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What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

As well as getting to hang out with your fellow Ambassadors, you get to talk to some of the folks who help run and maintain Wattpad too. It's always fun to see behind the scenes, and Ambassadors often help test new products, work on projects with staff, and see how things work. You'll also get to learn new skills and being an Ambassador counts as voluntary work which is always good on your resumé/CV.

Once you've been on the team for a year we'll send you some unique swag too, and that's something that's repeated every additional year you stay on the team.

What happens if an Ambassador abuses other users, or uses their position to denigrate, belittle or bully other members of the community?

Abuse of power is not tolerated within the Ambassador team in the same way that we do not condone bullying in the Community. If you consider an Ambassador is abusing their power you can Report them and/or contact the Ambassador program manager. (How to report a user on Wattpad)

Will my account get penalised or black marked if I have a disagreement with an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are users too. We don't expect people to agree with each other 100% of the time, but we do expect any disagreements to remain civil and in line with our Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

Disagreeing with an Ambassador won't have a negative impact on your continued Wattpad experience unless you have actually contravened our Guidelines or Code of Conduct.

Will the Ambassadors close my account if I swear a lot?

The odd swearword won't mean your account is closed by Wattpad. But if you're using threatening language, it's very likely you'll get your account reported either by a fellow Wattpad user or an Ambassador. The Trust and Safety team at Wattpad are the ones who'll decide if your account needs a warning, a suspension or to be closed.

Is it true that you can only become an Ambassador if you have a friend who's already on the team?

You don't have to know or be friends with an existing member of the Ambassadors to get accepted. Although the existing team can make suggestions as to who they think would be great Ambassadors, we're often looking for specific skill sets or capabilities to complement the existing team, and these change every term. So, if you don't get in on your first few submissions, please keep reapplying.

Once someone has a badge they seem to be able to do what they want, there aren't any rules. Shouldn't there be some training or guideance?

All Ambassadors have to sign up to a set of specific Guidelines, and a Code of Conduct. Those unwilling to sign up to that are not allowed to join the team. Ambassadors also have to abide by the same set of rules as any other Wattpad user, and any not doing so get audited by the Ambassador program manager.

Over 1000 people apply to join the Ambassadors every four months. From that pool of people we carefully select a small group for training. Basic training takes about two weeks and is followed by a week or so of content-specific training. Training consists of various tasks, quizzes etc that all applicants have to complete. Once the basic and content training is complete, our trainees get their badges and then have additional role-specific training to enable them to do their chosen role.

Do you only allow people to join the Ambassadors if they have massive followers or read counts?

The amount of followers or reads a user has is irrelevant to joining the Ambassador team. Some members of the team are very well known on the platform, others have very few followers and very few reads, and we take everything in between. We're interested in the person, not their numbers.

Do Ambassadors work for Wattpad in Toronto? Are they paid?

Wattpad are proudly Canadian but are part of the global Naver corporation. Wattpad and Naver have staff from all over the world and are incredibly diverse. The Ambassadors are the same, and we have Ambassadors in over 70 different countries.

Ambassadors are first and foremost volunteers. We ask them to give us four hours a week of their time to help the community in an unpaid role. But, occasionally, they do get to earn a little extra cash when we need help with tasks that require specific skills we may not have on the Wattpad team, or if they're doing some contract work for us. Those paid roles are the exception rather than the norm. The vast majority of the Ambassadors do not get paid.

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