lashton* by Pizza390
Burgers N Fries *lashton*by oh
Can I take your order please?" "What's a pretty boy like you doing working here?" "Sir, can I-" ''I'll have a burger with a side order of you...
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Tumblr Boy (Lashton AU) by LukeAtThatAsh
Tumblr Boy (Lashton AU)by Rexie
Ash is a very popular 'girl' on tumblr. The pictures 'she' shares, catches the eyes of Luke Hemmings, who can't keep his eyes off of the 'girl' behind the screen. Warn...
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Flirting 。zouis (c.s) by sleep_terror
Flirting 。zouis (c.s)by sleep_terror
'Did you just flirt with me?' 'Yeah. And I have been for the past 2 years, thanks for noticing' | Or that one were louis has been flirting with zayn for years and zayn f...
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How To: Make a Baby ⇝ Lashton ✓ by asdflkjhg5sos
How To: Make a Baby ⇝ Lashton ✓by philadelphia
In which, Luke and Ashton are trying for a baby LASHTON HEMWIN COMPLETED ASDFLKJHG5SOS 2016
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Drown//Lashton by indiemichael
Drown//Lashtonby caroline,,,
And all this time I thought he hated the water, but I guess it's more complicated (lashton)
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Creating Ashton » Muke & Lashton by ashflxtchr
Creating Ashton » Muke & Lashtonby teskana
Luke gains the chance to build a boy from the ground up. Eyes, hair, muscles, brain, and even a potential personality. Luke is creating Ashton. And he will be just perf...
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We Found Love Right Where We Are (Luke Hemmings/Ashton Irwin) by 5SOS_Look_So_Perfect
We Found Love Right Where We Are ( Sophie Stark
After spending so much time working, Ashton is tired and just wants to take his boyfriend, Luke, on a date. Ashton then surprises Luke with a date that he has always wan...
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Forget You - A Lashton Hemwin Fanfiction by AwkwardLashtxn
Forget You - A Lashton Hemwin Carla :)
"So forget you Luke Hemmings. Forget me ever falling for you. 'Cause you know what? You are nothing but a sick, selfish, cocky son of a gun. Go suck a dick" As...
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Single » lashton by ariesrise
Single » lashtonby lone hostage.
❝Wont you let your baby be my girl.❞ Ashton and Luke used to always be together, never alone and never apart. Except for the time that Ashton moved away. Flash...
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Depressed Kids by SepticTrashiplier
Depressed Kidsby Emory
"We're just two depressed kids falling in love." SHORT STORY
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Opposites are Attractive by AmICuteNow
Opposites are Attractiveby AmICuteNow
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Sky Full of Stars » Lashton AU by 5secondsofsummr
Sky Full of Stars » Lashton AUby ☹julia☹
apparently, luke and ashton hate each other. they kind of really don't.
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Being Human || Lashton AU - boyxboy by wafflelashton
Being Human || Lashton AU - boyxboyby liv
When the whole world around you and everything you've ever known falls into an apocalyptic oblivion, how is anyone expected to remember what it means to be human? Or, th...
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lace by LashtonsLollipops
laceby ari ;$
i didnt know much about him, except for the fact that he wore lace underwear (sub!ashton & dom!luke)
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the office (luke-ashton) by ash-irwie
the office (luke-ashton)by lexi & cherith
first off, don't read this if you haven't actually read the office. this is purely smut from one of the chapters. read this if you just came from chapter 96.
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Failing Calculus II // Lashton teacherxstudent by kenspov
Failing Calculus II // Lashton ajujuju
Maybe failing Calculus II wasn't a bad thing after all. [lashton] [[teacherxstudent]] [[[smut]]] poorly written. m'sorry. ©kenspov 2014
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amortentia || lashton ✔ by StyPotter
amortentia || lashton ✔by [hiatus]
''I just really really hate you, Irwin.'' or where Luke is a Slytherin who was pranked by his friend with a love potion so he falls in love with Ashton Irwin and makes a...
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Skittles [On Hold] by vanillesoh
Skittles [On Hold]by Vanessoh
Ashton has a unhealthy obssession with skittles, Luke just wants to taste the rainbow for himself. Credit to SS_Larry98 for the idea.
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Misery//Lashton by indiemichael
Misery//Lashtonby caroline,,,
Luke's numb, he feels lifeless, he feels nothing. Ashton just wants to make him better. Major trigger warning for this fic
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